Barclays Number of Employees and Locations

Barclays Number of Employees and Locations

Here we are to see the Barclays Number of Employees and Locations.


Barclays is a multinational banking corporation headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is one of the oldest functional banking corporations in the world.The operations of Barclays are primarily divided into – Barclays UK and Barclays international. Barclays runs its operations through 4,750 branches established all over the world. 1600 branches of Barclays bank are located in the United Kingdom itself, while the other branches provide banking services to the international customers of the bank. The multinational banking corporation provides an array of financial services to the customers. These services are – 

  • Retail banking services
  • Wealth management services
  • Wholesale banking services
  • Private banking services
  • Commercial management services
  • Investment banking services

This article provides information about the number of employees working at Barclays and the locations where Barclays runs its operations.

Number of Employees at Barclays

The three-century-old banking organization employs dedicated and determined people in its worldwide workforce. The employees have served as the primary cornerstone to ensure the continuing success of Barclays all over the world. As of the year 2021, the global workforce of Barclays consists of 83,500 employees. Barclays aims to deploy the most suitable individuals as its employees around the world so that the customers are provided with the best experience at Barclays branches. To motivate the employees towards giving their best for the organization, Barclays provides a variety of benefits to the staff working for the organization. Some of the employee benefits offered by Barclays are discussed as follows – 

  • Health benefits – A wide range of health benefits are offered by Barclays to its workforce. These health benefits contain private health insurance, discounted gym fees, health checkups, and assistance programs.
  • Flexible work arrangements – Barclays provides employees with a flexible work schedule that allows the employees to give their best at work and maintain the balance between their personal life and work.
  • Employee discounts – Employees working at Barclays enjoy a wide range of employee discounts which allows them to gain discounts on several products and services such as car services and movie theater tickets. Employees also obtain special discounts on products and services offered by Barclays.
  • Learning and Development programs – Barclays provides its workforce with numerous learning opportunities that allow the workers to learn about new things about business and gain new skills that help them to grow in their careers.

Barclay locations 

The operations of Barclays are classified into the United Kingdom division and International division. The United Kingdom branches of Barclays are located across several cities in the United Kingdom. The cities that contain Barclays branches are – London, Northampton, Glasgow, Manchester, Knutsford, Northwich, and Dublin.

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Apart from the United Kingdom, the international operations of Barclays are operated through various branches established across the world. The United States serves as one of the biggest markets of Barclays bank. Across America, the Barclays branches are located in the cities such as – Whippany, New York, and Wilmington. The headquarters of Barclays bank in America is located in New York City.

Barclays also has its operational branches in the Asia region. These include branches in Singapore and India. The Singapore operations of Barclays are undertaken as Singapore serves as the central location to many businesses operating in the Asian region. The Singapore headquarters are located in Marina Bay Financial center. In India, Barclays employs 19,000 employees to cater to the diverse financial needs of the Indian customer base. The major Indian cities where Barclays operates are Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, and Noida. 


Barclays provides its global workforce with appropriate compensation packages and employee benefits and in return, the employees give their best efforts to the growth of the organization and ensure that customers get the best experience at Barclays. Moreover, the strategic placement of Barclays branches in prominent cities of the United Kingdom, United States, and other parts of the world has enabled Barclays to cater to the financial needs of its worldwide customer base.

Frequently asked questions 

Question 1. How can job opportunities at Barclays be identified?

Answer 1. Barclays provides details of various job openings on its official website. Individuals can visit the Barclays website and browse through the available work opportunities. 

Question 2. Is Barclays the oldest banking organization in the world?

Answer 2. There are banking organizations that are older than Barclays bank that is still operating. However, if we talk about the ten oldest banking organizations in the world, Barclays makes the list owing to its three-century-old operations that are still running across the globe.

Question 3. How has technology affected banking services?

Answer 3. Technological innovations have affected how banks deal with customers. The provision of banking services has become faster due to the application of centralized banking systems in banks across the world. The Internet allows the customers to make payments and initiate transactions from their mobiles and computers from the comforts of their homes. Banking organizations that could not cope up with rapid technological changes have been put out of the business by increasing competition.

Barclays Number of Employees and Locations

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