Books For Autistic Children (Amazon US Products) in 2021

Books For Autistic Children (Amazon US Products)

Autistic children are special. We will present Books For Autistic Children in this article here. They may have problems communicating with others and may seem strange, but they have feelings and needs just like us.  Many of them also have special talents, i.e., they may be exceptionally good at music or arts or even mathematics.  Autistic Spectrum Disorder is a set of neurodevelopment disorders. They show strange, repetitive behavior, and they have problems with communication and interaction with society.

Autistic children are difficult to handle. It is quite a challenge to bring them out of their shell. This is where books become useful. Read to them or make them read, they will have a good time, and it will be easier to handle them when they are interested in something. With books on autism, they will understand their condition a lot better and learn how to deal with different aspects of autism. Books can help them exercise their imagination and teach them new things useful in everyday life and when going outside. They can be drawn out of their shell and made to interact with others. They can manage their condition and lead a normal life.

Books For Autistic Children in 2021

Here are some of the best books for autistic children:

  •  In My Mind – A book about the world through the eyes of an autistic child. This book is in the form of a paperback. Cost: $24

  • Connor’s gift: Embracing Autism in this New Age Connor,11 years old, was a normal boy. But then, changes suddenly began to occur. After many tests, it was found that he was autistic. The book is about this special child with autism. Cost for Paperback: $199.09

  • Keisha’s Doors: An autism story Story about a special girl with autism. Cost for the Hardcover: $8.94

  • The Girl who Spoke with Pictures: autism through art – Eileen Millers’ daughter Kim has autism. She cannot communicate freely with words, but she chooses to communicate with pictures. The book consists of Kim’s drawings from age 3 to age 17. The book gives us an insight into how to communicate effectively with autistic children. Hardcover Cost: $31.95, Paperback Cost: $578.99

  • Leah’s Voice – Story on the difficulties people face when dealing with autistic children. The story is about two children facing difficulties related to autism. Kindle: $4.41, Hardcover Cost:$18.95, Paperback Cost: $12.99

  • Taco’s anyone? – A therapist teaches Michael how to play with his autistic brother. This book is available in Spanish and English. Cost of
    Hardcover: $16.95

  • Ten Things Every Autism Child Wish You Knew – A book about children with autism and how to deal effectively with them. Cost: $16.95

  • Looking After Louis – A girl sits next to an autistic boy named Louis. Through kindness and compassion, and soccer, they become friends and include him in their world just as he includes them in his. Hardcover Cost: $34, Paperback Cost: $49.99

  • We’re going to do it! – A boy is born with autism, and his dad decided to help him manage his condition. Cost of Paperback: $3.61

  • The Autism Acceptance book – This is an activity book that teaches children how to deal with people suffering from autism. It helps them realize how children with autism feel and teaches o how to accept autistic children for who they are. Paperback Cost: $40.93

  • Since we’re friends – A picture autism book-The story is about two boys. One of them has autism. This book shows how we can be friends with autistic children and be just as fun. Hardcover Cost: $2.27, Paperback Cost: $13.99, Kindle: $6.34

  • My Friend with Autism -This book is written for classmates of autistic children and the classmate’s parents. There are also pictures for readers to color. Cost of Paperback:$10.17, Kindle:$14.82

  • I am utterly unique-This book is about the special talents children with Asperger’s syndrome possess. The colorful pictures portray children with autism in a positive light. Hardcover Cost: $6.68, Paperback Costs: $97.20

  • All about my brother – A story about the author’s brother Evan who is dealing with autism. The book depicts her brother’s everyday life. Cost of Hardcover: $39.99

  • A is for Autism, F is for Friend – A story about Chelsea’s girl with autism. The book explains how other normal children also have similar problems. Cost of Paperback: $13.07

  • Ian’s Walk – Ian has autism and goes off on his own. Now, Julie has to find him, and the only way to do that is to look at the world from Ian’s point of view. Cost of Hardcover: $7.94, Cost of the Paperback: $6.71, Kindle: $6.33.

