What is Amazon AWS used for?

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Amazon is a multinational e-commerce website helping people around the globe. Amazon provides services making the life of people easier. AWS is an Amazon web service that is a cloud services platform. It offers different services like cloud, database, etc. It helps businesses to grow by providing them all the necessary services. In addition, AWS provides APIs to individuals, organizations, or governments. Today’s topic- What is Amazon AWS used for?

AWS used by vivid companies

Cloud is gaining limelight these days. Everything is shifting to the cloud as it saves space and half of the efforts in a company. AWS is at the top in providing cloud services. It helps businesses to grow and scale. Top companies like Netflix, Samsung, Slack, Coca-cola use AWS to compute, for data storage, and much more. AWS has a 39% share in the cloud market. It is indeed a significant achievement.

Steps to work in AWS

Step 1 – AWS certification is the first step to get into AWS as an architect.

Step 2 – After completing an online course, practice well to master the cloud.

Step 3 – Read white papers and stay updated with the current knowledge

Step 4 – Besides technical skills, time management, good soft skills, and experience also matters.

Read on to get insights regarding the uses of AWS

Computing World:

AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)- It is a virtual machine in the cloud. The OS-level control enables to run anything the user wants anytime.

AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS)- It is a service that has a container to run Docker in the cloud.

AWS Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS)- It is a service that helps you run Kubernetes on the cloud. There is no need to download the same.

AWS Lambda- There is no need for an administration when you have lambda. You are free to run any code of any application. It is cost-effective and easy to execute.

Storage: AWS is used to store crucial data. It has vivid options to choose from the warehouse. Businesses choose storage options according to their needs.

Storage Gateway- It acts as a virtual machine. The data stored can be retrieved from AWS.

S3- It is a Simple Storage Service used to store unlimited data. AWS S3 stores object like images, files, songs, documents, etc. It is not feasible to install the software.

Tools for a developer: Developers can use the cloud to store their codes permanently.  Cloud9 is one such platform it acts as IDE to write, run and debug the code. CodePipeline helps in the deployment to authenticate, test, and build the developed product. In addition, developers can analyze their applications through X-Ray that provides exception collection and tracing.

Web and gaming: AWS cloud can use to host websites or web applications. One can host any domain, CDN, or DNS. Gaming on the cloud is the new upcoming trend. When one plays a game installed on their computer, there is a possibility of low graphics, or sometimes the game is hanged. This computing power gets saved by the cloud and provides the best gaming experience.


what are the benefits of AWS?

AWS is flexible to use and therefore finds its usefulness in the market.  They have multiple data centers that enable any company to handle the other branches in different continents. There is transparency in scalability and flexibility. People think AWS is not secure. But security is the most significant factor for Amazon, and it provides the best security compared to all other clouds in the market. One requires low investment for starting a business if that uses AWS.

Who uses AWS?

Every small, medium, or large-scale company can use AWS. The tech-based companies use AWS to scale their production. New startups, governments use AWS due to its customer base. Netflix is the biggest and early adapter of AWS. Unilever North America is also one of the companies using AWS. More than 26 percent of developers use AWS for their work. For example, it helps to develop faster websites; Expedia is a travel comparison website. It has 80 percent work running on the cloud using AWS.


People search for scalable, reliable, and inexpensive storage services in this era of emerging new technologies and startups. AWS is the top company that provides viable services to businesses.  It is a helping hand in every field, ranging from development to marketing. Aws are everywhere; one can learn cloud and apply for AWS. AWS is a beautiful selection for cost savings. Looking at the uses of AWS, you can see the advantages of the cloud in technology. It is the ultimate solution for everyone as there is no fear of malicious activities. Choose AWS to choose profit.


what are Amazon Databases?

Amazon has a relational database service that can help run databases like MySQL, Oracle, MariaDB, etc. With that, it also has other databases like DynamoDB, Neptune, RedShift, Elasticache. All of them will get installed with an antivirus. DynamoDB is a NoSQL database and provides a latency of milliseconds. Neptune is a scalable and viable graph database. Talking about RedShift is used to run complex OLAP queries. Its use in Datawarehousing. Elasicache caches the data in the cloud. Every database performs different functions.

Role of AWS in machine learning?

Machine learning is gaining scope these days. AI interests many people, and AWS makes it easy to build any chatbox quickly with the help of Lex. Then Polly can develop text to speech easily. You have to give the dataset to the cloud, and AWS will train the model. You have translated to translate text to any language. Sagemaker can help you to build, train and deploy. We have many many factors, including face recognition provided by AWS.

How AWS helps in-app migration?

Migration is the exchange of data between the cloud (AWS) and the data center. There are three services, namely SMS(server migration service), DMA(Database migration service), and Snowball for data interaction. AWS helps to plan migration projects by collecting and presenting configurations. Also, it analyses your usage and data behavior.

What is Amazon AWS used for?

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