HR Generalist Job Description – Duties and Salary

HR Generalist Job Description

Human resources (HR) is concerned with determining what individuals need and how to meet those needs. We will discuss the HR Generalist Job Description. This is the perfect way to launch a career in the thrilling field of human resources if you’re a people guy who can thrive in the fast-paced atmosphere. At USPTO, the human resources group is focused on identifying and meeting the needs of the employees.

We recognize that our company thrives because our employees excel, recruiting the right HR professionals. For becoming a part of our family, we’ll need you to assist our HR department in ensuring that company processes run smoothly and efficiently. 

HR Generalist Job Description

We’re looking for a trained and resourceful HR generalist to assist our HR team in ensuring smooth operations. The individual will have managerial and strategic roles, assisting us with essential tasks such as hiring, training and development, and pay and benefits planning and administration. You will oversee both strategic planning duties and managerial activities in any HR field, along with participating in the implementation of HR goals and proposing new HR processes and procedures to help the department run more efficiently as a human resources generalist at USPTO.


  • Policy implementation and documents Employee orientation, development, and training.
  • Facilitation of the Employee Experience Monitoring Committee.
  • Employee-company contact.
  • Administration of compensation and benefits.
  • Employee wellbeing, well-being, and health education are also important topics to discuss.
  • Organizational growth.
  • Assisting in the training and retention of talent.
  • Conducting staff onboarding and assisting with the implementation of training and development programs.
  • Assist workers with various HR-related matters, such as leaves and salaries, and address any issues that could occur.
  • Collect and interpret data using HR metrics such as time to recruit and job turnover.
  • Organize staff performance assessments on a weekly and yearly basis.
  • Resolve problems quickly, register for new incentives and bonuses, and plan team-building opportunities to improve workplace satisfaction.
  • Ensure that all labor laws are followed.
  • Provide staff with an appropriate and committed HR consulting service in the areas of absence and wellness, behavior and capacity, grievances, behavioral reform, and all other employee-relations concerns.
  • Contributes to policy formulation and assists in the communication, interpretation, and upkeep of the staff handbook, employee list, and organizational map.
  • Act as a backup for payroll management, providing employee log reports bi-weekly and semi-monthly, bonus/incentive leave, vacation/sick pay monitoring, importing cost reimbursements, inputting exceptions, hourly employee validations, and compensation adjustments.


The salary range lies between $49,895 to $67,000.

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HR Generalist Job Description – Duties and Salary

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