  • Waiting for Benjamin – Alexander’s brother Benjamin has autism. When it was discovered, their parents hired special teachers for Benjamin. In the book, you can see Alexander work with his feelings too. The brothers grow closer with time. Cost of Hardcover: $55.99 and Kindle: $2.39

  • Playing by the Rules – A story on autism-Jodie and her brother Josh who has autism welcomes their great aunt Tilda and teaches her how to play the games they like. Cost of Hardcover: $5.92

  • Details of Texture – A picture book for autistic children: Specially made for children with autism who find their center by feeling textures. Cost of Paperback: $20.09

  • Little Rainman – This book is from the perspective of a child with autism accompanied by beautiful illustrations. This book is also referred to by Dr. Temple Grandin, a famous author, and speaker. The book is authored by the mother of an autistic child and helps the reader see the world through the eyes of a child with autism. Cost of the Paperback: $14.95

  • Meghan’s World – This book is based on the true story of Meghan. She suffered from Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and the story is about how she overcame the problem. She had issues with Sensory Modulation, Tactile Defensiveness, Sound Sensitivity, Visual Perception, Social Insecurity, Hypo/Hyper-Responsiveness, Sensory Processing, and Allergies/Food Intolerance. The story tells you how she overcame them step by step. Now, Meghan is a normal, happy teenager. Cost of Hardcover: $17.95

  • Sundays with Matthew – Another true story about an autistic child named Matthew who communicated with pictures. Jeanette spends time with Matthew on Sundays, making him open up and pay attention by drawing pictures of things he likes. Matthew transformed from a child who couldn’t sit still for two minutes to someone who sat sketching for hours at length on Sundays. Cost of Hardcover: $24.17

  • My sister has autism – A true story about Stephanie’s sister, Abby, who has autism. The book is authored by Stephanie and her mother Sherry so that Stephanie understands her special sister and accepts Abby the way she is.

  • Do-si-Do with autism – This book is written by Sarah Stup, who has autism disorder. The main character is Taylor, the turtle who explains how sounds and movement bother him. He finds comfort in retreating to a corner with his book rather than dance at school. To his pleasant surprise, his classmates accompany him. Cost of Paperback: $16.92

  • Who took my shoe? – A story about Brett and his dog, Herman. The story begins with Brett asking questions starting with what, where, who took the shoe. This book is designed to help children who are autistic with the concepts of what, where, which, how, etc. This book is also great for other children as well. Cost of Paperback: $11.95

  • Me, My brother, and the Autism – The story of a child’s discovery of her brother’s condition and how she understands autism and the way she deals with it. Cost of Paperback: $21.99

  • Knowing Joseph – Brian deals with his brother, who is autistic. Cost of Paperback: $30.00, Cost of Hardcover: $13.94 

  • The Friendship Puzzle – This book helps readers understand autism disorder and encourages them to include children with autism in their social circle. Mackenzie tries to befriend Dylan, who has autism. But when her approach does not work, she asks her mother for advice. This book is fit for parents as well as educators. Cost of Hardcover: $9.65

  • Martian in the playground – This book tells us about a child with autism. Cost of the Paperback: $49.74

  • Ten things your student with autism wishes you knew – This book, written from a child’s point of view, is a must-read for teachers and parents who deal with autistic children. Cost of the Paperback: $5.19

  • Autism and the God Connection – This book sees autism from a spiritual point of view. It considers the gifts that come along with being autistic and challenges our belief system on autism. Cost of Paperback: $14.93

  • The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders – This book is for kids with an autism spectrum disorder. There are many types of autism, and this book deals with them all. The book highlights ways for autistic children to communicate, make friends and do well in school. Cost of the Paperback: $16.99.

