Banned From Amazon How To Get Back

 Many platforms (social or business) have tight security in place to protect their business and their viewers to make sure amongst everything that consumers enjoy the platform. Tight security is also put in place to protect the business against hackers or any fraudulent activities. Amazon is one of the biggest online businesses in the world with a large number of users, and it is rightfully so that the security is tight. Let’s know more about Banned From Amazon How To Get Back 

Banned from Amazon how to get back 

 With that said if one is not adhering to the rules and everything, it is highly likely that your account will be banned. As consumers that is one thing, we don’t want to find ourselves in as we are going to miss the services and benefits of the company. How then can you can get back when banned, the reason why your account may be banned and how to prevent yourself from that situation?

Why would Amazon ban my account?

As advised Amazon is one of the biggest businesses in the world and therefore prides itself on protecting its business at all costs, especially to viewers who do not adhere to its policies and rules. Therefore, your account can be banned by Amazon if rules are not followed or broken.

3 things to consider… 

1. General rules 

2. Rules for sellers

3. Rules for buyers  

  • General rules – These are basic rules that you have to adhere to when opening an amazon account. Should any be broken; you will be attended to either permanently or temporally.

            1. Give false information when opening an account 

            2. Harass or abuse other users 

            3. Deliberately violate laws 

            4. Fake account / pretending to be someone else 

  • Rules for sellers – Anyone selling from the platform is expected to adhere to these rules or else they will be banned 

           1. You need to sell things that are not prohibited – should that not be the case then you will be banned.

            2. Low-quality products 

            3. Disrespecting the consumers by speaking in a rude manner 

            4. Selling unrecognised products (need to be credited)

            5. Continuous bad review 

            6. Not meeting your customers on time 

            7. Not being factual about your products 

  • Rules for Buyers 

        1. False reviews

       2. if you are bribed to make reviews

       3. Buying alcohol while still underage 

      4. Not using your card for payment 

     5. Using Amazon services without any parental guidance if under age 

Does it mean that the ban is automatically permanent with no appeal?

Not automatically permanent. It varies depending on the offence committed. You can get suspended for a minor violation such as sending a wrong item and you will then need to appeal your suspension. However, you cannot continue doing the same thing as that will lead to permanently getting banned. For any minor violation, there will be a suspension date and to cut that short you can write an appeal. 

How can I get my account unbanned?

Of course, you will need your account back especially if you enjoy amazon services and still want to be part of the family. As said sometimes you may have committed a minor offence and still need to have your account back. There are procedures for having your account unbanned, considering you need to be trusted again utilizing the services.

Ways to go about it ….

  • Appeal the ban 
  • Make new account 

Appealing the ban – You must be sincere and have a good reason as to why you deserve to be unbanned and that requires writing a request.

  1. Access seller central
  2. Locate the performance section 
  3. Click on the account health option
  4. 4. Submitting an appeal with supporting documents 

Making a new account after being banned 

1. Make sure not to re-use the information 

  • Name 
  • Physical address 
  • Phone number 
  • Driving license 
  • Email address 
  • Ip address 
  • Credit card 
  • Unique bank account 
  • Product description 

To be noted – A VPN would be needed to hide your IP address meaning using someone else´s personal information – which again is in breach, rather stick to proving why you should be unbanned.

How can I prevent myself from even finding my Amazon account banned?

We know that following the rules is the answer but to get into more details, these can be applied –

  • Be honest by all means- Do not offer something you don’t have or place the information you know doesn’t fall in line with your products.Give what you have and be honest 
  • Be attentive to your seller account – Don’t miss anything. Be updated and communicate with customers 
  • Use FBA- Sets standards and avoid cheap shipment 
  • Set up system – Alerts (communication, chargebacks, reviews and more)

As consumers (sellers and buyers) we ought to adhere to rules by Amazon or any other platform. That way we are limiting ourselves from loss of benefits and enjoying the services provided by Amazon at large, and even other platforms.

Banned From Amazon How To Get Back

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