Careers at Nike- A Complete Guide

Career at Nike: A Complete Guide

Nike, an American sportswear company, was founded in 1964 as a Blue ribbon sports company. It is the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and producer of sports equipment. What are the Careers at Nike?

Bill Bowerman formed this Blue ribbon sports company, a field coach at the University of Oregon with his former student Phil Knight. It is involved in the area of shoe retailing, manufacturing, and sports.

Blue ribbon Sports Company was renamed Nike in 1972 after the launch of the Nike brand shoe. Today, its outlet is distributed all over the world in more than 170 countries. 

Michael Jordan, Mia Hamm, Roger Federer, and Tiger Woods are some celebrities who are part of this company. 

Nick’s headquarter is situated in the Portland metropolitan area near Beaverton, Oregon, United States. 

Nike’s products are also market under various brands such as Nike Pro, Nike+, Air Jordan, Air Max, Nike Golf, Nike Blazers, and many more. They also work under subsidiaries brands like Jordan, Hurley Int. and Converse. It also sponsors many high-profile athletes and teams. Nike also employs more than 44,000 people globally. The average revenue of the company was valued at $19 billion (€17, 5 billion). 


The mission of Nike Inc. Is to manufacture innovative products for athletes globally. 

Nike’s product 

Nike is a company that is involved in retailing, manufacturing, selling, branding, in everything. It is the leading manufacturer of sports-related products, including shoes, apparel, and equipment.

Let us see some of their products. 


Production and selling of footwear that is shoes are Nike’s flagship products. Nike specially designed footwear for sportspeople and aesthetics. 

 The company manufactures a wide variety of shoes for different types of sports such as football, basketball, baseball, snowboarding, golf, hockey, tennis, soccer, and volleyball. It also produces consumer fashion shoes such as flip-flops and Mary Janes. 


Nike also sells sports equipment such as swimming caps, rackets, baseball bats, balls, golf clubs, yoga mats, and gloves. They also sell weights and sports guards such as wrap sleeves, shin guards, and knee pads. 


Nike produces Apparel products for sports activities and other activities also. The different kinds of apparel products Feature’s in Nike Pro, Nike Free, SPARQ, and Live strong. They also make clothes for men and women. 


The company also makes accessories for their consumer’s watches, bags and socks, and iPod in the technology section. It also sells rubber bracelets, training DVDs, and athletic belts. Manchester United or a university such as UCLA began to feature Aassisories and bags in their teams. 


The numbers of Nike stores are across the world. These products are also available online. You can find Nike products in various stores. There are also many Nike factory outlets that their products at a discounted price. Nike is operated in cities such as Chicago; Portland, Oregon; New York; and Los Angeles, and more.

Minimum age to work 

The minimum age to work at a Nike shoe company is 16 years.  If you are 16 years old, you can apply for a job at Nike, but only an entry-level sales position will be applicable. 

If you are of 18 years and above, you can apply for higher position job roles. 

Working hours 

Each Nike store has its flexible working hour depending upon its location. 

Generally, Nike has flexible hours of working 

They are: 

Mon-Sat: 10:00am-9:00pm 

Sun: 10:00am-6:00pm

Available job positions at Nike 

Nike offers employment to more than 44,000 people across the globe. 

The below-given list includes some available jobs: 

