What Size Beam Will Span4 feet?

Beams are often made of concrete that has been strengthened with steel reinforcements. You need to know your way around framing and beams if you ever want to create a building, among other things. These aspects include: If you know the distance between the ceiling joists, you can use that information to determine the size of the beams you need. You can use those numbers to determine your garage’s approximate length and overall size. Let us known about ‘What Size Beam Will Span4 feet?’

What Size Beam Will Span4 feet?

What Size Beam Will Span4 feet?

The total force applied to a beam and the distance that separates its two supports are the primary factors determining its width. In line with the rules and regulations, a wood beam of dimension 2 by 6 that has been nailed three times may span 4 feet. For the wooden beam to cover a distance of 4 feet, it needs to have a depth of 6 inches and a width of 2 inches. 

How to calculate beam for 4 feet span 

Several factors may be used to calculate the span of a beam; however, it is necessary to have good knowledge of the structure in which the beam is going to be put. Compression and tension are generated, respectively, by the bars located above and below the beam. 

  • The shear loads and bending moments applied to the tension bar are primarily neutralized by the stirrup’s presence.
  • Attach the length of the beam to a sheet of paper using tape.
  • To calculate the area in square feet, multiply the room’s width by the space’s length. Multiply the room’s square footage by fifty to obtain the maximum weight (in pounds) that the floor may bear.
  • To calculate the maximum load, multiply the beam’s length by two. To get a rough estimate of the response, divide it by 8. Calculating the beam’s “fiber strength of bending,” often known as how far it can bend, is accomplished in this manner.

The big beam needs to span 4 feet.

According to the thumb rule, the size of a supported beam for a home building with two to three stories is approximately 2′′×6′′, with a beam width of 2′′ and a depth of 6′′. If the width is maintained, but the depth is increased, the beam size can be increased to 2′′12′′ for large beams. While the size of 4″ x 12″ can be employed if the depth is increased.

Method of the thumb rule

  • You can also compute the width and depth of the beam using the method described below, which uses some handy rules of thumb.
  • One inch is equal to one foot in the span of the beam (depth of beam)
  • If the length of the beam is 12 feet, then its depth will be 12 inches. Beam depth is taken as 12 inches, while beam width is calculated as 12 feet and 1.5 inches, which is taken as 9 inches.

What is Structural Composite Lumber?

Manufacturers produce these Structural Composite Woods by adhering together thin layers of wood or veneers to create a composite material. SCL is an excellent choice for use as headers or shorter beams due to its strength, durability, and resistance against rot and termites.

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What is meant by “loads on beams”? 

There are two distinct types of loads that can be distinguished. It will be dispersed into a burden, either inside or outside. As a result, it will either be installed inside a room or placed on the wall of outside space. By utilizing clear-span trusses, the load placed on the exterior wall is cut in half.


The distance between the joists determines the size of the beams, so measure that first. You may determine the length of your garage using its width if you are familiar with its dimensions. When a load is applied to a beam, a bending moment is produced; the beam’s depth primarily determines the ability of the beam to resist the bending moment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is meant by cantilever beam?

A beam with one end confined while the other is free to move. That is to say, a single point of attachment secures it.

This beam experience shears stress and moment stress, which cause it to press against its support and transfer the weight.

  • How much room could be created by reducing the size of a wooden beam?

Bearings on beams, joists, and headers must be 1.5 inches deep to comply with the 2012 International Residential Code. The typical procedure for anything over five feet is to double-cripple it.

  • What size of beam will span 12 feet?

The wood beam must be at least 10 inches deep and 6 inches wide. It can be utilized for a 12-foot span in a residential building or other wood frame structure. According to standard norms and thumb rules, a 3-nailed 2’8″, 3-2’8″, or 6’8″ size wood beam may support a 10′ span.

What Size Beam Will Span4 feet?

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