What is Merchandising in Fashion?

What is Merchandising in Fashion?

With the fast pace development of information technology, the fashion industry is not behind as well. The idea, innovation, and execution of fashion have changed over the years. What do you think of the fashion industry? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says fashion? Let’s know What is Merchandising in Fashion?  

Fashion is about comfort, trends, and uniqueness. But aside creativity aspect, the part of marketing and sales also matters a lot for a successful fashion brand. Fashion is a balanced business in between designing and selling. When people with creative skills meet the experts in marketing, then the fashion industry blooms. In fashion, the process and ways of displaying and selling the products hold the most weight in the industry. And is a resultant on the quality of products, that’s what merchandising is. 

Merchandising is considered to be the core of successful sales. And in the context of fashion retail, the pressure on merchandising is much more. Because it directly affects the purchase and decides whether an idea or a style works or not. 

The fashion merchandiser has a variety of job titles that help in working or producing and selling fashion products. Now let’s ask the most important question, how merchandising works in fashion? How is merchandising different in other fields or industries? Let’s dig deeper to understand merchandising.                       


By definition merchandising in fashion is about making decisions. The decisions about the planning of getting the right merchandise. Through merchandising, we are to make decisions for the appropriate merchandise at the right time, right place, which should be cost-efficient and increase sales promotion. 

That’s why the role of a merchandiser is the heart of sales. Be it any industry but it reflects the position in fashion the most. Because, people don’t want to compromise with the quality of clothing they wear, even if it takes the price bar a bit high. And here, the sector of merchandising takes over to provide the best quality at an affordable rate.

The objective of a fashion merchandiser is to facilitate the inspiration and convert into designs & style, use technology to execute the planning, production, marketing, and sales of products. Planning in purchasing raw materials and selling the output products is crucial in fashion. According to the understanding and agreement of a firm, every business, every brand has its set of merchandising rules to follow to make a big profit. 

Merchandising has a role in all components of fashions. With manufacturing, buying, promotion, and selling. These include different responsibilities for a merchandiser in each component. Let us see the components and understand merchandising in more detail.


  1. Manufacturing – The work of the merchandiser starts with the relevant input of what types of fabrics will be used for production. Applying the analytical information from the historical and socio-culture thought out into the impression of fabric. Because choosing the right fabric is the first step of making the vision of the designer into reality. And merchandisers take the responsibility to seek out the best fabric at the best price. 
  2. Buying – When fashion merchandisers buy fashion products to present in stores, then it comes under merchandising of products. The merchandiser should be aware of the target customers, the trends, and can forecast the purchasing. So, the ordering can be done conventionally with a figure in mind. 
  3. Promotion – Promoting a designer’s work in stores and potential buyers who might buy a huge shipment of products is a priority on a merchandiser’s list. As working with a designer is not only about promoting clothes but the brand name as well. Thus, merchandisers are required to have creative, production, and visual merchandising skills. The promotions are done via fashion shows and additionally finding discount retailers or department stores.
  4. Selling – From the above discussion, you must have figured out, the merchandisers are responsible for gathering sales for the designer. This works as a chain of buyers and the starting point is the merchandiser. It is the merchandiser’s responsibility to sell products to stores then again, are purchased by consumers. Fashion merchandisers should be capable of providing suggestions regarding production and sales. When merchandisers work for retail stores their prime responsibility includes buying, displaying, and increasing sales of products. 

Now when we have explained the components of fashion merchandising. You understand the prime role played by the merchandiser. In a way, merchandisers are the backbone of the fashion industry. And merchandising has three levels in the fashion industry to discuss. 


●      Retail Organization – The management part of the fashion industry, where the business moves from designers to retail stores, and customers. It demands internal planning aiming for profitable operations of buying and selling goods. 

●      Buying agencies – A buying agency attains the place of goods buying consultancy. The sales through buying agencies are profitable because it helps in saving time and significant price. They consult to offer negotiable pricing, identifying vendors, quality checks, and provide a pre-shipment inspection. Overall, they maintain the quality of the items in the production process. 

●      Export House – The export house takes the responsibilities of souring, sampling, and communicating with the buyers. And managing the production is done in scheduled time. Thus, put into two categories; buyer and production merchandisers.  


The role fashion merchandising plays in the fashion industry is remarkable. It is the commander of all sectors to present the best quality products that are at an affordable price. The merchandisers work hard enough to walk all components together to bring out the best designs, trends, quality, and prices to customers. 


  • What is a major in fashion merchandising? 

Doing a major in fashion merchandising is a program that offers to prepare you for the fashion industry. It helps you learn the required promotional, lining, and organizational skills one needs in the fashion industry. If you are interested in business and fashion then, you are made for this field.

  • Is merchandising a good career?

Yes, it is often seen most merchandising positions are available in retail stores. It can give you the exposure you need in the first few years of your career. Involves in learning fundamental marketing skills, creative thinking, and managing sales & production. So, pursuing a degree in fashion merchandising is a good option for joining the fashion industry. 

What is Merchandising in Fashion?

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