Accenture Referral Process- Know More

Are you looking out for a job in the world-renowned Accenture? Do you have someone who can help you reach your goal but doesn’t know where to start? If yes, you would not want to miss out on this article. Accenture has a process for candidates like you up to their sleeves. Accenture has introduced a referral process for its employers and freshers who are looking forward to working with the company.

Accenture referral process

There is a step by step process that you can follow to land your dream job at Accenture

Step 1. Find a job

Step 2. Resume submission

Step 3. Find contacts who work at Accenture

Step 4. Ask your contact for a referral.

Let us dive into the details of each step, to present your best foot forward.

Step 1. Finding a job

Before starting out on any of the steps, it is a must that you find a job that suits best your skillset. Accenture provides its services in the fields of consulting, strategy, technology, and operations. Log in to the homepage of Accenture. Click on the ‘Careers’ section. Next, click on the ‘Search and apply’ section. Search for your dream job in that section. Read all the job-related descriptions and responsibilities thoroughly. Please check the eligibility as well.

Step 2. Resume submission

Once you’ve found your dream job, you can go ahead and prepare a very attractive yet truthful cover letter to submit with your resume. 

After clicking on your desired job role click on ‘Apply now.’ The Accenture portal will direct you to their signup page where you can signup with your email. After signing up, you’ll be asked to submit a resume and fill in a few information stating your basic details, your experience level, your salary expectations, and the region you wish to serve in.

Once you enter all of these, the portal will recommend the same jobs as per your availability. There you can apply for your dream job.

Step 3. Find your Accenture contacts

Now that you’ve submitted your resume, the next step would be to search all of your networks and find a member of the Accenture family. The best place to start your search is LinkedIn. linked in is a global platform where you cannot only find jobs but can also build a network with people for your growth in the professional field. You can search for people already working at Accenture. Try to communicate with them. Build a connection and while you are at it, try to find out more about the work culture and how they started out, what does the company has in its pocket for all of its employees.

Step 4. Ask for referral

Last and the most important step to perform is to ask your contact that is comfortable enough to give out their referral to you. If possible, explain to them the benefits of sharing referrals for freshers. There’s no harm in reaching out to people for a better future.

Once they agree to refer you, they can log in to their respective account and refer your profile through the employee referral section.

Benefits of referral program

  • The person who is referring you will get a one-time bonus upon your selection.
  • If you are getting referred, it will accelerate the hiring process for you
  • You will easily get to the interview phase due to the referral.
  • As mentioned earlier, through your connection you can know about the work environment and Accenture culture, which results in higher job satisfaction.

Why Accenture?

As we already know that Accenture is well known for providing services like consulting, technology, strategy, and operations. It gives you an environment to learn and grow, simultaneously. While applying for Accenture, you should keep in mind that a company with global experience gives chances to only the most creative and experimental minds.

All said if it is your dream to work at Accenture, build your network with employees of Accenture. As part of the process, find out more about the life at Accenture, the scope of growth in the position you are trying to get, and the perks of working at Accenture.


Your dream to work with Accenture can come true with the referral process. Prepare yourself, have confidence in your skillset, and reach out to people who might help you in achieving your dream.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

  1. Can all Accenture employees refer?

Ans. Yes, all Accenture employees can refer you for a referral process. The person referring should be currently working in Accenture. 

  1. What happens once I’ve been referred?

Ans. Once you’ve been referred by an Accenture employee, your profile will be shortlisted on the basis of your skillset, expertise level, etc. if your profile gets shortlisted, you’ll get direct access to the interview round due to the referrals.

  1. Can I apply at Accenture if I am fresher? 

Ans. Absolutely, Accenture has entry-level job openings as well for freshers who are just starting out and are looking for a great way to learn.

Accenture Referral Process- Know More

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