Amazon Healthcare Job- A Complete Guide

Amazon Healthcare Job- Complete Guide

About Healthcare at Amazon

In today’s world, Healthcare organizations are gradually transforming digitally to decrease the cost of care, make data-driven clinical, improve collaboration, and enable faster development of new treatment and therapeutics approaches. Implementation of the right technology to provide healthcare facilities can be quite challenging, and most organizations are not equipped with the internal resourcing and expertise to assess, build, and implement their solutions. Today’s topic- Amazon Healthcare Job.

The Healthcare industry is quite complex and highly regulated. Various global compliance requirements are there that can complicate the moves to implement digital initiatives of healthcare and life science organizations.

Amazon has introduced Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Health to help its customers accelerate their transformation. The services of AWS and those of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network solutions are used by thousands of customers for healthcare and life sciences services throughout the globe. The Web services for health at Amazon provide easily accessible and proven capabilities that help organizations increase the pace of innovation, develop more personalized approaches to therapeutic development and care, and unlock the potential of health data. The Amazon Web Services for Health simplifies the process for healthcare and life science industries along with innovative startups to identify cloud-based solution areas in Healthcare, Biopharma, and Genomics.

Due to the gradual transformation to digital platforms, the healthcare systems are looking for ways to decrease operational costs, improve the interoperability of the healthcare data, and improve access to quality care by enabling decision-making for clinicians that is purely data-driven. The Amazon Web Services for Health introduced by Amazon centralizes and simplifies the right solutions to address the business challenges faced by the Healthcare and Life Science customers. 

It is a must to keep the information private and secure in today’s heavily regulated healthcare industry by the Organization. As it works to enhance the care that is solely patient-centered and also to unlock the potential of health data. The Amazon Web Services introduced by Amazon empowers health organizations to enhance the digitization and utilization of their data on the most reliable and secure cloud platform.

The dedicated and talented team of the Amazon Web Services of healthcare professionals and experts from the seasoned industries have been collaborating for about a decade with the healthcare organizations to design and provide solutions to improve patient outcomes. 

AmCare by Amazon

Amazon has an on-site emergency clinic operating under it which is named AmCare. This AmCare is solely for the workers of Amazon. The main goal of AmCare is to provide on-site, faster medical treatment to its workers without any need to travel off-site for treatment purposes in case of a medical emergency.

The AmCare team is composed of injury prevention specialists and licensed medical emergency technicians. As Amazon is growing, there are more and more workers being employed. With more workers being employed, the rate of occupational hazards increases due to the usage of heavy machinery on-site.

Whenever a worker gets injured on-site, the Amazon facilities send him to the AmCare on-site medical facility for first aid. At the AmCare facility in Amazon, the workers are treated by emergency medical technicians that are EMTs. The AmCare facility does not include Physicians or registered nurses rather emergency medical technicians are available there to treat the workers on-site. The staff at AmCare facility is referred to as Onsite Medical Representatives.

Jobs at Amazon Healthcare

1. WHS Specialist

WHS stands for Workplace Health and Safety mission at Amazon. The main aim of Amazon’s Workplace Health and Safety mission is to provide resources, tools, and environments that can support efficient, healthy, and safe behaviors of the employees. It also focuses on encouraging the employees at Amazon to manage their health and wellbeing proactively.

For this purpose, Amazon hires a full-time WHS Specialist to coordinate and implement their assigned work at all areas of the Amazon Global Program according to the direction of the leadership.

The Workplace Health and Safety Specialist (WHSS) is required at the Amazon healthcare facility to maintain daily, weekly, monthly reports to onsite management teams. The job of the WHSS is also to conduct risk assessments related to jobs performed which is also called Job Hazard Analysis and the introductions of new equipment.

Job Responsibilities of the WHSS include:

  • Maintaining metrics to report to the management teams present onsite and corporate-based reporting systems.
  • Ensure compliance with expectations of the corporate programs and applicable state and federal laws.
  • Conduct Job Hazard Analysis and risk assessments.
  • Recommend appropriate risk mitigation measures to the management which include ergonomics.

Basic Qualification for WHSS

  • Graduation or Amazon experience of more than two years.
  • Minimum one year of experience in the field related to EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) or graduation in a relevant field
  • Appropriate knowledge of OSHA regulations
  • Knowledge of MS Word and MS Excel for professional usage.
  • Experience in emergency responses
  • Holding first aid and CPR certificates
  • Having strong communication skills, ability to work in a team, and customer focus skills.

2. Manager of Business operations

The main agenda of healthcare at Amazon is to make healthcare easy, personal, transparent, and convenient. The role of a Manager of Business Operations at Health Information and Revenue cycle is a hands-on role as well as a strategic one.

Job Responsibilities of a Manager of Business operations include:

For this role, a candidate requires to have:

  1. Strong leadership skills.
  2. Should be highly organized.
  3. Should have strong verbal as well as written skills to communicate efficiently.
  4. The candidate should encompass detailed knowledge of the healthcare industry
  5. Knowledge of the business operations program domain
  6. Should know how to efficiently implement technology platforms to maximize worker’s output at Amazon.

Basic Qualifications required for this role 

  • BA or BS degree in health information, health administration, or any other related fields
  • An experience of more than five years in health information management and revenue cycle or any other relevant fields.
  • An experience of more than three years in operations leadership within a domain that is applicable or any other equivalent experience.

