Cashier Training at Walmart- Description, and Their Salary

Cashier Training Walmart

Cashiers at Walmart go through as much thorough training as other job profiles here. Besides the on-hand training, cashiers here also require a set of soft skills to work here. Strong communication skills, friendly, outgoing, detail-oriented, comfortable with a fast-paced environment are all required for a cashier to provide great customer service. Today’s topic- Cashier Training at Walmart.

Cashier Training in Walmart consists of computer-based learning videos, also known as CBL’s and Pathways. The Computer-based learnings have numerous interactive-non interactive videos, quizzes. The CBL’s take approximately 5-12 to complete. Another part of the training is the hands-on experience wherein a candidate shadows the work of a former cashier and begins his or her hands-on training.

Cashier Training at Walmart: Three-step Process

Step: 1 Orientation

With every new job, there is an orientation program. The orientation at Walmart consists of a tour, filling out the necessary documentation, and watching a few general introduction videos. The videos are more generic and not specifically related to the cashier module. The orientation is short and is mainly a general introduction.

Step:2 Cashier Computer-Based Learning/training (CBL) or Pathway Training

Once a cashier is hired at Walmart, he or she has to go through the CBL’s. CBL’s and Pathways are both the same. The only difference is that Pathway training was formerly known as CBL training. CBL”s are nothing but Learning videos that help new joiners to acquire knowledge of their job role or description. 

The CBL”s might consist of some interactive videos, some non-interactive ones. There might also be a bunch of quizzes to move on to the training session. This training takes about 5-12 hours to complete. CBL’s are an intricate part of the training process, as new joiners will learn theoretically what they are supposed to do once they start working.

 Hence, these should certainly not be taken lightly. The main CBL topics consist of alcohol and tobacco sales, occupational safety and health administration, toxic waste, and so on.

Step 3: Shadow the work of an Experienced Cashier

Shadowing the work of an experienced cashier is the crux of the training. A new joiner must be paired with an experienced cashier so that he/she learns the ins and outs of the job. A new joiner could be paired with an experienced cashier for a day or two or maybe more. It entirely depends on the learning capability of the amateur cashier.

By the third or the fourth day, the new joiner will be assisting the experienced one. From the fourth day onwards the new cashier will be given his register. It would probably be closer to his/her trainee so that they can reach out easily in case of assistance. How lengthy the training program would go depends entirely on the learning capability of a new cashier. If someone is a quick learner, they are sure to get the hang of the task within a week. Also, new joiners can always ask for more training if they need one.

What does a Cashier at Walmart Do?

Now that we know the different training that a cashier at Walmart goes through, let us dig into the roles and responsibilities of a cashier. Cashiers are responsible for addressing customers and helping them out in case of any concerns. Scanning coupons, processing payments, applying discounts, or checking up sales for computerized cash registers are all part of the roles that a cashier must do.

Their other responsibilities include addressing the queries of the customers. These include answering customer queries related to merchandise or any other related concern. Queries addressing ongoing or promotional discounts, handling the exchange or return of a product, queries regarding the store policies (the return of merchandise, billing issues, etc) is what a cashier must address.

Cashiers might sometimes even assist the sales or stock associates during the slow working hours. 

Salary of a Cashier at Walmart

A Cashier’s hourly wage is USD10.00. Although, it might vary with experience. Along with this, Walmart also gives cashiers uniforms and their respective name tags. A Walmart cashier contractor earns up to USD 15. 

The average salary of a Walmart Cashier is USD 25k per year. The hourly rate might vary according to the city one works as a cashier. Although, the per annum average salary is somewhat the same.


A job of a Cashier might look easy but is instead not easy to traverse through. There are sometimes long hours associated with the job during the busy season. Cashiers are promoted to managerial positions, they are provided with several career development programs as well. Other benefits like health care plans, 401(k) retirement plans, merchandise discounts, quarterly bonuses, all are part of employee benefits at Walmart. For all those interested in retail and who want to start a job with the minimum educational qualification, this is the perfect job opportunity for such job seekers.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Do I need previous experience to become a Cashier at Walmart?

Not necessarily, anyone with zero or higher experience can work as a cashier at Walmart. If you have previous experience it might be easier for you to traverse through the job. Walmart is flexible with the work experience for a new hire, but they do require a person to be at least 16 years of age.

  • What is the minimum educational qualification required to become a Cashier at Walmart?

There is no minimum educational qualification prerequisite to be a cashier at Walmart. Although, the company does require a person to at least have a high school diploma or graduate equivalency degree (GED). 

  • What are the employee benefits that Cashiers receive at Walmart?

The employee benefits for cashiers at Walmart include health care options, discounts on the merchandise, participation in the career development programs, bonuses, 401 (k) retirement plans with company matching options are all benefits that are given to cashiers at Walmart.

  • Does Walmart require cashiers to work night shifts?

Yes, if it is a busy day, Walmart may ask the cashier to work the night shift. Cashiers usually work round shifts, so no one cashier will have to work for long hours. Although, it is subject to the availability of other cashiers, workload, etc. 

  • Can minors work as Cashiers at Walmart?

Yes, the starting age to work as a Cashier at Walmart is 16 years. Anyone below this age is not eligible. 

Cashier Training at Walmart- Description, and Their Salary

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