Best Jobs for MBA Graduates with Salary Details

Best MBA Degree Jobs for Graduates

Welcome, all to this article. In today’s article, we are going to learn what an MBA degree is, The skills required to get into an MBA Degree Job, Jobs for MBA Graduates, Functions of those Jobs, Salary Range for those Jobs, Scope of those Jobs, Places to apply for MBA Degree Jobs, Benefits of those Jobs. Each section will be elaborated for the understanding basis for you to clarify moving ahead of a suitable decision to pick a Job.

Each specialization MBA has its own growing demand with regards to the skill-sets of the candidates. For the reputed workplace which offers a high salary package doesn’t come into the hands easily. It all depends on the clarity, knowledge, and justification of how well the candidates are suited for this spot. Most people choose an irrelevant career even if they are certified as top-ranked engineers or versatile marketers in reputed institutions. Here you need to be clear at one point, whether you are going to choose a career-based job or job alone. There is a big difference between both terms. Having a severe interest in making money alone instead of care-free of what they work for is a job. But probing career wisdom to uplift their professional living by opting for a career-based job is very different from the first term.

What is an MBA Degree?

Well, we are not going to learn the abbreviation of “MBA,” which everybody knows. Still, we will learn the general meaning and definition-based understanding of MBA. the important term to put is “managing business,” it is purely an organizational, global-based business making that manages and happens in the market. We as a learner must understand the business-doing strategy followed at all the industries that give us an idea of different techniques used by all those industries in an overall market view. As a student initially they will all learn general management as one set of courses. They are followed by their functions like finance, marketing, productions, operations, supply chain, logistics, information technology, entrepreneurship, real estate, business analytics, and much more to add along with them. 

Skills Needed to Get an MBA Degree Job

There are multiple functional domains provided in b-schools and other management schools for the students to know the domains they are good at and self-improvement made to increase the skills and knowledge in pursuing the chosen domain in the long-run. A handful of skills need to be present inside a student to get hired in a good company. Go through the skills that you have scarce knowledge and start developing them,

  1. Seamless Communication
  2. Basic Business tools(Google Suite, Microsoft Suite, Research Tools, etc.)
  3. Sharing ideas one-to-one
  4. Team building and leading
  5. Doing certified courses
  6. Critical thinking
  7. Analytical thinking
  8. Decks and Presentation
  9. Strategic thinking
  10. Trend-mindset in technological advancement
  11. Knowledge about the different industries
  12. Wide market analysis
  13. Cross-Leadership skills
  14. Gaining short-term experience working for organizations related to your specialization(Internship, Part-time, Seasonal, etc.)
  15. Business ethics(to lead an authentic, value-driving business)

Some of the skills are internally practiced by an individual. Some of them are externally taken training for developing bonus skills like pursuing certified courses in Coursera, Udemy, Lynda, etc., and working as an intern during summer, winter in an organization that would benefit the full-time job applying candidates getting shortlisted and companies first preference of moving you to the next rounds when they apply for.

Top 5 Demanding MBA Degree Jobs

Here are the hottest and most preferred jobs for today’s MBA Degree holders to pursue their career and enhance their skill-sets.

Digital Marketing

This is by word and by job far known in today’s digital consuming environment. This marketing type is especially related to communicating the brand message and its product through a digital medium. It could be any of the social platforms related along with the medium.


The candidate must know about digital level marketing like SEO techniques, keyword research, organic and CPC type of marketing, email, SEM, display are all essential criteria needed for this candidate to work along with the marketing team. The candidate must stick to the budget allocated to each of the channels by monitoring them. The candidate must update the marketing team about the channel conversion, leads generation across each channel. 


The yearly Digital Marketing salary is around $100,000. As it is a growth-seeking platform, the job’s performance is also immense such that the candidate will gain additional benefits along with the salary when working for successive years. The job is highly paid more in several other companies than the salary mentioned here according to the industry standard. Sometimes, the organization needs an experienced candidate to give them a higher salary at the initial position due to the work they need to perform.


I have told you that it has many digital platform opportunities as the world is greatly into the agile technology disruption. People started consuming more online and automated products and services. The candidate who wants to develop their career in this field can join this job to improve their career path in the evolving digital sector.

Business Development

This job is highly experiential, and the skill-sets that I have mentioned earlier capture three-fourths of the qualities expected to fit in this job. Unlike the other jobs, this is a predominant category for the candidates to focus on the overall business development process.


