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The interview is mostly the final and perhaps the most crucial stage of the hiring process for any job. The interview is to test your personality, your knowledge, and the way you present yourself. You have to be confident enough to impress the interviewer. During the interview, people are seldom confronted with questions and situations they cannot handle. To make the interview process easier you need to be well prepared beforehand. Preparing for an interview is very important if you want to crack a job. Here we will see about Must read books to crack interview

However, preparing for an interview can prove to be a mammoth task within itself. You need the right guidance about where to put your hard work in. People are often perplexed about how to prepare for the interviews. Here, we endeavor to make the task easier for you. This article will elucidate upon the books you can must read to increase the probability to crack an interview. If you are ready to ace your interview round, read on to know more about the books that will help you.

Must-read books for to crack interview

Want to ace your job interviews? 

Everyone envisages acing a job interview. But how to do so is still an ambiguous question. Appearing for an interview in itself needs confidence. You have to bear in mind certain things before going for an interview.

These things are as follows:

  Research about the company

  The first thing that you should do before going for an interview in a company is inspecting the company. This includes researching the past trends of the company, what type of candidates they are looking for. What the company is all about. You need to know about the company, before applying for it. The interviewer will ask you questions on the intricacies of the company. This is to test if you are a serious candidate or not. If you do not know about the company, and a question is being asked by the interviewer, you will not be able to answer that. This will have a negative first impression on the employer.

So make sure you know the company before applying for it.

See the job description carefully

Before going for an interview, you should acquaint yourself with the job role you have been offered. You need to know what role you will play as an employee in that company. The interviewer might ask you why you are fit for the job. In response to this, you need to list the traits that align with the job role you are being offered. And for this, you need to know about the job. So, it becomes important to go through the job description and prepare for the predictable questions on this topic.

Reach on time

As you all must know that the first impression has to be impactful. Make sure you do not ruin your first impression by reaching late for the interview. Reaching on time becomes important as no employer would like to wait for you. Moreover, no excuses would work here. To avoid your late arrival, make sure that you know the route to the place of the interview beforehand and depart from your house accordingly. Just reach on time. 

Compile your documents

It is advised to keep all your documents compiled in one place. Make sure you compile your resume, awards, achievements, references in one folder. It looks good and has a positive impact on the interviewers. This will also be convenient for you to show the interviews the documents you need too. During interviews, most of us feel nervous and with this nervousness, we mix up things. It would be great if you organize everything beforehand.

Your outfit

Choose your outfit of the day using your wits. Bear in mind that you are going for a job interview and you should like going to one. If the company or the organization has specified any dress code, you should strictly adhere to that. And if they have not specified any dress code, you should know what a professional outfit looks like. Professional outfits work in every interview. You should like a serious candidate, not just a random person. Groom yourself for the interview. Your physical appearance and the way you carry yourself play a deciding role in the interview.

Your attitude

The most important thing to keep in check while going for an interview is your attitude. You need to make sure that you do not act nervous in front of the interviewer. You do not have to sound arrogant or rigid either, and or too jolly. It is very important to keep a balanced attitude. You have to keep a grin in some situations, while act wisely in others. You should know where to smile and where to keep a resting face. Seeing your attitude the interviewer should feel that you want this job and are competent enough to secure it. So, work hard on your attitude. Stay confident throughout the interview, even though if you do not know the answer. Just make sure that you keep that calmness on your face throughout.

Work Hard and prepare for the interview

You should never consider an interview as a cakewalk. This is not a casual thing. You are being tested for a job. This is to assess your personality and to examine how you react in a given situation. So prepare well for the interviews. Call your friends, and tell them to take your mock interviews. This is important because, no matter how confident a person is, everyone feels nervous when it comes to interviews. You need to have the confidence to tackle every situation, and for this you need practice. So, prepare well and do not take it casually.

The above were some of the tips that can act as a catalyst to your hard work and help you in cracking an interview. If you want more elucidation on the things you should do to crack a job interview, many books can aid you. These books add up to your skills and you can crack your job interviews if you read them. The next section of the article will list some of the must-reads for cracking interviews.

Books that can help you crack interviews

Many books in the market have successfully helped people in cracking job interviews. Some of the books are elaborated upon subsequently.

