Does zoup pay weekly?- Know More

Zoup is a restaurant chain first established in Southfield, Michigan. Eric Ersher found Zoup in the year 1977. Over the years Zoup has it located in more than 90 places in the United States. Zoup is best known for its delicious soup, sandwiches, and salad. Zoup first got around people for its best soup varieties of 12 flavors each day. some of the food served is Soups, Greenz, sandwiches, Kidz Meals, beverages, and Desserts and sides. Under each dish, they provide you with different flavors and choices. Here we will see about Does zoup pay weekly?

Does zoup pay weekly

Does Zoup pay weekly?

No, Zoup does not get pay weekly. The employees get paid on alterative weeks that are payable will be on a bi-weekly basis. But the day of payment may differ in different locations. It is better you clarify your doubts or any question regarding the work with the manager.

Zoup job opportunities with description 

Zoup Team Member

The members will be earning around $ 11.00 to $ 13.00 per hour. You can choose to work part-time, full-time, and temporary as a team member. The team members will be assigned a specific task that will be required for the day. 

Duties and requirements for a team member

  • Give a warm welcome to the customers
  • Take order from the customers
  • Serve people at the right time
  • Maintain cleanliness in the restaurant
  • Arrange the furniture and clean them every time

A team member will be working on carries heavy packages, lifting them, and placing them in order. So they expected to be able physically to fit. It can be dependable on the role they assign you. The team member also has to be able to work under the temperature up to 175 F. A fine communication skill that can help you to maintain a good conversation with the customers. The benefits that are provided to team members are employment discounts, flexible schedules, and referral programs. A team member can choose to work on an 8-hour shift, Monday to Friday shift, day shift, night shift, and weekend shift.

Zoup Shift Manager 

A shift manager at Zoup will be making around $ 9.00 to $ 13.00 an hour for a full-time job. They can choose to work for an eight-hour shift, day shift, Monday to Friday shift, night shift, on-call duty, and weekend shifts.

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Shift manager requirements and duties

For a manager job, they must hold a high school diploma or equivalent which is preferred. A good record of experience of one or two years in the relevant field.

The manager will be responsible for the restaurant and for the whole team members. They have to schedule tasks for each member. The manager keeps a clean record of each member’s work performance. They have the huge responsibility to carry the restaurant’s motto and make the works of for themselves to follow the rules and regulations of the restaurant. The managers will have one head advantage when compared to the team members. 

Zoup Assistant Manager

The Assistant manager’s salary can be up to $ 14.00 to $ 17.00 an hour. The salary of assistant managers can be a bit higher than the shift managers as they do the overall work with the general managers. The Assistant manager can choose to work on a 10-hour shift, 8-hour shift, night shift, day shift, Monday to Friday shift, on-call duty, and weekend availabilities.

Assistant manager requirements and duties

  • If you want to get hired as an assistant manager or for any management position you have to hold a high school diploma or equitant on a preferred basis. 
  • You must have had years of experience to get a post like an assistant manager or for the general manager. 
  • Mostly the job description for both the roles is similar. 
  • If you had a college degree in any management courses that will be meeting your job requirements you can that job easily. 
  • They must have good communication skills.
  • Two years of management experience or any work in-restaurant experience.
  • Get feedback from the customers and rectify them as soon as possible.

The assistant manager oversees the food that is served. They check the quality of the food and cleanliness around and in the restaurant. They train new employees and assist them to get used to the job. They report every task to the General Manager. The Assistant Manager will have to take the task from the General Manager and do as they said and help them with their works. Keep a keen note on the financial statements of the restaurant and check the profit and loss.

Salary details

  • Team Member – $ 11.24 an hour
  • Restaurant staff – $ 10.21 an hour
  • Shift Manager – $ 12.30 an hour
  • Shift Leader – $ 10.60 an hour
  • Server – $ 11.65 an hour
  • Cashier – $ 11.97 an hour
Frequently asked question

Does Zoup take drug tests for their employees?

No, Zoup does not have a drug testing process for its employees. But, as like any workplace they might take action and process the drug test under complaints and difficult behaviors of the employees.

What is the minimum age to work at Zoup?

Zoup hires 16-year-olds for entry-level jobs. For the management jobs, the employees have to be 18 and above with relevant experience.

Does zoup pay weekly?- Know More

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