Preference can be given to those candidates who possess the following qualifications:

  1. An MBA in an applied field.
  2. An experience of more than 6 years in the healthcare industry

3. Health and Safety Coordinator

A health and safety coordinator plays a very critical role in supporting as well as coordinating with the health and safety within Amazon Transportation. The job of a health and safety coordinator is to identify, coordinate, and do improvements in operations quality, safety, and productivity. 

The health and safety coordinators work with the operations management teams to improve the functionality and the level of service continuously. The services mentioned here are those provided by the site to the customers of Amazon.

The job as a health and safety coordinator is an amazing opportunity to get started in Amazon at various locations which include Berlin, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Hannover, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Kassel, Munich, and Leipzig.

Job Responsibilities of a Health and Safety Coordinator include:

The job profile of a Health and Safety Coordinator includes the following responsibilities:

  • Assist in risk assessment programs.
  • Ensure follow-up control measures
  • Act as an advisor for managers and associates for company health and safety procedures and advising them to comply with the legal requirements.
  • Ensuring compliance with the safety procedures of the company and monitoring and identifying opportunities and various risks.
  • Assisting in the investigations to find out the root cause of an incident and develop the required action plan to follow up.
  • Keeping the internal records of Amazon updated regarding incidents, accidents, or near misses.
  • Produce and Collaborate a variety of safety reports weekly.
  • Being involved in undertaking required action plans to continue compliance within the legislation.
  • Monitoring safety of both transportation trucks as well as airplanes.
  • Ability to support business across all shifts and days
  • Carrying out various training sessions for associates as well as managers.
  • Being responsible for managing first aid facilities and emergency responses.

Basic Qualifications required for the role of Health and Safety Coordinator

  • Graduation in health, safety, or any other relevant fields.
  • Ability to work within flexible hours and ability to cover all the shifts
  • Experienced Medical, Paramedical, or Healthcare professionals are also eligible.
  • Should have experience of MS Office particularly, MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Powerpoint.
  • Should be proficient in English verbal as well as written skills.
  • Should be able to get trained in Advanced First Aid.
  • Should be confident enough to respond well in case of medical emergencies.
  • Should be capable enough to help maintain and enforce the high expectations and standards of the workplace at Amazon with consideration to the health and safety policies.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are healthcare workers employed at Amazon?

Amazon healthcare is a huge part of Amazon. Healthcare workers are employed in the healthcare sector of Amazon. Amazon Care is composed of a group of well-qualified and licensed doctors, nursing practitioners for helping you meet your health goals. 

  1. Is getting hired at Amazon healthcare hard?

The hiring process at Amazon healthcare is quite competitive. There are around 20,000-25,000 open positions throughout the world. 

The hiring process of Amazon healthcare comprises multiple interviews which are both in person as well as over the phone before an individual gets a job at Amazon Healthcare.

The candidate for the job at Amazon healthcare might require to go to the headquarters of Amazon that is in Seattle, WA. The hiring process at Amazon healthcare can take from some weeks to a couple of months to get completed. 

  1. How to get a job at Amazon healthcare?

Amazon is an amazing company to work at. The culture and the customers at amazon are really strong. The first step to getting a job at Amazon healthcare is to fill up the application form. Getting a job at Amazon healthcare is quite competitive as there are a huge number of applications for a single post.

If one wants to secure a job in the healthcare sector of Amazon, he or she should have a sound knowledge of the basic requirements for the job in terms of qualifications and experience.

After filling up the online application for the job opening, the candidate might get a call to give an online data analysis test. The hiring process at Amazon healthcare includes a couple of rounds of interviews. I might also conduct back-to-back interviews for 40-45minutes of duration.

A candidate aspiring to get a job at Amazon healthcare or Amazon for the fact should make his mind that he will have to go through quite a series of interviews to get to the final interview round which is mostly the face-to-face one.

  1. How much does a Workplace Health and Safety Specialist make?

The typical annual salary of an Amazon Workplace Health and Safety Specialist is approximately $52,723. The salary can also range from $44100 to $67000 per annum. The salary packages at Amazon healthcare working as a WHSS are quite good. The individual working there at amazon healthcare gets to learn a lot and in turn gain experience in handling things at an upper level.

  1. Why is Amazon focusing on the healthcare sector?

Amazon is focusing on the healthcare sector for the following reasons:

  • Healthcare is an attractive sector as it is huge as well as safe.
  • Amazon wants to diversify its operability by investing its assets in other industries.
  • The Healthcare industry never leads to economic slowdowns, hence Amazon can attract more revenue while helping people through its healthcare initiative at the same time.

For the better maintenance of the records, diagnosis, and treatment of the patients, Amazon is also trying to use artificial intelligence to save time. But these are like Research and development areas that would take quite a long period. 


Healthcare is a necessity in today’s world. Investing or focusing on the healthcare sector is a smart choice if we keep the Covid-19 scenario in our minds. With growth and development in the healthcare sector as well as the digital arena, it can be correctly said that focusing on the healthcare industry is a wise and smart decision. It will help the people around and the company will grow along with it.

Amazon Healthcare Job- A Complete Guide

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