The Art of the Interview by James Storey

Different types of interview questions can leave you spellbound. To avoid speechlessness during an interview, you have to be prepared for handling any type of situation. For this, this book is the best recommendation. The book has listed different types of questions that can put the interviewee in trouble and along with this, ideal answers have also been given. So, if you want to prepare for the questions that leave you spellbound, this is the book for you. You can buy it online, it is available in many online stores.

Steal the Show by Michael Port

This book has everything you want. It acts as a guide for giving speeches in public to dealing with job interviews to cracking business. This book will teach you to make the best out of the interactions you make. It will help you in enhancing your presentation skills and communication skills. This is a must-read if you want to work on your persuading and presentation skills.

Smart Answers to tricky interview questions by Rob Yeung

This is a book that contains answers to the tricky questions that are often being asked in an interview to test your wits. You have to be prepared beforehand to tackle such questions with ease. The author guides you on how to handle unexpected situations and make the best out of the things you already know. If you want to prepare for the tricky questions, go ahead to buy this book.

Don’t take yes for an answer by Steve Herz

This book acts as a guide for those who want to ace their professional life. The book focuses on how a positive answer can confine your personal and professional growth. The author helps you in developing a critical lens to everything and how it can help you. These things will surely prove beneficial for our interview preparation as the interviewer would want you to argue with him on valid points. The author considers authority, warmth, and energy as the key communication strategies. If you want to prepare critically for the interview, this is the perfect choice for you.

Ladders Interview Guide by Marc Cenedella 

This book is a perfect blend of all the necessary tips and information on how to crack an interview and time efficiency. This is a comparatively quick read, a ninety-minute read to be precise, which will not disappoint you. It will be time-saving for you to go through this book, as it covers every aspect of a job interview in a very short reading time. So, if you do not have the time to go through bulky books, you can go ahead and buy this quick read.

60 seconds and you are hired by Robin Ryan

This book contains everything you can look for advice on how to crack the interview. The book encapsulates everything from how you can easily crack the interview to the probable questions that are asked in an interview. It also contains how difficult and tricky situations of the interview are to be handled. So, if you want to know the skill of cracking the interview, you should go for this easy read. 

Mastering the job interview by Lavie Margolin

True to its name, this book will help you in mastering the art of giving job interviews. This easy-to-understand book will acquaint you with the right techniques for cracking an interview. With the knowledge gained by this book, you will feel more confident as you will know the techniques of answering tricky as well as normal questions. This book is a must-read if you want to crack an interview.

Presence by Amy Cuddy

This book focuses not on the probable questions in an interview but on how you can create the first impression on the interviewer with your posture and physical appearance. Apart from knowing the probable questions that could be asked in an interview, we should also be cautious about our posture and the way we carry ourselves. In a job interview, you should look presentable, you should be well-dressed, well-groomed. For this, you need someone to guide you. This book will act as a mentor in this aspect. So, go ahead and read this.

Nail the job interview by Tom Schwartz

This book will acquaint you with proven methods of cracking an interview. We know how hard it is to land our dream job. But this book can become a driving force towards you landing your dream job. This book takes under its ambit everything from how to dress for the interview to how to tackle tricky questions. This is a complete package of preparation for the interview. This is a good choice if you want to nail your interview.

When can you start? by Paul Freiberger

As we all know, acing job interviews is a mammoth task. You need the right guidance on certain things like what to answer when the interviewer asks you about your strengths and weaknesses. This book will cover all such questions. You need to buy this if you want to know the secrets behind cracking interviews. Go ahead and buy this.

Cracking a code to a successful interview by Evan Pellet

This book acquaints you with the minds of the recruiters and employers, as to what they are thinking. If you know what the recruiter expects from you, beforehand, you will be able to prepare accordingly. This book lets you know the simple eight steps with which you can conquer the interviews. Do read it, if you want to know the eight steps.

Nailed it by Matthew G Marvin

While preparing for the interview, we often forget to work on the summon questions that could be asked in an interview. However, focussing on and preparing for only tough questions will not help you in cracking an interview. You cannot take the common questions easily. These questions sometimes put the candidate into an enigma because of their nervousness. So, make sure that you prepare the answers to the common questions as well. This book will help you in giving your answers a structure. Since most people do not focus on these common questions, you can prepare and stand out in the interview amongst them. If you will prepare beforehand, it is quite obvious that your answers will be better than theirs, this will be advantageous for you.

