Best Wayne Dyer Books- The Best 14 Books

Best Wayne Dyer Books

Even after the death of Wayne Dyer, his books and speeches have been loved and appreciated by all. He was an actual motivational speaker with incredible knowledge about the human mind and its connections to spirituality. In addition, he has written several books on spirituality which have been bestsellers and fetched various awards. Here, let’s see the Best Wayne Dyer Books.

Wayne Dyer was known for his self-help books and was called a self-help guru by many people. He published his first book after a literary agent convinced him to write one due to his speaking skills and thought processes that attracted many students at the college he was teaching. Since then, he continued writing books and today has a title of 30 books.

Wayne got inspired by Maslow’s theory of self-actualization and reaching our highest potential. He considered Swami Muktananda, who founded Siddha Yoga, as his master and was inspired by him. In addition, he was influenced by thousands worldwide working on spiritual fulfillment and thus wanted to know the ins and outs of their journey.

Wayne and his books

Wayne, over time, has written 30 books on spirituality and improving life circumstances using sacred techniques of disciplines and patience. His first book was “Your Erroneous Zones” which was published in 1976. The book instantly became a bestseller and sold more than 100 million copies.

Let’s look deeper into some of Wayne’s most popular and mindful books of all time.

Your Erroneous Zones (1976)

Like every other self-help book, this book highlights specific approaches you can use to transform your life. The very first step was to actively participate in your life and take care of yourself. Self-care starts by taking responsibility for one’s life, and that is what Wayne wanted his readers to understand.

He made his readers aware of all the toxic and harmful behaviors and suggested ways to correct them. The book has several chapters that describe one erroneous zone at a time. He talks about human behavior and how people often engage in self-harming and debilitating behavior. The books ask every reader to actively choose and make the right decisions to avoid pain and live in the present.

The Power of Intentions (2004)

This book touches on the topic of intention. Wayne, through his research and findings, found that intention is more than the desired will. Intentions are the driving force of our life and have been in play even before we were born. He believes that intention isn’t  

the inner desire but is something that resides in the universe as an invisible force.

He believes that intention has no proper place to reside, and thus it forms the whole universe. However, Wayne wants us to have a different perspective on intention and thus explains it through the medium of a book.

Change your Thoughts (2007)

This book shares with the readers the techniques of Lao Tzu. He spent years researching and understanding the 81 text verses by translating them to finally understand the Chinese sages’ living habits which helped him reach his fullest potential. Wayne calls his book a life-changer that will give you new insights about your life and make you more connected to nature.

Wayne wants his readers to change their thought patterns from knowing it all. It makes me learn. He wants everyone to understand the mystery and let nature and the universe help you unfold the real meaning of your life. He highlights the points of serving the needy as doing good to others brings good to you.

Wishes Fulfilled (2012)

The book focuses on fulfilling your wishes. It taps into the usage of various manifesting techniques and the power within to reach your end goal. It’s a book designed to make your dream life your real life. The book helps you to get your highest potential self and transform your life for the better.

He talks about God and how it’s essential to believe in God to fulfill your desires. It is God who will help you live a genuinely satisfying life with everything you ever ask for. He also talks about the powers of your subconscious mind and how it can be re-programmed to make your wishes come true. Finally, he points out your imagination and how to effectively use it to reach your end goals.

The Shift: Taking Your Life from Ambition to Meaning ( 2009)

This book talks about the never-ending ego-driven ambitions that never let us enjoy the precious moments of life and make us constantly worry about new goals to satisfy our ego. But, unfortunately, these ego-driven goals don’t help us. Instead, they make us feel unworthy for not reaching a particular place.

To escape this thought process, an individual needs to shift his life and his perspectives. He describes this using four chapters and depicts the normal life cycle from birth to finding meaning. He wants his readers to give up their ego-driven ambitions and live an ego-free life.

Manifest your Destiny: The Nine Spiritual Principles for Getting Everything You Want (1997)

The book highlights the innate power within individuals to attract what they desire. The books help us understand the true capabilities of manifesting and to be free from all fears. The first principle includes accepting and becoming in tune with your highest self and starting to believe in yourself. 

Instead of surrendering to the ego, surrender to yourself and start trusting yourself to unlock your path to wisdom and success. You need to develop an attitude where you don’t require constant ego gratification from others and being right all the time. This will waste a lot of your energy.

