Baby Books for Boys- And their Benefits

Baby Books for Boys

Every parent always wishes the best for their child and so many of them introduce their children to books from a very young age. When a child is just born he really cannot pick up the language we are speaking and so can be given different toys to develop their object permanence. But a child starts understanding language after the initial 9 months and thus can be introduced to the world of books, especially baby books which are easy and fun to understand. Here are some of the best Baby Books for Boys.

At a young age, babies can easily comprehend what you say to them even though they haven’t developed any speaking skills. Research confirms that babies always respond and show attention to familiar voices and that’s the main reason why they understand what you say. It is thus recommended for parents and guardians to speak aloud the contents of the book as their baby cannot read it. This has its benefits that we shall discuss below.

Baby books and their benefits

A baby book is often easy and fun to comprehend and includes simple concepts like numbers, alphabets, colors, flowers, animals, etc. They are usually pictured books. 

There are various benefits of baby books. Reading can never go to waste and knowledge is never enough so don’t feel guilty for handing books to your toddlers at such a young age. It really can benefit them in the future. Various benefits of baby books include-

  • They help build a strong parent-child connection and make the child feel safe and warm. When you recite the contents of the book to your baby you place them close to you so that they feel the warmth of your body and feel safe in your arms. This helps create a strong and peaceful relationship with reading as the child believes it to be a pleasurable activity.
  • Reading to your child helps develop language skills and reading skills that are important when starting school. Language can be developed as well as social skills are boosted due to their habit of reading.
  • Babies and toddlers who haven’t started speaking are known for their observation skills. They get to know the ins and outs of their surroundings by observing everyone. Similarly,y when you read out loud to your child they often observe your emotions. Your frowning, smiling, anger can be easily sensed by them and thus they learn emotions.
  • Reading every day helps children develop the habit and set, follow a particular routine. It is really hard to follow a routine for most of the students nowadays. If the child from a young age develops this skill it will benefit them in the future.

Choose the correct baby book

Baby books come in different sizes and types and it is important to choose the correct book for your child. Baby books are designed completely differently than normal day books. Some features that a baby book should contain are-

  • Thick pages- Baby books need to be durable and sturdy as you are dealing over here with an infant who has just entered its Oral Stage (the First Stage according to Freud’s Five Stages of Psychosexual Development). This stage primarily focuses on chewing and nibbling to objects and the infant finds satisfaction by doing the same. Books with thin papers and light materials can be torn and nibbled to pieces by the infant and thus durability is necessary.
  • Bright and Colorful Images- An infant due to their keen observational skills, gets easily attracted to bright and shiny things. The baby book needs to have bright eye-catchy colors to grab the infant’s attention and retain their memory. Pictures should be bold, clear, and easy to understand.
  • Read Aloud Books- The books you choose need to be read aloud books that you can read to the infant. As the infant hasn’t developed speaking skills it would be hard for them to understand and thus hearing from someone close to them can induce warmth and safety in the infant.

There are many baby books designed for baby boys and today we will look into them. Here’s a list of baby books for boys available at from which you can choose the right fit for your infant –

Don’t Push the Button by Bill Cotter

It is a fun book with an interesting storyline. It includes a purple monster with blue horns and he has a red button with him. The button is placed on the left side of the book, tempting the children to press it but at the same time, the book warns them to control their urges. The purple monster on its way talks about a red button that shouldn’t be pressed. 

Throughout the book, the monster who was resisting pressing the red button finally gets an inner thought that compels him to press the button and things get out of control. The monster turns yellow on the next page. To fix the situation he tries to press the button again and again, which causes more and more problems.

It’s a great book to teach kids about urges and how to control them. It is written and perfectly illustrated in bold and colorful pictures by Bill Cotter. The book is available on Amazon.

The Boy With Big, Big Feelings by Britney Winn Lee.

The story teaches its readers self-acceptance. It’s a picture book suitable for babies and revolves around the life of a boy who has a lot of feelings. His feelings can be seen by people around him. At a very young age, we are taught that boys need to be strong and shouldn’t cry like girls. Due to this reason, the boy in the book feels ashamed for his excessive feelings and emotions.

The boy’s feelings can be seen. When he’s anxious we can see his cheeks glow, and his chest moving up and down and sometimes he would cry. He cries about every little thing but on the other hand, gets excessively happy when someone does something funny. Due to his over-the-top feelings, he often feels ashamed of them.