  • Cashier: The national average salary of the cashier is $24,961or $12 per hour. The most common job in a Nike shoe company is cashier. Nike stores offer many sets for cashier roles. Candidates are hired based on a positive attitude, ability, and fast working style. Some duties that they do are bagging items, customer price checks, ringing up, honoring coupons. 
  • Sales Associate: Their national average income is $12.08 per hour. They assist customers in finding the right product or services. They describe the product’s benefits and uses. They also process customers’ payments and packing of goods. They help shoppers to Locate items, organizing merchandise. 
  • Assistant Manager- Their role is to Schedule employees, train new employees and hire new candidates. The average annual income of an assistant manager is $24.58 per hour. 
  • Store Lead- The average salary for a Store lead is $51,012 per year. The store lead offers products and services to their clients. They process payments, arrange billing plans, answer inquiries, conduct demonstrations, and follow up calls. 
  • Store Manager- The average annual salary of a store manager is $30,194. They oversee all the responsibilities of the store. Their duties include Creating Business strategies, training new employees, motivating the sales team. 
  • Athlete- The national average income that an Athlete earns is $8 to $10 per hour.  Their job is to assist customers with purchase processes, stock merchandise, and processes transactions.
  • Head couch – The average income Head Coach earns annually is $60,000 to $80,000.  Their job is to maximize sales, prevent theft, hire and supervise the entire team, ensures that the store complies with all the policies and rules of the company. 

Why work at Nike 

The company supports their employees build positive, lasting relationships with their country workers and management. The company has a friendly environment, passionate and active co-workers, and great diversity, making it a great place to work.

Nike also encourages their workers to grow and develop in their professional life. The company provides materials to their employees that help them in building new knowledge and skills. 

The company always encourages different perspectives. Nike builds a diverse team together with its employees. Employees of the company are considered, as family and their ideas, creativity is promoted and appreciated. 

Perks and benefits that Nike offers to their employees. 

Nike employees receive top-of-market benefits. The Perks and benefits enjoyed by their employees and families are below: 

  • Health & Wellness
  • Life Insurance
  • Vacations policy 
  • 41(k) plans
  • Lifetime shopping discounts
  • Tuition assistance
  • PTO
  • Employee stock purchase plans
  • Family care


The features that the office have for a comfortable, good environment are: 

  • Freestyle office spaces
  • Indoor basketball courts
  • Gym 
  • Rooftop terraces
  • Good canteen
  • Restroom for pregnant women/mothers of a child 

How to apply for a job at Nike? 

Method of application:

The interview registration for all the stores worldwide is through online mode. All the application is registered only through its official website. You can apply at one particular place/location and can get hired at another place/location.

Create a Nike account:

The first step to do before applying Nike is, create an email address with a password. It is automatic and can fill in some of the details automatically.

Here are the steps to complete your online registration process. 

  • Step 1: Go to the official website of the Nike shoe company. Click on the career option given on the official website.
  • Step 2: The page opens up with several job titles. You can scroll down the cursor and look at all the available job roles, or you search for the particular position in the search bar given on the screen. 
  • Step 3: Select the desired job role by clicking on the “Apply on.” which is given just beside the desired job role. 
  • Step 4: The form page gets open. All the details given on the form should be filled in.

Form Page

 (Background information)

  • The basic information such as name, contact number, email Id, and more are on the first two pages. 

(Qualification information) 

  • The second screen asks about the job history and qualification details. 

For example- where you were working earlier, have experience of how many years, from where you completed your degree, etc. 

Note- HR of the company usually selects the form of those who had work experience. 

Finishing the application

  • The last page contains the confirmation option, which states legally you can work in the United States and confirm your age. (Mandatory) 
  • This page also asks about your gender, race, and heritage, but it’s optional to fill.
  • Click on the submit option. 

Tips for applying 

  • Apply online through their official website as far as possible. 
  • Try to answer all the questions given on the Form.
  • You can also visit any Nike store to submit the job application form. 

How much does Nike pay to their employees? 

$52,267 per year or $25.13 an hour is the average salary of Nike’s employees. The highest-paid employee of Nike that is a senior software engineer earns over $110,000 per year, the lowest-paid employee of Nike is an inventory specialist who earns less than $24,000 per year. 

The location affects their earnings a lot; Employees who live in these cities that is New York, Boston, MA, and Beaverton, earn the highest salaries. The yearly revenue of the manufacturing company Nike is > $1billion range.

Let us see some of the job roles’ salaries including both highest and lowest. 


