DD’s Discounts Careers – Complete Guide

DD’s Discounts Careers Complete Guide

DD’s Discounts Careers – In recent times, customer inclination is more towards fashionable and trending items, but it is not always affordable. Hence, that’s where department stores come to the rescue. Likewise, dd’s Discounts is one such well-recognized store, especially in California. As it’s getting recognized rapidly among people, many aspire to work in this store, and if you are one among them, this post will help you guide in it. Before applying for any job, the most important thing is to have basic knowledge about the company’s background. So before proceeding further, let’s briefly cover its history.


The full form of dd in dd’s Discounts is Deeply Discount. This department, a US national chain of the off-price department, is a subsidiary of California-based Ross Dress for Less. The first dd’s Discounts was opened in 2004 as a small neighborhood shop that saves people’s money and provides goods at a reasonable price. And by the year 2017, it had over 200 stores in over 15 states. For visiting its official website, click here- https://www.ddsdiscounts.com/. The company sells many brand-name products in categories like trendy clothing, footwear, electronics, household items, and so much more.

DD’s Discounts Careers

As its name says, the stores make fashionable commodities available to common people at economical rates, which are even cheaper than most other retail shops. Three of the most vital and strong points are price, topmost quality, and customer service. This is another reason why dd’s Discounts favoritism is increasing among customers. Uniqueness is the key point that makes a department store different from others. The same is the case in dd’s Discounts. The majority of the stocks are acquired directly from suppliers both contractually and by enforcement.

And even if Ross Stores orders and imports some goods through international suppliers but a minority of these products are sold in dd’s Discounts Stores. Even though owned by Ross Stores, it does not have direct control over the manufacturing process of the merchandise. As of June 03, 2021, there are about 285 dd’s Discounts stores. Barbara Rentler is appointed as the CEO in dd’s Discounts enterprise. While company size is more than 10,000, its revenue exceeds 10B$ (USD)

Ross Stores 

Popularly known as Ross Dress For Less brand is the largest economic retailer in the United States. Being an American chain of off-price discount department stores with its headquarter located in Dublin, California. Ross Stores was first started in 1950 in San Bruno city, California, by Morris Ross. 8 years later, in 1958, he sold it to Bill Isackson. And gradually, he built the company into six stores. In the year 1982, all six Ross Stores was again bought by a group of investors, including the founder of Mervyn’s chain of department stores, Mervin Morris, and that was the turning point as, within 3 years, he rapidly expanded it to 107 stores.

It trades in various affordable commodities like clothing, food ware, jewelry, beauty products, toys, and much more. As per the survey conducted in the year 2015, corporate revenue is US11.94billion$ while net income being US1.02$. They have 1,523 locations, and as per the 2019 survey number of working employees is around 88,100.


As per the survey conducted on June 03, 2021, about 285 dd’s Discounts stores. It has its biggest presence in California, which has 113 stores, i.e., 39% of all total stores. Other top city names in the U.S, along with no. Of locations are listed below:

  • Houston has 16 locations
  • Dallas has 8 locations
  • Orlando has 8 locations
  • Miami has 7 locations 
  • Las Vegas has 7 locations
  • Phoenix has 5 locations
  • El Paso has 5 locations

Regular Business Working Hours

  • On weekdays from Monday to Saturday stores business hours are from 9.30 am-9.30 pm.
  • On Sunday business hours are from morning 10 am to 8.30 pm.

Hiring Process

Eligibility – There are no such special degree requirements listed yet to apply at dd’s Discounts. However, as mentioned on their website, one has to be a minimum of 18 years old to work there.

NOTE – Students should apply after graduation.

Online Application

As mentioned above, dd’s Discount is a subordinate of Ross Stores, so one has to apply through the company’s online employment portal.PDF form is also available this time.

