The Target Market of Chick Fil- And Marketing Strategy

The Target Market of Chick Fil

Chick-fil-A is a fast-food chain that focuses on providing the best customer experience in all its outlets. Initially, they provided franchises in the states only but they have extended its franchise in Canada and Africa as well. It was founded by S. Truett Cathy in 1946. The marketing strategy of chick-fil- A has always been a family of oriented ones. With the specially reserved seats while ordering in the drive-thru for young mothers to the special kid’s meal offered at the restaurant. Chick-fil-A gives special importance to its quality and pricing to stay ahead in the competition. Its focus is on the product, pricing, and people from the initial start of the business. Here, let’s know about the Target Market of Chick Fil.

The quality of their sandwich is claimed as one of the best in terms of its taste and nutritional value. As testified by many loyal customers, they have remained true to their business values which is to provide the best customer experience. The other thing is the way they price their products. They have given reasonable pricing to suit the needs of the middle and upper-middle class. The burgers cost around $4, wraps $5, desserts $2, etc. They also have a marketing strategy to target young working professionals who don’t get time to make their decent meals for the day. There is a varied choice of healthy food available at their joint.

Marketing Strategy of Chick Fil

  • The most impressive thing to note is how they maintain brand uniformity in all their outlets. 
  • A customer doesn’t feel like they are eating at different restaurants because of the way the restaurant is maintained to let the customer experience the same thing as eating at the headquarter of the restaurant, that is in Atlanta. 
  • From the quality of the food to the designs and type of service provided at their outlets, you can rest assured that you will experience the same vibe.

But this is not a surprise if you look at the way they select their franchisers. Although the franchise can be bought at just $10000, most fail at the training process. To own a Chick-fil-A franchise is not easy. And the person who has high brand loyalty and will deliver good service consistently is preferred. So they are very particular about that.

  • The next marketing strategy and the target market Chick-fil-A has is on various social media platforms, right from email marketing, Tv, Radio to billboards, digital marketing, online food ordering, etc. 
  • Product promotions are also made through the medium of sports sponsored by Chick-Fil-A. One would be familiar with the peach bowl and it is the main sponsor of ACC and SEC of college athletics.

Chick-fil-A values and motives give them a better mileage in their marketing strategy. The philanthropic activities that the restaurant is involved in have won the hearts of many people. For instance the children’s homes, families in need, and academic scholarship. 

  • The company remains actively involved in the community’s lives by participating in activities like organizing a high school basketball tournament every year and a motorcycle charity tour at Columbia.
  • The innovation in its marketing strategy leads them to do so well in this industry. The innovative ad campaign and various other community participation activities make an impact on the people’s mindset positively.

Some of the ways it encourages people’s participation in their brand-conscious journey are through running campaigns like the running of the cows and also organizing programs like the best cow costume photo contest through its website. This is how brand visibility gets done. It takes full advantage of social media and they have a strong presence on Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook pages.

  • Next is their uncompromising food quality. Although this brand has added a wide range of menus to its lists like the variety of salads, nutritional biscuits, variety of drinks and desserts, etc, they still maintain the classic old chicken sandwich and do not compromise on its quality as well. 

This company holds to its ideals ever since it was founded. 

  • Serving the customer with honor and respect. The founders hold this value of serving with grace a huge deal. 
  • The staff and customers are valued by the company and hence the employee’s impeccable service to its customers.
  •  The whole foundation of the company is rooted in a strong southern Baptist background.
  •  And you could see them inculcate the Christian values in their company culture and ethos which is the spirit of graciousness and hospitality that this company has been founded on. 

The most important marketing strategy is highlighted especially on their brand relevance and it is emanated in everything right from their menu to their building architecture, packaging, technology, and packaging. The next thing that one sees the company highly focus on is the complete support they give to their outlets for their smooth excellent operations. This is what makes Chick-fil-A one of the most loved food chains in the US.

The Target Market of Chick Fil- And Marketing Strategy

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