I Can See Now (2014)

The book portraits the life journey of Wayne Dyers and all the ups and downs he went through. He was brought up in a far from perfect family and studied psychology in college to become a therapist in private practice. During his years as a practitioner and professor at a university, he met people from whom he gained many insights and thus motivated him to write his first book.

The book talks about the power, potential to shift one’s life for the better. It’s a self-empowering book with Dyer’s life stories in it and teaches the readers a lot. If you are a true Wayne Dyer fan, this is the right pick for you.

10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace (2001)

The book unfolds Wayne’s top 10 secrets for success and inner peace. These two things, success, and inner peace, are pretty essential to living a satisfying life. Because the more successful you become, your ego demands more, and if you cannot achieve it, you feel worthless. To avoid this, inner peace is a necessity. He wants people to realize that material success will not bring peace; what will bring peace is being attuned to your higher self and realizing one’s potential.

The book has the capabilities to shift your perspective completely. The book will help you with strategies to unleash your inner success and the peace within you for ages.

Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling (2006)

This book makes you feel and understand your real purpose in life. It talks about human existence and how it’s essential to understand the real meaning of your life. You are born for a reason, and don’t let society change your paths from finding your ultimate goal. There is a voice that calls you repeatedly to fulfill your ultimate goal, and you need to listen to it.

He talks about how we choose this life, and we know what our end goal is. He wants everyone to change their perspectives and think that they were the ones who have actively built their lives and choose every decision that they have ever made.

Excuses Begone!: How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits (2009)

This book talks about the self-destructive thinking patterns we engage in, which are the reason for all the suffering in our lives. If we start to accept ourselves and take steps to change our thinking, then we can become our highest self. Unfortunately, even though you know your thinking habits and styles are harmful, changing them can bring in more pain, which is why most people are stuck with those habits.

You need to take a crucial step to drive out all these excuses of not changing those habits and openly look at your thoughts and analyze where they are coming from and what they mean. For example, do they show repressed trauma or childhood wounds?

The book helps you unlearn these habits by tapping into your consciousness and the sub-consciousness. Excuses will bend you but releasing these trapped habits will set you free.

There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem (1975) 

All sufferings of life have spiritual solutions that can help you lead a more peaceful and satisfying life. Financial problems, relationship problems, personal dilemmas all have a solution in the spiritual world. He has gained various insights from the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi. He thus wants people to understand the importance of reaching their divine self and leaving the material world behind.

This is an application-based book and has various strategies that individuals can adopt daily to test them. The book is written in simple understanding language, and the concepts are easy to apply. He even provides his own experiences as examples which make the book even more interesting to read.

You’ll See it When You Believe It: The Way to Your Transformation (1989)

The book wants everyone to change their lives, their perspective despite the things holding them back from achieving what they truly want in life. The book teaches the power of letting something go that is not meant to serve any purpose for you and is harmful to you. Change can be complex and can bring in negative comments, hurtful behavior, questionable thoughts about worthlessness, and acceptance by society. Still, this change is necessary to make you feel free from these questions.

He wants his readers to change their thoughts and to think patterns instead of changing their looks to make actual changes in their lives. He wants everyone to break those barriers in their mind and start believing in themselves.

Being in Balance: 9 Principles for Creating Habits to Match Your Desires (2006)

Thoughts play a massive role in your life. They are the ones that guide you through the day and help you make decisions. Therefore, it’s important to align these thoughts and balance them according to your desires to reach your goals. This book provides you with nine principles that can help create new habits that will match your desires.

The book wants its readers to understand the firm upper hand you have over your life and can actively change your thoughts to change how you feel about your life. The balance of ideas is a necessary model to fulfill our strongest desires.

Real Magic: Creating Miracles in Everyday Life (1992)

Magic can bring miracles in your life, but this magic needs a lot of patience and will. Small changes can be considered magic because they shift you from your usual way of living and surpass your limitations. Therefore, it is essential to create a miracle mindset.

He shares various techniques to reach a level of consciousness where we are fully aware and awakened. He wants his readers to imagine a life which they aspire to have, which can make them happy from within. He gave suggestions on how they can achieve this life. It’s a great read, and you should dive into it.


Even though he is dead, Wayne Dyer will always be remembered for the wisdom and teachings that he has spread throughout his career. He was a man who believed in God and wanted to become his highest self. His books are popular because they often had real-life scenarios from his personal life. If you wish to improve your life and want some self-help, Wayne’s books are the right pick for you. Even though he lived for 75 years, he will be remembered for ages for his incredible works of art. 

Best Wayne Dyer Books- The Best 14 Books

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