Disney Termination Policy- Disney Values

Disney Termination Policy

Commonly known as Disney, the Walt Disney Company was founded in the year 1923, having headquarters at the Walt Disney Studios Complex, Burbank, California. It is very famous for its cartoon characters and has become the leader in the Animation industry. It indulges itself in providing entertainment to the people through film productions. It has expanded its business to diverse units such as media, television series, theme parks, resorts, consumer products. Let’s know about Disney Termination Policy.

Disney makes a lot of efforts to mesmerize its audience with unique and outstanding creations. The amazing content which Disney shows its audience is possible because of its workforce. It holds itself to high standards and believes in the right thing. It encourages its employees to maintain high standards of ethical and respectful behavior and work enthusiastically. In case of any diversion from the values of the organization, Disney has strict policies for termination on the grounds of misconduct, unhealthy performance, security breaches, abusive behavior, etc.

Disney has always adapted incredible ways to tell amazing stories that add magic to the lives of people. The Walt Disney Studios include several film studio divisions such as Pixar, Walt Disney Pictures, Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios, 20th Century Studios, Searchlight Pictures, 20th Century Animation, and Lucasfilm. To become such a great organization, Disney adheres to strict policies. All the associates are required to follow these policies without a miss. Failure to implement these policies by the associates may result in disciplinary action or even termination.

Termination due to misconduct

In case of improper behavior, the corresponding employee may be subjected to serious disciplinary action and sometimes, immediate termination. Any employee could be accounted for misconduct on the following grounds-

  1. Unprofessional or disrespectful behavior towards coworkers.
  2. Disregard any safety regulations or procedures.
  3. Any action that can cause harm to other employees.
  4. Any case of dishonesty, falsification, or theft.
  5. Refusal or failure to comply with any Company’s Directive.
  6. Misuse of any Company’s property.
  7. Use of any intoxicant at the workplace.
  8. Failure or refusal to comply with any guideline or protocol.
  9. Any other sort of violation of the conduct policy defined.

Any action of improper conduct is addressed by written or verbal warnings, change of responsibilities, demotion, suspension, or even termination. All employees must be aware of various conduct policies defined in the policy guidelines manual.

Termination due to unhealthy performance

It is expected from every employee of the Company to perform satisfactorily. Employees’ work must prove beneficial to the organization. Employees should always try to meet the expectations of the job. Performance below the standards is unacceptable. Poor performance can impact any employee and may result in a change of work assignments, transfer to other departments, compensation, etc.

Unhealthy performances are addressed by performance improvement plans, performance reviews, verbal counseling, expectation memos, and demotion. In case of consistently poor performance, an employee’s contract with the organization may even get terminated.

Termination due to harassment issues

Disney strictly prohibits harassment at the workplace under the protected category. Harassing conduct is treated as an unlawful act. Any sort of offensive jokes, teasing, bullying, disparaging comments through text or visual displays, slurs, etc. is considered harassing conduct. Any act of physical or mental harassment is strictly prohibited. 

Creating a hostile working environment, asking for sexual favors, violating coworkers’ personal space, and other unwelcomed advances are considered as a violation of the no-harassment policy. Other harassing gestures like stalking, staring, offensive touching, abusive conversations, making insulting remarks, humiliating, threatening, discrimination towards others, etc. are also not allowed at Disney.

Disney does not tolerate any sort of harassing behavior. It takes immediate action when the issue is reported by the victim associate. It thoroughly investigates and makes proper decisions suitable to the circumstances. In case of repetition of any sort of harassing act, Disney reserves the right to terminate the contract immediately.

Termination due to confidentiality breach

Disney’s proprietary business information and trade secrets are considered confidential. Protecting confidential information is important for its business. It trusts its employees to receive confidential data and not share it other than for business purposes. Confidential information should never be disclosed inside or outside the organization, to any individual who should not have the access to it. Accessing confidential information without any need to know about it is strictly prohibited. 

Any employee is strictly prohibited from disclosing any kind of confidential information even after the employment with the organization ends. Any sort of confidentiality breach may result in disciplinary action, which may include termination. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are other cases included in Disney’s termination policy?

Answer. There are several other cases which are listed in the policy guidelines manual that may result in termination. Some of the cases include avoiding indulging in infringement of the Company’s intellectual properties like brand names, copyrights, logos, slogans, trademarks, or taglines, influential workplace relationships, falsifying attendance records.

Disney Termination Policy- Disney Values

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