1- Senior Software engineering- $112,287

2- Senior Applications Engineer – $103,687

3- Quality Assurance Lead – $91,364

4- Business Analyst – $83,412

5- Operations Manager – $82,723 


1- Inventory Control Specialist – $34,264

2- Administrative Assistant- $34,635

3-Processor- $36,069

4-Team Leader- $44,907

5- Visual Merchandiser- $51,352

Job salary by location 

There is some location where the employees get paid more than other cities in the United States. 

The list shown below contains the locations whose employees get paid the highest average annual salary. 

1. New York, NY – $50,012

2. Boston, MA- $48,523

3. Beaverton, OR- $43,882

4- 4. Memphis, TN – $38,697

Overview of the company 

  • The staff at Nike comes from diverse demographic backgrounds. 
  • The salary of Nike’s employees is significantly low than some of the companies like Ecolab, Sherwin-Williams, and Estee Lauder are the highest paying competitors of Nike.
  • Employees of the company are happy with the workplace in comparison to other working places.
  • The company has retention with the employees as the minimum stay year of an employee is 3.1 years. 
  • The company brings happiness, inspiration, and innovation to every athlete 

Nike’s Ranking 

  • It is ranked number #1 in Best Manufacturing Companies to Work For in Oregon. 
  • It is ranked number #1in Best Companies to Work For in Beaverton, Beaverton 
  • It is ranked number #1in Biggest Companies in Oregon
  • It is ranked number #1in Biggest Companies in Beaverton, It is ranked number #2 in Best Companies to Work For in Oregon. 
  • It is ranked #15 in Best Manufacturing Companies to Work For in America

Nike’s employee’s demographic background 

The company scores 9.4 /10 in diversity. The diversity score of the company is measured on various factors that include ethnic background, language skills, gender identity. 


1- Male: 53.0 %

2- Female: 41.8% 

3- Unknown:  5.2 % 


1- White: 60.7b% 

2- Latino: 16.8%

3- Black or African American- 10.7 % 


Nike has a diverse employee who belongs to various culture. The diversity score insights at how employees feel and love their workplace. Nike ranks in the top 20% with 10,000+ employees of diversity scores. 

Let us see some of them and what percentage of people speak them:

1- Spanish – 64.6% 

2- French – 8.0% 

3- Mandarin- 4.1% 

4- Portuguese – 3.2% 

5- German- 3.2% 

Nike financial Performance

The financial performance of the company scored 10/10. The financial performance is calculated based on some factors such as revenue, longevity, and stock market performance. 

Frequently asked questions about Nike. 

  1. In which year was Nike founded?
    As a Blue ribbon sports company, Nike got founded in 1964.
  1. What is the total annual revenue of Nike?
    The average revenue of the company was valued at $19 billion (€17. 5 billion).
  1. What is the interview process at Nike? 
    The interview registration for all the stores worldwide is through online mode. Create an email address with a password before registering. You can apply at one particular place/location and can get hired at another place/location.
  1. What is the working hour at Nike? 
    Nike has a flexible hour of working 
    They are: 
    Mon-Sat: 10:00am-9:00pm 
    Sun: 10:00am-6:00pm
  1. How does the employee of the company get paid?
    Nike pays a good salary to its employees. $52,267 per year or $25.13 an hour is the average salary of Nike’s employees. The highest-paid employee of Nike is a senior software engineer who earns over $110,000 per year.
  1. What is the minimum age limit to work at Nike? 
    The minimum age to work at a Nike shoe company is 16 years.
  1. Does Nike do a drug test? 
    A-No, it does not do a drug test.
  1. What information do they ask in the application?
    They ask basic questions like name, contact number, email Id, job history, and qualification details.
  1. How is the working environment of the company?
    The environment of Nike is excellent. Colleagues are friendly.
  1. Who is the CEO of the company?
    A-John Donahoe is the present CEO of the company.


Careers at Nike- A Complete Guide

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