  • Nathan’s Autism Spectrum Superpowers -T his book refers to the special gifts of autistic children. They are usually gifted in certain areas, for example, musically. Cost of the Paperback: $12.08

  • Uniquely Wired – A Story about Autism and its Gifts: This story gives us a way to understand autistic children and their behavior. Cost of the Paperback: $8.48

  • Autism is…? – In this book, an autistic boy named Logan asks his grandmother, “what is autism?”The book is beautifully illustrated to teach us the same. Cost of the Paperback: $4.96

  • What about me? – A seven-year-old autistic child writes this book for siblings with autism. This book talks about the struggles of a child dealing with autism. Cost of the Paperback: $12.99

  • What it is to be me – This book is written from the point of view of a child with Asperger’s syndrome, the authors’ son. The book also has illustrations and is a good read for anyone and everyone.

  • Why does Izzy cover her ears? – This is the story of an autistic child named Izzy, who tries to deal with sensory overload in her new environment. This book has lovely illustrations that explain to us Izzy’s condition. Cost of the Paperback: $44.26

  • Uniquely Human – A different way of seeing autism-The book views autism not as a disorder but as a different way of being human. The book tells parents that their child is not disabled but special. Cost of Paperback: $17.15

  • Thriving with Autism – This book has 90 activities to help your child with autism. The activities are for autistic kids aged from one year old to eleven years old. The book contains activities and strategies to help your child. Cost of the Paperback: $13.99

  • I see things differently– It explains to readers about autism and helps them understand autism, and teaches them how to deal with kids having autism. The book is written by counselor Pat Thomas and is full of color illustrations to help us learn better. Cost of Hardcover: $768.57, Cost of the Paperback: $8.69

  • A different kind of brilliant – This book is written by a mother to help her child with autism embrace the differences he has and teach him that he is different. Cost of the Paperback: $7.95

  • I am an Aspie girl – Lizzie has Asperger’s syndrome. In the book, she talks about what it is like to have Asperger’s syndrome. This book is for girls aged five to eleven. It will help children understand their condition, discover their unique capabilities and celebrate it. Cost of Hardcover: $15.95

  • Can you see me? – This is the story of an autistic girl going to sixth grade where she tries to fit in with the other children, and she notices something different about her best friend Layla, who until then did not mind her autism. This book gives us an insight into what it is like to be autistic. Cost of Hardcover: $9.39

  • The girl who thought in pictures – The story of doctor Temple Grandin-Temple Grandin was diagnosed with autism from a young age. Her visual thinking ability was her gift. Despite her autism, she grew up to be a great scientist. Cost of Hardcover:$14.47, Cost of the Paperback: $7.08

  • Can I Tell You About Asperger’s Syndrome? – Adam has Asperger’s syndrome, and he teaches readers about the condition. The book is also full of illustrations. This book is suited for children between the ages of seven and fifteen. Cost of the Paperback: $5.95

  • Of Mice and Aliens – An Asperger’s adventure-This is a work of science fiction for kids. It is the sequel to A Blue Bottle Mystery. Here, Ben has Asperger’s syndrome and alien land on the back of his house. The alien knows nothing about rules on Earth. The story gives us insights into the lives of kids dealing with Asperger’s syndrome. Cost of the Paperback: $14.95

  • A Blue Bottle Mystery – An Asperger’s Adventure-The protagonist, Ben, has Asperger’s syndrome. Ben and his friend Andy find a mysterious blue bottle in their school, and the adventure begins. Cost of the Paperback: $13.95

  • Lisa and the Lacemaker – An Asperger’s adventure: This is the third book featuring Ben and Andy’s friend. But in this book, it is the girl Lisa who has Asperger’s too. This book is for nine to twelve-year-olds. Cost of the Paperback: $15.95

  • The autism playbook for the teens – This book is for teenagers with an autism spectrum disorder. It will help them to learn to communicate and teach them other social skills. The activities in this book are based on clinical studies and target the skills needed for autistic teens to thrive socially. Cost of the Paperback: $14.80