Later in the book, the boy realizes that his feelings and emotions are a part of human life and can act as a gateway to create new bonds with people due to his ability to understand others’ emotions.

The story has big bold pictures of a boy and is beautifully illustrated by Jacob Souva and written by Britney Winn Lee. The book is available on Amazon.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

The story is quite interesting and talks about self-control and looking after one’s health to attain growth and success. It follows the life cycle of a butterfly from a caterpillar. The caterpillar, at last, learns the importance of self-control and becomes much more health-conscious.

A new baby caterpillar is born who is very hungry. He searches for food everywhere and eats everything that comes in his way, from fruits, vegetables, junk food, etc for straight six days. On the sixth day, the caterpillar gets a strong ache in his stomach which is quite unbearable. On the seventh day, he eats a leaf which helps in making him feel better. After eating some leaves he feels much stronger and now starts forming a cocoon to become a beautiful butterfly. 

The story highlights topics like eating habits, self-control, health, well-being, etc. Babies need to understand such concepts to lead healthy and fulfilling life. 

The illustrations are wonderful with colorful images all over the pages. The book is illustrated and written by Eric Carle. The book is available on Amazon.

Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.

It’s a book about unconditional love and support and teaches us the true meaning of families and parents. The book is about a young boy and how he grows up but never forgets her mother’s love for him and continues to show the same love to her as well as his daughter. 

When the boy is small she sings to him why rocking his cradle and when he grows into a little boy she still sings for him. After some years the boy goes out of town but the mother every weekend travels out of town to meet him and sing him the song. She supports him even though he causes trouble.

The book is a great fit to introduce children to the concept of love and support. It talks about parents’ unconditional love. The book is illustrated by Sheila McGraw and written by Robert Munsch. The book is available on Amazon.

Pink Is For Boys by Robb Pearlman.

The book teaches about gender inclusivity in a world where colors are ascribed to gender. The book wants to teach young minds that no color describes a gender and no one should be judged based on the same.

This book breaks the gender stereotypical bias of blue for boys and pink for girls and wants young minds to represent themselves in every color the world has to offer. The book encourages both boys and girls to learn and do whatever they wish to do instead of listening to someone or following the stereotypical biases that exist. Whether it be racing cars or barbie dolls every gender has a right to express and do what they love.

The book helps build confidence. The book is illustrated with all kinds of colors by Eda Kaban and written wonderfully by Robb Pearlman. The book is available on Amazon.

Press Here by Hervé Tullet

This book is a fun and innovative book with a different fiction style that might get popular in the coming years. It’s an extraordinary book which was translated from the French book written by Hervé Tullet called “Un Livre.” The book gives the child certain commands throughout the book and is opposite to the “Don’t Push the Button” we mentioned earlier.

This book over the pages gives the child certain commands like press the yellow button, rub the circle to make it bigger and each action’s consequences can be seen when the child turns the page. The yellow dot that he started with becomes bigger and bigger till the end of the book. And at last, the book suggests you do it all over again.

It’s a great way to teach children self-efficacy, that they are the ones who have control over lives and can make judgments and decisions for themselves. This is a very unique picture book with amazing colors and illustrations by Hervé Tullet. The book is available on Amazon.

The Book With No Pictures by B. J. Novak

By the name of the book, it’s very clear that it’s a readable book with no pictures in it. The book is designed to be read by adults to their children. The words used are quite simple to grasp so it is definitely a baby book but requires an adult to read it aloud.

The sole purpose of the book is to make readers understand that a book with no pictures can be equally fun and interesting to read like a picture book. This book has various instances where the readers are compelled to read silly words that give the young minds a good laugh.

The book has no pictures and is written by the famous stand-up comedian B. J. Novak. The book is available on Amazon.

My First Book of Trucks by Tanya Emelyanova

The illustrator has worked quite hard to design and come up with this 200-page long book meant completely for kids. There’s no need to read aloud these books as they are coloring books and different types of trucks for your kids to color and enjoy.

Tanya has worked on designing a lot of coloring books and has turned them into a coloring series called “My First Big Book of Coloring Series.” “My First Big Book of Trucks” is the latest book from the series. The pictures of various trucks are quite appealing for young kids who love drawing and filling in spaces.

Coloring books are quite good for children as they help in building arm strength, enhance creativity, increase imagination power, and increase concentration.