Below there step by step guide on how to fill the online application. It is a bit lengthy process, so read it carefully:

  1. The first step for applying online is to visit the company’s main career page click on the link to go to the page directly. https://jobs.rossstores.com/creative/about   –  
  2. At the top towards the right, you will find ‘ Job Search.’ Click on it, and it provides different options regarding the area of the job such as corporate, retail, buying, etc. Select your preference.
  3. Now, you will find a list of specific job openings like store protection specialist, night stock associate, etc. Select as per your requirement.
  4. After the selection, a page with the current opening appears, scroll down, reading carefully, click on the job title of the position you want to apply for.
  5. Then click on the ‘Apply Now’ link after reading the job description thoroughly.
  6. A page appears stating users log in. Sign in to your account, or click the ‘New User’ button to create a new account, and it takes you to the next step.
  7. Now new registration form appears. Fill in the required information correctly in order such as.
    • Username
    • Password
    • Re-enter password
    • Email address
    • Re-enter email address
  8. Click on the register button. You have to accept a privacy agreement also.
  9. Now comes the final and one of the important parts of form filling. After registration, you have to complete the following sections of the form such as:
    • General Questions
    • Resume
    • Attachments
    • Candidates Personal Information
    • Tax survey
    • Work Experience
    • Education
    • References
    • Diversity
    • Assessment
    • Background Disclosure
    • Additional Background Check Information
    • Dispute Resolution Agreement

Interview and Selection

Even though many seem to find dd’s Discounts interview causal and not much difficult, it also depends on the manager taking your interview, so it’s better to be fully prepared and not take it lightly. Confidently answer the questions, surely it will be of benefit. Don’t forget to carry every important document and resume in a file along with you. After completing the interview, if you are selected, they might either make a call or send you an e-mail within a few days stating the same. But you will be hired only after the company does a trough background check, which typically may take 30 days. It’s a worldwide background check, and no convicted felon is hired. Once you pass the background check successfully, you will be appointed within 4-7days. You also get your employee discount card soon after you start working.

Dress Code

Dress code plays a major role in creating the first impression. One’s dressing sense is the very first thing noticed by the interviewer. The dress code for any job interview greatly depends upon factors like industry, job position, company, and location. If you appear for a corporate job interview regarding the middle level or high position, it is best to wear formal outfits, which look good and shows how serious towards this interview and job. A casual dress code is the best option that suits every job interview, and like every other big company, dd’s Discounts also follows the same rule.

Males may opt for a formal dress code like a solid or light full or half sleeves shirt. A plain shirt with checks is best.

  • Formal black suits or blazers can be worn. 
  • For bottom wear, you can choose any dark color, preferably black regular fitting trousers.
  • In the case of shoes and socks, selecting a plain pair of socks matching your trousers and comfortable-fitting pair of formal shoes will do the trick.
  • Accessories like a decent belt and watch will complete your look.

Females have more options than males in this case. For example, females may opt for full-sleeved pastel color shirts with less print paired with black formal trousers.

  • Formal knee-length skirt is also a good choice.
  • Regarding shoes, go for low heel dark color footwear. Decent pumps or flats are other options.  
  • Females may carry neutral shades handbag for carrying important documents.  

Both males and females should remember to avoid wearing flashy clothes or shirts with maximum print. Excessive tight-fitting clothes are not advisable. Shoes should be well-fitting and well-polished without a hint of dust. Hair should be neatly styled, and nails should be trimmed for the best impression. 

Job Description

This is one of the salient parts of any job. One should be fully aware of the work you are expected to carry out after being selected. It gives you a basic idea beforehand and helps determine if you will able to execute the types of tasks that the company may assign you. As covered in company history at the beginning, there are about 285 dd’s Discounts Stores worldwide. These are mainly located in neighborhood centers that trade various name brand products in different categories like clothing, women accessories, shoes, household items, etc. DD’s Discounts have various job types like part-time, full-time, corporate, contractual, etc. So you can choose the category which suits you. There is numerous vacancy opened at dd’s Discounts, and the type of work will depend on the post you apply for. Many employees deal with non-identical assigned works on different floors.

