What is an Associate Producer? – Duties & Salary 2021

What is an Associate Producer?

A below-the-line producer who operates under the supervision of another producer is an associate producer. They’re also said because the ‘AP.’ In bringing together a movie or TV show, they support another producer. Strong skills in writing and editing are required.

What Does an Associate Producer do?

AP’s duties on a TV series may include pitching ideas for stories, revising versions, and directing the series’ editorial material. Support in TV ads and bookings

What are Associate Producers Doing?

  1. Duties may include composing, editing, arranging scripts, running newscasts on the teleprompter, or assisting the editor with beat calls.
  2. An Associate Producer requires strong writing and production skills. When editing a video by picking the shots that complement the copy, they’ll even be called upon to create clear editorial decisions. In general, the Associate Producer may rewrite wire copy and can even be liable for cueing tapes and checking the scripts.
  3. The Associate Producer may pitch story ideas, help direct the program’s editorial material, assist with marketing, handle some bookings, and maintain its growing tape requirements. The duty also can be chargeable for assisting with the website of the show or film.

In Films, What Does the Associate Producer do?

Whatever they’re asked to try and do by the maker. They could, in some cases, know people and produce people in. They’re doing the scheduling. Create calls by phone.

Here is the description—support Motion Manager and style Unit in-house camera project management at a little manufacturing firm. Own and manage the scheduling for post-production (production coordinator). Manage frequent contact between manufacturing teams, organization teams, and outdoor suppliers. Schedule team meetings and evaluations, log and incorporate suggestions for the remainder of the agency—coordinate handoff and process all billing to and from external suppliers. Track out-of-pocket and internal capital expenditures and reach for. Organizing all assets and deliverables involved videos. Track all material possession rights, disclosures, and required legal details for projects. Any assistant editor tasks, like versioning. Storage and database maintenance of previous projects.

An Associate Producer’s Main Duties

The associate manufacturer typically works under a manufacturer’s direction and helps him in his everyday manufacturing work. In pre-and post-production jobs, he’s actively involved. Looking at the manufacturing unit where they operate, the sort of duties required can vary. Below could be a list of the final duties that an associate producer should manage:

  • He works closely with the developer to make various ideas and themes for the software.
  • He does a decent amount of the related research work for the projects by collecting expertise and facts from the tools available.
  • Based on the findings, he should plan and summarise his task to induce the duty done consistent with the priority.
  • He is to blame for coordinating and managing the crew members and overseeing the assembly staff.
  • By handling budgets, he helps with financial matters.
  • By becoming curious about creating stories and proposing changes if necessary, he fully engages in artistic work.
  • Also, he handles some extra tasks, like arranging and supervising the assembly staff. Whenever there’s a desire, he runs the manufacturing unit and selects the participants. He also performs the editing, packaging, and post-production job supervision.

The Salary

The estimated annual salary is about $68,300 for an Associate Producer. For Associate Producers, the salary level ranges from $40,000 to $105,000. Work-for-hire and independent contractor jobs are associate producer positions. Still, Lipman has some great advice on understanding your value: “Your salary could be a mixture of A) what the show can afford and B) what you’re fighting for.” “So you are still on the come up, fight for your worth, then add tax while being an AP may be a respectable place to be, that the salary is not super fabulous, but if it is a series or project you’re excited about and therefore the rate you’re offered is that the rate you deserve, it is not regrettable to be freelance.”

What Do Film/TVS Associate Producers Do?

The associate film and tv producer work directly with the producer to form suitable film and tv content and formats and be needed to figure on more complex production elements than the producer. The role entails a large sort of duties, including writing and content development, interacting with superiors and subordinates, organizing, editing, and directing various departments. Occasionally, it can be required for the associate producer to develop related material for social media outlets. As such, for this job, outstanding communication skills are necessary. Film and television associate producers should be ready to function well stressed and respond quickly and effectively to a spread of issues. Hours and changes can, as such, differ.

For most associate producer roles, a degree in film, communications, or an analogous area is required. Usually, any candidate for an associate producer role requires a minimum of two or three years of experience. To control equipment, associate producers are also needed, so a working knowledge of media technology and equipment is critical. The associate producer also works besieged, so it’s often important to be capable of self-organizing, self-motivating, and reaching deadlines. It’s also necessary to own writing skills because the associate producer will be expected to act as a script editor.

Working as an Associate Producer

  1. An associate producer works under the direction of a producer for the screenland, enabling them to make tv shows or movies. Associate suppliers help the scripts run, make sure that the props and equipment on the set are ready and dealing, and help the editor with some final decisions.