Job interview success for introverts by Bob McIntosh

Job interviews are tough and for introverts, they are tougher. As an introvert, you will always like extroverts who have an advantage when it comes to job interviews. Since they are already comfortable talking to people, it is no big job for them to converse confidently with the interviewers. However, this book tells you how you can use your introverted nature to your advantage, you just need to follow the steps mentioned by the author, and you will pass every social hurdle with flying colors.

Dress me slowly, I am in a hurry by Alex Araez

This book cites the importance of first impressions in job interviews. We often neglect the fact that our look, outfit, and appearance do matter when it comes to a job interview. This book emphasizes that aspect of interviews. Even if you are hard-working, you need to look good and presentable if you want a job. This book will guide you to dress properly while going for a job interview. Go ahead and read this.

The Best Keywords for Resume, Letters, and Interviews by Wendy S Enelow and Louise Kursmark

Using keywords become a desideratum when it comes to resume, letters, and interviews. The recruiter always looks for certain keywords in your resumes and interviews. If you use these keywords, the recruiter is impressed and your probability of getting selected increases. While giving the interview you have to make sure that you do everything to impress the interviewer and using keywords that the employer must be looking for is the best thing to do. To know more about this, read this book.

The Career Coward’s Guide to interviewing by Katy Piotrowski

This book acts as a mentor for acing job interviews. It will answer all your ambiguities about how to crack the job interview, what should be your attitude, what should be your outfit for the day, how should you tackle certain situations and many more. In addition to this, this books also helps you in confidence-building and make you assess your strength and weaknesses and then accordingly work on yourself.

The Art of selling yourself by Adam Riccoboni and Daniel Callaghan

True to its name, this book will surely teach you the art of selling yourself. In an interview, you have to sell yourself to the employer. You need to present yourself in such a manner that the employer takes interest in buying you or his company. For selling yourself, you need to stand out. And for this you need guidance, and this book is a perfect guide to that.

Get That Job by Thea Kelley and Orville Pierson

This book gives its reader the best techniques and some proven tricks to crack the interviews. It will teach you how to answer the commonly asked questions as well as the tricky ones that can be asked in the interviews. A complete guide will help you in cracking your interview.

How to answer interview questions by Peggy McKee

This book contains 101 interview questions that you must know the answer to. There are ways in which you can answer these questions. This book will acquaint you with all the tips to answer such questions in the best possible way. Reading this book will help you to stand out and ace the interview.

Interview Hero by Angela Guido and John A Byrne

This book will give you the perfect guidance on how to stand out in front of the interviewers. Even interviewers are tired of listening to the same answers again and again. This book will give you a different perspective to approach the questions and answer them differently. Read this book if you want to stand out in your interview.

Winning Interview by Robin Superhalk

This book emphasizes the significance of the interview round in the hiring process, and how you can prepare for it. This book will help you enhance your communication skills as well as your confidence. This will guide you in answering interview questions in an ideal way and many more things. Read this book to know more about winning an interview.

These were some of the most prominent books that are recommended for people who want to ace their job interviews. One must read them and pass every hurdle with flying colors.


The article elucidated upon the things that you have to bear in mind while going for an interview, and then it provided a list of books that can help you in acing your job interview. The interview round is perhaps the most crucial and deciding round for any job. This has to be perfect somehow. You need to be the best in this competitive world to stand out. And these books will help you in doing so. Do go through these books, if you want to grab your dream job.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does dressing sense matter in an interview and what are some books that I can use as a reference?

Yes, dressing sense matters in an interview. You should know that the first impression has an impact on the interviewer. You should dress in a presentable manner. There are many books written on this aspect like Dress me slowly, I am in a hurry by Alex Araez and Presence by Amy Cuddy. You can use these books as references.

Will reading books on how to crack interviews help?

Yes, reading these books helps, as the techniques and methods given in these books are proven and based on real-life experiences. These help you to predict what type of questions could be asked and how to formulate their answers.

Must read books to crack interview- Know More

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