The candidate must be good at dealing with the customer’s expectations to overcome through solutions built along with the team. The candidates must be prepared to present decks and involve in presentations made by the company members and support them by pitching their ideas and views.  The candidate must be working on a cross-functional basis interacting with all the team members to maintain the company’s value proposition. In addition to that, the candidate will be training the entry-level category of joining as a junior business executive to work on the relevant task.


The average Business Development salary range is around $60000 to $70000 per year. This is a demanding job in the United States, especially for the experienced candidates in this field who are paid more than the average salary mentioned. The candidate is hired based upon the experience-based skills to withhold the companies strategies and develop them over time.


The job is a developmental focus based on the company’s growth. As a business developer, the candidate must have the capacity to enhance the company strategy that increases candidates’ strategic thinking to pick the right decision of what is good for a company to move on. The candidate would see an impact in their career by ideation and engagement with the clients and partners.

Operations Manager

This job is for the candidates who have done their supply chain and logistics specialization. As it is product-focused first, which will impact the customers by satisfying the products reaching out to them. This is a quite challenging job to handle the heart of the product operation of whatever sector the company is into.


The candidate’s first job is tight monitoring across the product making place, building its quality always in the first place, then check the product package, ensuring the company logos are displayed at packages.Connecting with the employees to work towards their day-to-day tasks and engaging with the cross-functional working teams under marketing, sales, UX, and UI. This is an agile working environment where your ability to move along with the customers’ product delivery and knowing their feedback to make corrections if something went wrong. Making quick actions during the supply chain process of supplying the right product to the right customer.


An operating manager’s average paying salary would be in the range of $65000 to $70000. It depends upon the firm people are choosing and joining. There are few MNC who would offer a more package of salary than the prescribed amount. This again falls over the candidate’s skills and post-performance joining in such a company.


This is a most demanding job, especially for a company that delivers high-quality products offline or online. This job extends your skill-sets you building knowledge in understanding the wide functional area of operations at regional or country-wise expanded companies, and increases your exposure among the employees in engaging customers. You’ll have an increased knowledge by involving software tools and hardware hands-on tools and equipment. 

Financial Analyst

The job is exclusively for the finance region specialist who had already been experienced with the traditional finance handling the company’s costs and revenue and maintained the ledgers and accounts work happening on a day-to-day basis, and reporting to the higher officials to play well in the market.


The candidate must work initially with the accounts team and collect the data about the transactions made daily, receivable invoices, hooking, and the sales team.Know about the conversion rate that the company is making on an average which would help to forecast the companies revenue and ROI-based suggestions to improve the company and stand out in the market. It is important to fix meetings conveying the cost-benefit analysis prepared for the company and communicate how to improve ROI and make profits based on the sales team who are converting customers and new leads for the company.


The average salary range of a Financial Analyst is around $60000 to $70000. The company’s potential salary might exceed this range, which is up to the experience and industry focus gained by a particular company and expose its exposure marketplace. There are enormous benefits and compensations given along with the salary depending on the candidate’s performance.


It has a wide scope in the overall marketplace and the company’s standards investing in training the employees.The financial analyst who is playing this role will get to leverage their analytical skills over the company and strong competitive mind of knowing how the other companies are coping up to increase the ROI by researching and anticipating the company’s position. 

Product Manager

This job is important for creating the product and developing them according to the company’s expectations over the consumer preference. The candidate applying must have practical knowledge in the product creation area aligned together with rebuilding products by their strategic knowledge.


The job area is focused right from the initial stage of planning to the final stage of rebuilding the product if the product isn’t satisfied by the customers. It is not about the execution of the product. It is about improving the product at the post-execution stage after collecting the customers’ feedback and review status. The candidate needs a lot of creations, a well-built strategy, cross-functional relationship with all the departments, mainly the marketing team and sales team that how the product will solve the problem of the customers. 


Product Manager is a highly paid job that, at an average rate of $100,000, comes along with the candidates’ experience level. The job’s compensation and benefits are based on the standard and consistent performance embraced by the candidate. Generally, it comes with many additional perks that boost the candidate to work productively for the role.


The job scope is astounding for a candidate when developing a career entirely focused on product development. The best part is your ideation and thinking level are matched to benefit the company and helps to run in the long-term among the competitors. Your thought process will be merged to build a successful product of what the company is seeking.

