Who Owns Omni Hotels? – Learn More

Omni Hotels and Resorts:

Omni Hotels and Resorts is a company founded by Robert Rowling, in 1958 as Dunfey Hotels. The headquarters of the Omni hotels and resorts are in Dallas, Texas. It is a private type industry. When the Omni hotels or the Dunfey hotels were founded, the Dunfey brothers summed up our 32-room motel at their tavern restaurant property which was in Hampton, New Hampshire. After establishing a hotel chain which was all through New England the Dunfeys obtained the nearly ruined Parker House Hotel in Boston. The Omni hotels and resorts is a private company held by the TRT holdings and it does not publicly show its revenues. There are more than 20,000 rooms at Omni hotels worldwide. A very few hotels and resorts of the Omni hotels are franchised. Keep reading to know Who Owns Omni Hotels?

Who Owns Omni Hotels? - Learn More

CEO of Omni Hotels and Resorts:

The current CEO of Omni hotels and resorts in Dallas is Jim Caldwell who is also assumed to take the role of president and work effective immediately. He became the director and the chief executive officer of Omni Hotels and Resorts in February 1996 and continues till date. He is the president of TRT Development company and TRT Holdings, inc. (Dallas, Texas). He also has experience as a General Counsel of TRT Holdings, Inc.

President of Omni hotels and resort:

Peter Strebel was the president of Omni hotels in restaurants in 2018. He is the companies former chief marketing officer and he’s responsible to bring collaborations and brands to the company to build revenue and increase market share.

History and Service of Omni Hotels and Resorts:

The Omni hotels have a history of providing utmost service through personalized service

and passion for unique destination experiences. They have improved their standing in the marketplace continuously. The professionalism and the hospitality of Omni hotels and resorts can be clearly seen in their mission and vision which chef that it is a luxury brand whose incredible family not only associate’s hospital hospitality every day but also looks into the needs of the guest and try to fulfil it to their best. They assure their guest have the true spirit of any destination experience.

Ownership of Omni Hotels and Resorts:

TRT Holdings:

The Omni hotels and resorts is being owned by TRT holdings. The company as a matter of fact deals in hotels and resort services and real estate businesses, it is also involved in oil and gas explorations.

Aer Lingus the national airline of Ireland sold the Omni hotels and resorts to Texas-based private oil entrepreneurs of TRT holdings in 1996. The TRT holdings stand for Tahoe Rim Trail in California and Nevada and Thai Rak Thai party in Thailand. It is a private company which is in Dallas, Texas. The TRT holdings hold approximately 10,000 employees worldwide. The dirt holdings have revenue of 20.8 million dollars per annum. It owns a hotel chain, namely Omni hotels and resorts.

Foundation and founder of TRT Holdings:

The company was founded in 1989. It was founded by the entrepreneur named Reese Rowling accompanied by his son Robert Rowling, who hailed from Texas. It is an oil-based industry and the company has made several purchases over the years.

The TRT holding, Inc. company’s management department includes:

Brendan O’Hara who is the vice president of investments of TRT holding, Inc. Amanda Lewis is the senior counsel and also the vice president of TRT holding, Inc. Michael Smith holds the position of the executive vice president in the real estate. He also controls and manages the development of TRT holding, Inc.

The company gets its annual income from many subsidiary businesses which also includes the oil trade in Texas. In march 2021 TRT holdings

sold its five properties of Omni hotels and resorts which include Omni hotel at Dallas at park west, Omni Houston hotel, Omni hotels at San Antonio, Omni hotels -Jacksonville, Omni Austin hotel.

  • CEO of TRT Holdings:
  • Reese Rowling:

Reese McIntosh Rowling was an American businessman and a co-founder of Tana Oil and gas corporation. He also founded the TRT holdings with his son.

  • Robert Bob Rowling:

The chief executive officer of TRT holding, Inc. is Robert Bob Rowling. Robert Bob Rowling is also the co-founder, the chairman and the President of TRT Holdings, Inc. He is also the owner of Gold’s gym. He did his graduation from the University of Texas system. Today, Bob Rowling ranks 93rd in the Forbes 400 wealthiest Americans. His net worth is 440 USD crores as of 2021.

Employee culture and environment:

There are more than 23, 000 employees working worldwide in Omni hotels and resorts. The employees are paid per hour. If one wants to get into the Omni hotels then they should be active to grab the opportunity which the company provides. they should keep themselves ready for giving at least 6-7 interviews and also the total time for you to join in would take more than 5 months. The work environment at the Omni hotels and resort is wonderful as given as feedback from its employees. They also give their employees to work from home is highly appreciable.