To give you an idea few job posts are listed below:

  • Retail Associate
  • Retail Stock Associate
  • Cashier
  • Store Protection Specialist
  • Sr. Store Protection Specialist(Sr. SPS) 
  • Store Manager
  • Assistant Store Manager etc.

You can research more on the company’s official website about the post you want to apply for. There you will get a detailed description regarding its:

  • General Purpose
  • Essential Functions
  • Competencies
  • Qualification and Special Skills
  • Physical Requirements
  • Supervisory Requirements

This will clear most of your doubts. Basic training will also be provided after you get hired. Some of the common requirements which can be useful in every job position are flexibility in work, physical fitness, having good relationships with co-workers, etc. As of 4th April 2021, there are about 966 vacancies at dd’s Discounts. 


According to Glassdoor and indeed.com website, average salaries at dd’s Discounts is listed below:

  • In the case of the Management Department pay scales are-> 
    • An Area Supervisor gets paid $14.07 per hour.
    • The Assistant Manager’s salary is $17.81 per hour.
    • Manager On Duty gets $11.03 per hour for his work.

  • In the case of Retail Department pay scales are->
    • A Retail Associate gets paid $12.12 per hour.
    • An Asset protection Associate’s salary is $13.35 per hour.
    • A Stocking Associate gets $16.14 per hour for his work.

  • In the case of Popular Roles, pay scales are->
    • A Stocking Sales Associate gets paid $16.14 per hour.
    • A Delivery Driver makes $1,239 per week.
    • A Forster gets $11.21 per hour.
    • A Stoker Salary is $9.94 per hour.

  • In case of Sales Department pay scales are->
    • A Sales Associate’s salary is $11.42 per hour.
    • A Sales Representative gets $23.30 per hour.

  • In case of Customer Service Department pay scales are->
    • A Customer Service Representative gets paid $9.33 per hour.
    • A Retail Customer Service Representative makes $14.57 per hour.

There are many such other categories. Your salary depends on your job position and of course on your work efficiency too.

Job Benefits

Apart from its very good pay scale and no. of job vacancies, numerous other benefits an employee gets while working at dd’s Discounts Store.

  • Getting an Employee discount is one of the Financial benefits.
  • DD’s Discounts employees are being benefited and secured by many insurances namely:
    • Health Insurance
    • Vision Insurance
    • Dental Insurance
  • Other amazing benefits added are:
    • Retirement Plan Which Includes 
    • Paid Time Off
    • Flexible Schedule

Reviews by Other Employees

As per a survey conducted by indeed.com regarding work experience, many employees found the work environment very nice and joyous. Co-workers are very helpful. There are many carriers, work, and growth opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How difficult it is to get a job at dd’s Discounts? The interview process at dd’s Discounts typically takes a day or two. However, many people have found the process and questions to be easy. So the overall experience is beneficial. 
  2. Do dd’s discounts pay per week or bi-weekly? According to people working in dd’s Discounts, the Pay is bi-weekly.
  3. Does dd’s Discount sell online? As mentioned on the corporate website, due to changing nature of their products and opportunism, online shopping of their merchandise is inaccessible.
  4. Are dd’s Discounts owned by Ross? This is one of the most frequently asked questions. As stated in detail at the beginning, dd’s Discounts is a subsidiary of the Ross enterprise.
  5. Can you use Ross employee discount at dd’s Discount? As dd’s Discounts is part of the Ross company, one can easily use Rose employee discount at dd’s Discount.
  6. Which one is cheaper, Ross or dd’s Discounts? Even though dd’s Discounts works under Ross enterprise, it’s discounts offer which saves up to 20%-70% off compared to other well-known discount stores regular prices, and thus dd’s Discounts proves to be cheaper than Ross too.
DD’s Discounts Careers – Complete Guide

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