  2. They help plan and pitch ideas for projects and tales, too. They gather ideas and material for programs’ editorial materials. It’s also their duty to handle the programs and films’ publicity strategies, likewise making sure of airing and screening copies.

  3. Often, associate producer roles are entry-level jobs. You’d definitely require a movie, tv, or media studies college degree and a screenwriting skill. Any experience with development software would also be available in handy, and contacts to secure the add the primary place, of course.

  4. When it involves being an associate director, there’s quite meets the attention. Did you recognize, as an example, that they create a mean of $21.41 an hour? That’s an annual $44,525!

  5. The work is projected to rise by 5 percent between 2018 and 2028 and make 7,200 job openings across the U.S.

The Criteria

Associate producers may begin their careers with or without prior experience, but to induce someone’s foot within the door, a degree could also be required. Through entering labor unions like the Producers Guild of America (PGA) or the National Association of Television Workers and Technicians, professionals within the industry will enhance their careers (NABET). As an author, journalist, or actress, any associate producer started in a very separate profession within the industry.

Degrees related to working as an associate producer include management of the humanities, communications, or industry management. Any colleges and universities offer degree programs in media that specialize in film or broadcasting. Television studio design, multimedia editing, advertisement, Social networking, audio production, and tv history are classes that may help train you for a career. Participating in an internship with a station or collaborating on college movies will also offer a useful college kid’s experience.

In the film’s production, tv programs, broadcasts, or appearances, associate producers play several critical functions. A degree in management or communication may train an associate producer to do everything from supervising lighting and sound assembly to editing scripts to collaborating with stage designers. Over the 2018–2028-decade, work openings for producers and directors are projected to rise as quickly because of the average.

Associate Producers’ Roles vs. Executive Producers

The movie industry hires numerous varieties of manufacturers. Betting on the project, what each producer does will vary. In most cases, the manager producer is to blame for overseeing a project from start to end. Under the manager producer, an associate producer acts, either by heading one group or juggling several duties. Although executive producers should take a step back to appear at the massive picture, from running media machinery to working with writers and reporters, associate producers may be more hands-on regularly.

Associate Producer

To create compelling, engaging material, an associate producer within the industry partners with other producers. Regular tasks depend upon the project and whom the chief producer assigns. This could include publishing, editing assistance, or serving as a liaison between multiple agencies. Associate producers must develop sharp listening skills, be ready to think on their feet quickly, and be prepared for the bizarre schedules that may include entertainment jobs.

An associate producer’s work duties include the following:

  • Establish schedules that make sure the harmony of all departments.
  • Edit scripts or videos to follow project expectations.
  • Handle broadcast equipment skillfully.
  • Keep up to this point with social media and celebrity developments. 

Skills Needed to try to the Task of Associate Producer

To do an associate producer role, does one have one or more of the subsequent skills? If you have got any of the skills at a school, externship and on duty, the rest will be taught.

  • Multi-Tasking: Several activities are handled by the associate producer to urge the television show or film through each production level.
  • Deadline Sensitive: There’ll be deadlines for every production element so that the following production step will begin. The associate producer’s role is added to make sure that persons are within the right position, that material is produced on schedule which output runs on time.
  • Decision Making Skills-Without the director’s assistance, associate producers may be answerable for recruiting crew members or making a major decision. The associate producer’s role is to think about the producer’s purpose and view and, in their absence, make the right decision. It takes time and extensive understanding of the producer’s philosophy to understand exactly what the producer wants.
  • Issue resolution can occur during production problems, and also, the associate producer’s role is to unravel those problems.
  • Supervisory Skills: As subordinates should be handled and ambassadors amongst peers, the associate producer must be a decent boss.
  • Innovation Skills-To keeps production going forward, it’s the associate producer’s responsibility to come back up with new and inventive ideas. An asset might not be available, or it’s going to be that production equipment is broken. The associate producer’s creative talents are tested, and that they must improve to the plate.
  • Professional Skills- The associate producer should know how to use all the assorted forms of instruments and construction equipment used during the program or film production. They’ll continue with new trends and appliances that are being implemented within the market.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, associate producers have a growth rate defined as “as fast as average” at 5% between 2018 – 2028 relative to other jobs. In fact, the number of openings for associate producers that are projected to be available by 2028 is 7,200. Usually, associate producers receive $44,525 every year, which breaks all the way down to $21.41 an hour. However, from upwards of $35,000 to $55,000 a year, associate producers can receive everywhere. This implies that $20,000 more is created by the top-earning associate producers than by the lowest-earning ones.

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What is an Associate Producer? – Duties & Salary 2021

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