The average salaries of the Omni hotels and resorts’ employees:

  • Dining server salary:74,631 USD per annum
  • Staff accountant: 19 USD per hour
  • Legal assistant:51,078 USD per annum
  • Inventory: 50000 USD per annum
  • Manager: 50000 USD per annum

Franchise of Omni hotels and resorts’:

Their branches are mainly confined to the countries and cities of North America.

United States of America:


1.Scottsdale-Omni Scottsdale resort and spa at Montel Cia(4949 E Lincoln Dr, Scottsdale)

2. Tempe -Omni Tempe hotel at ASU-Opening Spring 2023

3. Tucson-Omni Tucson National Resort(2727 W Club Dr, Tucson)


1. Los Angeles-Omni Los Angeles hotel at California

2. Palm Springs- Omni Rancho las-Palmas resort and spa.

3.San Diego- Omni la Costa resort and spa Carlsbad, Omni San Diego hotel

4.San Francisco- Omni San Francisco hotel(500 California St, San Francisco)


1. Denver -Omni Interlocken hotel(500 Interlocken Blvd., Broomfield )


  1. New Haven- Omni New Haven hotel at the Yale(155 Temple St , New Haven)

District of Columbia

  1. Washington- DC Omni shore ham hotel


  1. Amelia Island- Omni Amelia Island and resort.The villas of Amelia Island.
  2. Orlando- Omni Orlando resort at the champion gate.


  1. Atlanta- Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN centere. Omni Hotel at The Battery Atlanta.


  1. Chicago- Omni Chicago hotel.


1.Indiana polis -Omni Severin Hotel.


  1. New Orleans-Omni Riverfront hotel. Omni Royal Orleans.


  1. Boston- Omni Boston hotel at the seaport. Omni Parker house.


1. Eagan-Omni Vicki lakes hotel.

New hemisphere

  1. Bretton woods -Omni Breton Arms Inn at Mount Washington.

Omni Mount Washington Resort.

New York

  1. New York- Omni Berkshire place.

North Carolina

  1. Asheville – The Omni Grove Park Inn.
  2. Charlotte-Omni Charlotte Hotel.


1. Oklahoma City -Omni Oklahoma City Hotel.


  1. Bedford -Omni Bedford Springs Resort.
  2. Pittsburgh- Omni William Penn hotel.

Rhode Island

1. Providence- Omni Providence hotel.

South Carolina

  1. Hilton Head- Omni Hilton Head oceanfront resort.


  1. Nashville -Omni Nashville hotel.


1. Austin- Omni Austin hotel downtown. Omni Barton Creek spa.

2.Corpus Christi- 900 N Shoreline, Omni‘s Corpus Christi hotel.

3.Dallas- 221 las Colinas, Omni Dallas hotel .

4. Fort Worth -Omni Fort Worth hotel.

5.Frisco- Omni Frisco hotel and Resort(opening spring 2023)

6.Houston- Omni’s Houston hotel.

7.San Antonio- MO kara hotel and spa. Omni la mansion Del Rio.


  1. Charlottesville- Omni Charlottesville hotel.
  2. Hot Springs -The Omni homestead resort.
  3. Richmond- Omni Richmond hotel.


  1. Montreal- 1050 Sherbrooke St W, Hotel Omni Mont royal.
  2. Toronto -37 King St E, The Omni King Edward hotel.


  1. Cancun- Omni Cancun hotel and villas.


This article tries to give every information about the company Omni hotels and Resorts. This article talks broadly about different people associated with this company and who holds the company. A broad structure of the company’s environment culture, salaries, company’s different branches around the world etc. It brings insight on how Omni hotel and resort is related to TRT holdings. This article is the accumulation of all the information about the particular company and also about the owner of the company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Was the founder of TRT holdings Reese Rowling, a geologist?

Reese Rowling was a geologist. He graduated from Texas College of mines and metallurgy.

  • Whom to be contacted and how if a person has problems with his or her reservations in the hotel?

The person can mail the company on their official mail ID [email protected].

  • What is the cancellations policy in the Omni hotels and resorts?

This company has a cancellation within seven days. It will be charged with one nights room rate and tax.

  • What is the on entry salary of employees in Omni hotels and resorts?

Omni hotels and resorts give a salary based on the position and the job you are applying for. The average salary ranges from 63 dollars per hour 85 dollars per hour.

Who Owns Omni Hotels? – Learn More

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