Places to Apply for these Jobs

As most of them would be familiar with various job portals available online like Naukri, Freshersworld, Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn itself a networking and the best place to find a preferred job. The candidates can search for their desired job or specifically apply to the company they have in their mind and want to move towards a particular company. This would be a useful platform, and you can stay in touch by receiving emails from the portal or the company, depending on how you wish to apply. You could apply even through offline mode by physically appearing to the company spot, filling out the application, and submitting your form. Referrals are also a way to pass-on your resume along with the application form and details of the referred person.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do MBA Degrees?
    Most of them have their own set of interests to pursue a master’s degree required to enhance their career prospects. You will be specialized in the Industry domain and get relevant experience in the business doing mindset and have a wide exposure about today’s market. This is completely an art and scientific study to justify the business management skills for those who fetch to gain the knowledge of practical know-how scenarios of business or corporate.

  2. What types of jobs does an MBA holder get?
    To answer this question, you can visit the 5 top jobs mentioned in the earlier section, which is popularly available for all MBA graduates specializing in relevant fields. Much more, the fresh graduates will have many opportunities to work in a bunch of young blooming start-ups, which would need your help to help them and add value to the firm. The start-ups are fast developing nowadays, and some are positioned in quick time to fit for the IPO-based firms to become stable where you have a decent pay financially.

  3. Do we need to do extra certification for MBA?
    This is based on the value one adds to one resume. We need to understand that upskilling is an important process for honing your skill-sets to match your MBA career. Alongside the MBA specialization, you can expand the knowledge, skills, and growing abilities to stand-out as an ideal interviewee to pass the interview and get into a developing firm where you can match your added skills to experience more in your career.

  4. What are the best online learning free courses for MBA?
    There are a handful of platforms to reskill and expand our skill-sets in online websites. Some of them are course(free and paid courses), Edx, LinkedIn learning communities, Lynda(free and paid courses), Udemy(free and paid courses), Youtube(non-certified free platform courses), Hubspot(Marketing courses), Digital Marketer(Marketing courses), CXL Institute(Marketing courses) are some of the best doing online platform for offering meaningful courses at affordable price.

  5. What is better, an MBA or Work Experience?
    An MBA is an added benefit to one’s career. That either can be matched or not matched according to the firm you join for a particular role. Maybe an engineering degree would be enough to join as an associate software engineer. But for an operational role, you solely need an MBA background and its undergraduate in a similar field to suit the job qualification, so at this stage Engineering degree alone doesn’t suffice the qualification criteria. You need a must MBA degree to add value to the firm.

  6. Are there any online jobs for MBA?
    There are plenty of online doing jobs for MBA graduates and the pay scale is somewhat based on the existence of the firm. As the start-ups are developing, they initially worked as a remote operation when connecting with people, assigning work tasks, etc. so, for a larger multinational firm, it would be mostly physical working where they are located, for mid-sized and small companies they would work in the online mode with varying payscale. Sometimes the work would be recommended in the online platform like content writing, social media marketing, etc., and reported at any time to the workplace. 

  7. Which would give the best salary job, Finance or HR?
    There is no confined reply to these questions, as all of the specializations have their own depth of content that must be justified so that the candidates develop their knowledge and skill-set to get the best job. Anyways for a fresher, they must have foundation knowledge of specializing the degree when they are hired or an initial associate position. After 2 or 3 years, they would have a salary raise relevant to the promotion level when they are moved.

Benefits of these Jobs

These mentioned 5 jobs are the demanding positions for the candidates to get hired for the company’s preferred vacancy of these roles. If the candidates, after doing an MBA, are stagnated to choose a proper career, they can refer to the skills that they are already good at and slightly fine-tune it to the companies expectation by learning external skills that would make them a right fit for the company standards.

This level of jobs increases the brand value of self, who can show up their talent in the respective areas of specialization where they are chosen to perform a similar role to that criteria. This platform would enhance the career path as one framed for themselves and reduce uncertainties in the upcoming steps.


The ideal way to continue your career is never to stop experimenting. Whether you do marketing or finance, it is important to know the true depth of the subject and practically start analyzing it with market-level positions and discuss with your peers and professors and get the updates and stick together with the trendy news happening market. Start-ups are again the best place to place your practical learning though not caring about the monetary terms. The truth is you reach the demanding jobs only by acquiring experiential learning, and it is not one-day magic to learn at that instant. It involves time, effort, and persisting interest. It is all about starting from scratch to know what you are fit at to get those jobs. Meet you all with the next article!!

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Best Jobs for MBA Graduates with Salary Details

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