Walmart in Fortune- What is Fortune 500?

Walmart in Fortune

If you think about it, people buy at least a single product every day. Be it packed foods, essential products, clothes, or any miscellaneous items. The spree of buying never ends and thus, the money only goes up in a retail store. Nowadays, the working of supermarkets, retail stores, 24×7 department stores has eased the life of a person. And one of the top brands to talk about in providing any product, from groceries to household supplies, to automotive parts, health & beauty items, hardware, furnishings, and many more is WALMART; you name it, they have it. You have heard the name before, right? You are familiar with its stores and products. If you walk into any household in the US, you can find at least 5 to 7 items purchased from Walmart. Hence, Walmart has become a part of daily life. The topic is- Walmart in Fortune.

The benefit of supercentres is that a wide range of products is available in one place. So, say no to roaming for different items in different stores. Enter Walmart and bam! You can find anything. And Walmart has given us 50+ years of good service and consistently affordable prices on its products. Thus, it is not a surprise that Walmart has topped the Fortune 500 once again, and for the 9th time consecutively! In the year 2021. That’s a huge award in the field of retail. 

Now, Walmart is expanding and turning to be global. And we all want to get cheap but good quality products all over the world, right? Let’s see the fortune 500 lists and find out more.


Walmart Inc is a multinational retail corporation under which runs chains of warehouse stores, discount department stores, and supermarkets. It is one of the world’s largest grocery retailers and the most valued company in the US. Currently, Walmart has 11,000 stores in around 27 countries. The company is known by many names depending upon the country. In the US and Puerto Rico, the company is called by the original name Walmart, in Mexico as Walmart de México y Centroamérica, in the UK as Asda, in Japan it is called Seiyu, and in India as Best Price. While the headquarters of Walmart is situated in Bentonville, Arkansas, US; the company has expanded over the years, and now pronounce a global recognition. The corporation of Walmart is a family-owned business by the Walton family, which has over 50% of shares that go to the company Walton Enterprises. 

Now, what is Walmart famous for? What Walmart has that it made to the list of Fortune global 500? As mentioned above, Walmart has got fame from the variety and price of everyday products. Walmart’s focus is on everyday low-price strategy and one-stop shopping. 

Today, Walmart offers its customers to shop in three ways, online from the website, on their mobile app, and by walking in-store. Due to the pandemic, the sales of Walmart were highly affected yet remained the first choice for walk in-store shopping. 

We have mentioned the fortune 500 a couple of times now. What is it? Why fortune 500 holds a weightage in the retail industry? Come let us answer the questions in brief. 


The Fortune 500 is a ranked list of the largest companies in the US organized by the FORTUNE magazine. The history of creating this list dates back to 1955. The selection and ranking of companies are done based on the recent account of revenue of the company. And accesses the public & privately available revenue data. The principal for the fortune 500 is ranked upon the amount of yearly revenue the company brings. 

The 2021 Fortune 500 statistic ranked the first position to Walmart with a 79% up in sales after the pandemic, and the stated revenue was $559,151M. Then the list follows amazon, apple, CVS Health, and UnitedHealth Group, and so on. Also, Walmart is the largest private employer out there which has 2.3 million and growing workers all around the world. The company has invested their approach to lessen carbon emissions and has a goal set for zero carbon emissions by 2040. 

To be on the fortune 500 is quite a big deal reflecting the fortune magazine analyzed the set of detailed financial information of large firms like Apple and Walmart. The information consists of the after-tax profits, market value, assets, earnings per share, and shareholder’s equity. An in-depth report in financial terms is regulated when a company gets featured in the list of fortune 500.


In the past year with the pandemic, humanity suffered a lot and along with that the financial status of large companies. However, some businesses got the chance to thrive. The threshold for revenue in this year’s fortune 500 was set to $5.4 billion and which was down by 5% compared to last year. This year’s Fortune 500 is the 66th edition that has been a difficult prospect to see a vast change in the retail industry. The impact was widely weighted down by travel and transportation industries, bars, and restaurants. The exposure to a happening life was cut because of shut down. And now, when life is back on track somehow the results in retail, finance, and business are highly altered. Cheers to Walmart to make #1 on the fortune 500 lists. 


1. Is Walmart a Fortune 500 company?

Yes, Walmart has ranked #1 again on the list of fortune 500. And thus, considered as the largest company in the world by revenue. The fortune magazine released the fortune 500 list recently, according to which Walmart has remained on top by far the largest revenue in the last 9 years.

2. Is Walmart bigger than Amazon?

According to the data collected in recent times has shown signified figures to conclude that Amazon is bigger than Walmart. Walmart is trying to be on the global standards, but Amazon has confirmed that consumers spent $610 billion at Amazon in the given shutdown period. The reason why is, Amazon has built up a name as an e-commerce website. And where few companies were dying in the pandemic, Amazon flew as a phoenix. 

Walmart in Fortune- What is Fortune 500?

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