Target Market of Dunkin Donuts And Marketing Strategy

Target Market of Dunkin Donuts

From kids, teenagers to adults who don’t like donuts? And the one brand serving the best donuts is none other than Dunkin donuts. If you haven’t tried Dunkin Donuts, what are you waiting for? Go and dive into the serene flavourful bites of donuts and sips of delightful coffee. The prosperity of Dunkin donuts can be considered as in which America grows. On average every single day Dunkin donuts serves three million customers around the world. The specialty of the Dunkin brand is in the market of baked goods and coffee. The brand has been loved by all because of its reliability and homely feel. Here, let’s know about the Target Market of Dunkin Donuts.

The magic of Dunkin donuts is that people have grown with it, and thus the donuts or coffee or any bakery product from Dunkin holds a significant connection and serves something as a taste of home. The working of Dunkin’ has been simplified over the years to fulfill the needs of go-to customers, people who live in a rush. The aspect to starting a food chain for millions of people needing the portion of healthy eating with a touch of home. For this Dunkin’ has improvised its marketing strategy with innovative ideas for attracting customers. 

Now, you may think what Dunkin’ does which attracts the people? What unique strategies does Dunkin’ have? Let’s look into what is Dunkin’s marketing strategy? Who is the target market of Dunkin Donuts? 


The legacy of delicious donuts was founded in 1950 by William Rosenberg. “Dunkin’ Donuts” has become one of the world’s leading bakery goods and coffee chains. The company started with a single shop and five years later emerged as a franchise legacy. To be precise, in 1948 a donut and coffee restaurant was opened under the name ‘Open Kettle’ in Quincy, Massachusetts, and then later changed the name to Dunkin Donuts. The idea the company focused on is on providing the best food, beverages, and bakery products. And the primary goal was to make and serve the freshest, most delicious coffee and donuts quickly and courteously in a modern, well-merchandised store. Now, Dunkin’ Donuts serves almost 50 varieties or more of premium beverages, breakfast, and bakes foods across the US. There are 12,000 restaurants worldwide with 8,600 restaurants alone in the US, and 3,200 restaurants across 36 countries. Eventually, Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins became subsidiaries of the Dunkin brand in 2004. 


The aspect of Dunkin Donuts is to target the audience in teens and the working class. The objective lies in providing the middle generation with something with having tight working schedules. The demographics of the target market are teens between 15-18 years and young adults 18-45 years. The psychology behind serving in this generation is highly consumption-oriented, which can make huge profits in the food industry. In a recent study, it was found out that teenagers & adults are more daring, to endure, and try new products. Thus, on which Dunkin’ tries to give more and more to the consumers with exciting and amusing products to munch on. And in the view of strong coffee lovers, Dunkin’ has introduced a more robust brew of espresso.

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The overall growth of consumers’ buying tendencies includes many factors of preferences, intentions, attitudes, and decisions to bring out the consumer’s behavior in the marketplace while purchasing a product. The influence of these factors and external forces of consumer behavior regards the buying patterns of individuals. Dunkin’ Donuts takes in the collective response to these factors which makes out the ideas of marketing strategy. Then, what is the marketing strategy of Dunkin’?


The marketing strategy and mix of Dunkin’ is the understanding of its products, pricing, advertising, and distribution. According to the quality of products offered, the pricing is affordable and is set depending upon the location. There is global pricing used by Dunkin’, they know the importance of serving its customers. The company not only focuses on pricing and advertising but also invests in the training of employees. 

Gradually, the expansion and innovation in Dunkin’ Donuts increased and the brand is loved by many. The company has made a position in the digital innovation field as well, with the creation of the Dunkin’ mobile app allowing customers to pay right away and the Dunkin’ donuts card system, making the purchase process hassle-free. And the advancement of the company has introduced on-the-go ordering which offers customers could order 24 hours before including varieties, pick up location under Dunkin’ Donuts’ restaurant, or drive-thru. All incorporate the tactics to advance the marketing strategies to take hold of the target market. 


The marketing strategies and target market of Dunkin’ are focused on the middle generation regarding the affordable prices, new products, and tactics to increase the sale and marketing. The competition of gaining popularity and making high sales. The strong point Dunkin’ follows is the remarkable combination of smart marketing strategies influencing the target market to provide comfort at cheap prices. 


1. What is Dunkin Donuts’ goal?

The mission statement of Dunkin’ is to lead the brand name by proving the best quality baked products and beverages in a convenient and friendly environment ensuring the highest level of quality and value. 

2. How does Dunkin Donuts attract customers? 

As focusing on the teens and youngsters, the Dunkin’ Donuts loyalty program is designed to ensure the rich experience, quality delivering of products, and providing relevant choices as well.

Target Market of Dunkin Donuts And Marketing Strategy

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