  • Same But Different – This book talks about being a teenager with autism and how it affects life. In this book, Ryan Elizabeth Peete and her twin brother Rodney share what it is like living with autism. Cost of the Paperback: $9.99 

  • Population One – Autism, Adversity and the Will to Succeed-This is a book written by a young man with an autism spectrum disorder. It is authored by Tyler Mcnamer when he was 17 years old. It talks about the challenges he faced and, at the same time, gives hope to others who are struggling the same way. Cost of the Paperback: $16.93

  • Underestimated: An Autism Miracle – This book is authored by J.B Handley and his teenage autistic son Jamison. It talks about Jamison’s break from his ‘prison of silence ‘and how he showed people that he was a capable individual underestimated by many. Jamison’s father narrates the first part of the book. After breaking the silence, we get to read the book from Jamison’s point of view. Cost of Hardcover: $15.69

  • An Early Start for your Child with Autism – This book shows us that parents can help, in a big way, the development of their autistic child. It shows us how everyday activities can turn into fun learning experiences for a child with an autism spectrum disorder. Cost of the Paperback: $9.36

  • Let Me Hear Your Voice – A Family’s Triumph over Autism-Everything was normal at first, but then Anne-Marie was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. The family tried many cures, but none of them worked. Finally, they were rescued by behavioral therapy. This book is from the point of view of a mother of an autistic child. It is the story of their battle against autism. Cost of the Paperback: $6.57

  • Ido in Autismland – Climbing Out of Autisms Silent Prison-This is the story of Ido, who has non-verbal autism. He was trapped in silence until he turned seven, when he showed the world that he had a capable mind. Cost of the Paperback: $14.95

  • Look me in the eye – My life with Asperger’s-This is the story of John Robison, who has Asperger’s syndrome but was diagnosed only when he turned forty. As a teenager, he used to avoid eye contact and say strange things. This is a memorable story of his life with Asperger’s syndrome. Cost of the Paperback: $6.80

  • Women and Girls with Autism Spectrum disorder – Understanding Life Experiences from Early Childhood to Old Age –Stories about women and girls having autism spectrum disorder and how they face life with autism. Autism expresses itself differently in different people, and it ca n even be hidden in females. This book shows how women and girls deal with the disorder. Cost of the Paperback: $24.33

  • Girls growing up on the autism spectrum – Teenage problems can be especially difficult for girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This book provides help for teenage autistic girls with teenage problems like puberty, fitting in, etc. Cost of Paperback: $17.95

  • The Social Survival Guide for Teens on the Autism Spectrum – How to make friends and navigate your emotions- Kids with autism spectrum disorder find social situations difficult. This book will help autistic teens take control over situations like anxiety, beginning a conversation, etc. Cost of the Paperback: $12.32

  • The Spectrum Girl’s Survival Guide – This book helps girls with autism spectrum disorder thrive and become successful in life. The book provides help on friendship, body image, surviving bullying, etc. Cost of Paperback: $16.80

  • The Awesome Autistic Go-To Guide – This book helps us understand what it is like being autistic. The book focuses on the strengths of being autistic. It helps autistic children thrive in their lives. The book also has diary pages where the child can write down their thoughts and feelings. Cost of the paperback: $17.95


Autistic children are not disabled, handicapped, or inferior in any way. They are just like us but special and unique with different abilities. They may even be gifted. Parents and teachers can play a huge role in the development of an autistic child. With some help, the autistic child can be drawn out of their personal, secret world and allow them to participate socially, make friends and lead a normal life. This list of books for autistic children will surely impact the reader and help them see autism and Asperger’s differently. They will understand how to deal with children having autism and how to befriend them. Keep any of these books in your shopping cart and read them to understand better autism and the children who go through life with an autism spectrum disorder. The books will help children with autism to better understand their diagnosis and what they are going through.

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Books For Autistic Children (Amazon US Products) in 2021

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