The book is illustrated by Tanya Emelyanova. The book is available on Amazon.

Things That Go- Start Little Learn Big by Smriti Prasadam- Halls.

It’s a fun book for young kids to learn phrases and new words related to travel and various transportation. It has beautiful illustrations to explain the words thus helping in filling the child’s imaginations. It’s a true children’s book with amazing illustrations and bright colors.

The book includes scenes that help them understand new words and concepts and it is specially designed for kids as it has a sturdy hardcover. The book helps open new adventures for these children and they explore the world with these newfound vehicles. These include ships, tractors, cars, roller skates, bicycles, airplanes, and much more.

The book is written by Smriti Prasadam- Halls and illustrated by Amy Cartwright. It is available on Amazon.

My First Book of Feminism (For Boys) by Julie Merberg 

This particular education is really important for young boys to help build the foundation of their learning. Feminism is a complex term and many people have given it its meaning. Teaching it to boys is very different from teaching it to girls and thus a special book for the same is necessary.

The book has funny scenarios that depict women’s equality and is a great way to teach young boys. Children often cannot understand complex meaning and sentences and thus using easy and funny scenarios will help them understand better.

The book helps grow strong boys who understand female emotions and give respect and equal treatment to them. They understand that “no means no” and give importance to female problems as well. 

The book is illustrated using funny scenarios by Michéle Brummer Everett and written by Julie Merberg. The book is available on Amazon.

Woke Baby by Mahogany L. Browne

Woke Baby as the name suggests talks about babies who are determined to conquer the world when they wake up. They are always active and in motion when they wake up and no one can stop them.

The story describes the life of a baby and its behaviors when it wakes up. Babies have a common tendency to wake up early in the morning and start screaming, playing with full energy without needing any coffee doses, which normally an adult needs to match the baby’s energy.

The story describes the behavior of these woke babies, how they stretch their hands in the air, cry for a bit, play here and there, eat a little and freshen up to again take a nap. This book is encouraging, full of excitement and determination which explains the baby’s daily motive to conquer the world.

The book illustrates the life of a baby of color and his daily routine. It is beautifully illustrated by Theodore Taylor III and written by Mahogany L. Browne. The book is available on Amazon.

My First Book of Planets: All About the Solar System for Kids by Bruce Betts, Ph.D

The book takes young minds on a journey of our solar system which is expanding day by day. The children get to know about different planets, moons, satellites, and meteorites on their way to Pluto, the last planet of our solar system.

You might be thinking that giving kids such complex knowledge might confuse them and set a bad impression with reading. But you need to know that these books are specially designed for kids and the writers know every way to attract a kid to the contents of the book.

The book explains to readers about the various planets in our solar system and what they are made of, how they formed, their states today, and much more with realistic pictures which can engage your kids for hours. Children love to know about mysteries and therefore this is the right pick for your child.

The book is illustrated and written by Dr. Bruce Bett, Ph.D., and is available on Amazon.

Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug by Jonathan Stutzman

The story is about friendships and how friends can do anything to comfort you. In the story we have a T. Rex is often known as a tyrannosaurus who is very small and thus is named Tiny. But he has a friend named Pointy who is a stegosaurus who has pointed back and is sad and thus needs comfort.

Tiny is born with small hands and thus cannot hug him. He tries every little suggestion given to him and practices hard. He tries hugging a cactus but it does work. At last, he hits his friends and Pointy feels relaxed.

This story showcases to us the bond of true friendship and how friends can do anything for you. The story is illustrated by Jay Fleck and written by Jonathan Stutzman. The book is available on Amazon.

ABC Science Books ( S.T.E.A.M. Baby for Infants and Toddlers) by Anjali Joshi

This book unfolds in stages and goes from basic words to advanced concepts as the child grows. The ABC Science Book is a discovery book that causes the child to become lost in his thoughts and feelings.

It also shares with the kids certain careers in discovery and science and various innovations. There are a lot of colorful images in the book about the different discoveries in science in a child-friendly manner.

The book is illustrated and written by Anjali Joshi and it is available on Amazon.

These are some of the baby boy books that we recommend for you. Each one is unique and will teach a variety of things to your child.


Reading to infants and 3 to 4, year toddlers reading by themselves is a great habit that one should develop. These habits will help them in the long run and enhance their creative and imaginative instinct from a young age. You should always remember that-

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”

Baby Books for Boys- And their Benefits

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