When Was Netflix Founded? -History Of Netflix

Netflix- a very cognizant term that everyone right from toddlers to youth to even the aged is all well versed with. In the age of technology, Netflix has not only come to be an astute and effortlessly accessible innovation and has also turned out to be quite the popular option among diverse groups. An OTT platform providing rich, educational, entertaining as well as creative forms of shows and films, one can applaud the significant trail Netflix has left behind.  As we know, the present Netflix version uses the internet to directly provide services to its viewers. However, things weren’t the same. How did Netflix come to this path? When Was Netflix Founded? Let’s find out! 

When Was Netflix Founded?

When Was Netflix Founded?

Going back in time – the History of Netflix!

When Was Netflix Founded? let’s get to know the history of Netflix in depth.

Men of the show! 

Everyone wants to know the man behind the show. In this case, there’s Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings who are known to have initiated and sowed the seeds for Netflix which presently holds around 200 million subscribers in over 180 plus countries. 

The two Entrepreneurs who are today called the founders and creators of the popular platform started way back in 1997. To begin with, it was not always as grand as it is today, like most ambitious inventions, Netflix too wasn’t always ‘chill’ and had a small but persevering beginning. 

Early beginnings 

Randolph and Hastings mentioned that they began as a small movie rental. That’s right, this huge collection of wonders was just a physical startup that began as a mere idea that came to their minds. Right from 1997 to 2007, the company dominated the DVD world and has already gained a respectable number of audiences. The whole concept was rooted in the want to give effortless along with comfortable access to the movie freaks as we can call it. 

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Going further…

Soon after the concept was made concrete in 1997, the company created its name and website ‘Netflix.com’ and began with its sales and rentals. The following year, they launched the idea of subscriptions with unique and profiting offers and strategies that further promoted growth and loyalty for the company. 

The start of ratings!

When you are bored but have nothing buffering through your minds, we can all recollect the ‘Recommendations’ option that comes to the rescue! This additionally began back in 2000 with the physical rental service. Receiving growth and loyalty is one thing, preserving it is another; Marc and Reed decided to start the entire process of ‘Recommendations’ which was solely based on the customer ratings that indirectly also led to an increase in sales along with increasing customer satisfaction

Netflix wasn’t always ‘Netflix’!

When it comes to names, it is one of the creative, exciting and at the same time, puzzling tasks. Rightly so, the two Entrepreneur buddies had their twists and clashes with settling on the perfect name.

Having first chosen ‘Kibble’ to go with, they soon realized it just doesn’t fit in! What further popped up were columns and words and rhymes and everything out of the dictionary. After much struggle, they reached ‘Flick’ as what we can call a slang term at the time and was then replaced with an ‘X’ at the end and combined with one of the chosen synonyms of Internet and websites- ‘Net’ and voilà! We got Netflix!

Building for the future 

Come to the early 2000s, there was a need to grow and improvise and Hastings had a vision, had a goal. He knew what to propose and how to work it out and in 2005, he made yet another mention of wanting to get off the physical line and move to streaming the movies and making use of the Internet which had only recently begun surprising people with its magic at the time. 

Putting his words into action, 2007 saw the mega idea unwrap itself with the online method which we proudly and leisurely use today! What’s more, the whole concept of downloading and streaming the movies was way more cost-efficient and turned out to be a profitable asset to the business. 

Netflix today 

What began with envelopes and mails is today the go-to with the click of a few buttons for the human world. With the founders themselves as the current CEOs, Netflix has made quite a huge jump over the years. Needless to say, the audience growth has taken high numbers from what was a small count of just a few million in 2007. 

2013 saw the advent of original works and productions for Netflix which only raised the bar higher and pampered the audience. With popular shows as well as interesting and new originals of its own, there is honestly nothing more to ask for! 


The article has briefed your about Netflix’s history and about When Was Netflix Founded? The whole timeline of Netflix revolves around its innovative ideas and the enthusiastic efforts and creativity to pull off the same! No envelopes, mails, renting, or hassles of any kind. Just create your account and start your marathon! 

When Was Netflix Founded? -History Of Netflix

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