When Was Adidas Founded? Adidas History

Introduction For some, a go-to product, for some a preference, for some a hobby, and for some, a dream. The all- favorite Adidas is not just a brand but a feeling. There is a lot to give and take rather than just business with this company. It can be expressed as art on the run! Let’s take a walk through this awe-inspiring collection of shoes, clothing, and more that was once just a dream back in the 1920s. When was Adidas Founded?Adidas History.

When Was Adidas Founded? Adidas History

Where it all began 

To trace the beginning of Adidas, the year to remember is 1924.  What we today see as one of the most distinguished brands was then just a dream being worked upon in the corner of a kitchen in Bavaria, Germany. With a wish to equip athletes with only the best, Adi (Adolf Dassler) started small. 

Soon after, Rudi (Rudolf Dassler) came into the picture to share the spotlight and give the world the ‘Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik’ (Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory ) in the same year, in their mother’s laundry room alone. 

Making the mark 

The 1936 Summer Olympics, coupled with Adi’s persistence and determination, saw the first use of the spikes by American sprinter Jesse Owens who triumphed with the gold medal and put the shoes on the map. 

Sure enough, many followed, and Dassler moved ahead on his journey to create and cater to various athletes. The turn of events due to the war also saw the split between the two brothers, which eventually led to Adi’s business today known as Adidas. 

One step further 

In 1949, having all his plans in place, Adi launched his very own ‘Adi Dassler Adidas Sportschuhfabrik’ all over again and picked up from where he had left off. With a small number of 47 employees, he made his simple start and commenced his journey. 

Miracle on the feet! 

Thorough and careful but at the same time unique and creative experiments further pushed Dassler to create what we today call ‘Studs,’ which turned out to be the Miracle on the feet for the National Germany Football team who beat the Hungarians, thanks to the stud-maker! The win in the 1954 World Cup finals was a magic wand that took Adidas straight to the top.

‘Dassling’ through the globe! 

Having mastered the art of making shoes, there was more to achieve and many paths to conquer. In a few years, Adidas gave the people more to be stunned about with the Franz Beckenbauer tracksuit that became the first amazing set of apparel in 1967.

This raised the standard higher, and Adidas was ‘dassling’ its way through! Needless to say, the company and brand image were lifted, and many athletes all over the world turned their eyes to nothing but the best. 

From tennis and long jump to football, every sport saw Adidas accompany the best! It was not only what he created but also how he catered to the needs of the athletes. Dassler listened to the various needs from shapes, sizes, comfort, flexibility, and much more of every athlete and put together what only seemed to be the perfect fit for their feet. 

When Adidas experimented with a ball

That’s right. Adidas made a ball too. Bet that’s something you weren’t aware of, but along with the FIFA World Cup, 1970 saw the invention of the Adidas football. The Adidas TELSTAR came to be the official football for the World Cup and stands the same to this day. 

Getting the game up!

With the constant milestones achieved, the logo needed to up its game in showing creativity and resembling the power of the brand. Therefore, in 1972, right in line with the Olympic Games to be hosted in Munich, Adidas came out with its new logo of the ‘Trefoil’ symbolizing performance, along with style and diversity! With a promise of performance, Adidas contributed to Germany with their innovation and added to the pomp of the Olympic Games being hosted in the same country. 

New look, New show

It wasn’t always a clear path. With the death of  Dassler, many trials surrounded the company. Two years later, Dassler’s mother too passed away, and the 1990s witnessed the selling of shares.

However, there is always a comeback! Robert Louis Dreyfus, together with Christian Tourres, redirected the route for Adidas and gave the company a makeover.

The entire period from 1993 up to the 2000s was a fitting ride with all kinds of challenges and impossibilities that eventually led to the finest and leading brand for the world.


With much scope and inventions to follow and with a set of brilliant strategies lined up, the current CEO, Kasper Rorsted, has his hands full, quenching the thirst of millions of loyal and dedicated customers, partners, and sponsors. Having overcome tough milestones, quality is a promise, and ‘impossible’ is just a word for Adidas!

  • How did Adidas get its name? 

The founder Adolf Dassler was also called Adi. Clubbing together his nickname Adi with the first half of his surname, the company got its title as Adidas. 

  • Does Adidas make only shoes?

It is true that Adidas initially began its journey with the making of shoes. However, today the brand creates a variety of branded clothing and accessories along with famous shoes. 

When Was Adidas Founded? Adidas History

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