Would You Rather Questions for Teens to Get Them Socialising

Teenage is not an easy stage to go through. Here in this sphere of life you have to behave like adults as well as children too. Certain changes in body and thinking aspects clearly reflect the hitting of adolescence. Let us know ‘Would You Rather Questions for Teens to Get Them Socialising’.

Would You Rather Questions for Teens to Get Them Socialising

Teenage is a quirky age where most of them feel shy and awkward to present their thoughts and beliefs and even socialise with different people they meet during this age. Its parents or their elders’ responsibility to hear them out, solve their issues and give them the mental-physical strength.To get them socialising and speak about themselves, one must be well prepared for what and how to ask teenagers their questions. 

Preferring sports or studies at the same time 

Teens love to actively participate in sport/ co curricular activities to achieve glory, dignity; differing according to their interests. But due to race in achieving an A grade, they somewhat juggle between their interests and duties. It’s not bad at all to focus on them both simultaneously, but it’s rather about balancing them both. In a recent outlook teenagers do love to have both aspects of a student as well as of a sporty one.

Preferring having popularity or a few loyal back support

  Both the terms are extreme in psychology theories. This is the stage        where the teen wants to earn a name from themselves and thus are much attracted towards gaining popularity, all beacuse of biological changes. They even get highly energised, aggressive, impatient or insecure. Negative aspects of popularity can even put teens at risk. It can develop social anxiety or fear of rejection, but even name for their talents. It’s important for the loyal back supporters to help them in these certain situations. 

Is it okay to hurt your close friends or tell them the truth?

Lying is not a good hobby to imbed in rising adults. Thus the teens must not develop any such habits of hurting the ones really close to them, rather it is a courageous and congratulating task. If by mistake teens do hurt their adored people, they can simply apologise politely and tell them a valid reason for their lies. It can only be good if they genuinely hide the truth for their closer ones benefit. But this task needs to be handled out with intelligence and a proven reason.

Would you rather be performing in front of audience or cheering in crowd?

Both the types of teenagers are all around the world, e it extrovert or introvert. Teens prefer to live in their comfort space according to their personality traits. As per a few records and observations by teen psychologists, teenagers do love to outshow themselves, to perform their talents in front of a huge crowd but in this domain a few of them just lack either the confidence or are suffering from  social anxiety. Thus it completely depends on the tenagers what they feel comfortable in and it’s all normal in this age.

Would you live in a hustle bustle society or a quiet place?

Teenagers love to socialise and interact with the different people of their age but a few of them love to live within themselves. This type of question can judge whether they are introverts or extroverts. Being either is a part of characteristic traits and its normal to be any one.

Through socialising teenagers get to know about themselves. So what are the problems faced by teenagers in their early stages

Teenagers Face many issues with their development and ongrowing development within themselves. Some want to be seen and heard whereas others love to remain in their own sphere of thoughts. Some of these issues are stress, anxiety, bullying,cyber addiction, drinking and smoking , peer pressure.

Is it normal to face such mental issues and talk about them?

Generally teenagers are prone to face mental issues and thus it needs extra care and patience and courage to face them and not let it be heavy on your mental space. If teenagers are facing these issues that are getting out of hand, it’s better to consult an adult or their parents. They will provide the best solution and support.

If a teenager is facing any mental or health issues, what can be the solutions for it?

It is mandatory to look after your own health, be it physical or mental. This needs to be taken as an extra in the case of teenagers, as they are the  growing up thinkers and adults. It is better to speak about your mental issues and seek a solution for it. Such solutions can be having a healthy life pattern; like sleep and wake up early, do regular exercise, they should not care much about unnecessary advice. They need to be properly trained and informed well in advance about this age and factors they will be facing out. Feeling of jealousy, anger, depression and stress is a part of being a teenager and should be openly talked about.

Would you rather take care of your health or eat junk?

Teens are concerned about their body growth and looks. Health maintenance balances physical as well as mental growth. It’s better to have a healthy diet to have a healthy brain. This is the most tender and prone age to have different bodily diseases. Even at a gathering, it is beneficial to consume a healthy diet, or make it a part of your lifestyle. 

Though teenage is a tough time to face and a confusing age, where you have to go through many moods and feelings. Providing them socialism tips, how to deal with their situations and some inspirational stories can help them overcome the uncertainties of this age. Teens need to be engaged in impactful and good work which can shape them into good adults. Thus it’s parents or elder’s responsibility to hold their hands to tell them about perks of being a teenager. One of the quotes about teenager is”good habits formed by youth make all the difference”, by Aristotle. 

Would You Rather Questions for Teens to Get Them Socialising

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