What does It take to be the Assistant Principal?

What does It take to be the Assistant Principal?

We all would have wondered at least once what  Ms.Jolene or Mr.Jake did to become the assistant/vice-principal of the school. Well, of course, some certifications need to be done, and when it comes to duties what exactly do they do? Here are the answers to the question- What does It take to be the Assistant Principal?

For one to become an assistant principal, there are a lot of responsibilities that come individually for their role and certain responsibilities along with the principal as well, basically, the joint decision making with the principal. 

The Do’s : 

The first is that the passion for the education industry and expected exposure in this field.

As no two days are the same in a school, the duties involve having an eagle’s eye on –

  • Coordination with teachers for IEP – Individualized education plan  plan and other school board meetings.
  • Knowledge in custodians/Janitor’s job 
  • Effective communication with parents , during  the admission visit. 
  •  Attendance rules ,if the staffs and teachers are abiding to it 
  • Making sure that teacher’s study materials and classroom resources are delivered on time by the admin.assistant
  • Approving the monthly bills ,it’s done by both assistant principal and the principal .
  • Also , along with the director of administration, (depending upon the structure of  school they are included) taking joint managerial decisions on monthly expenses , salary rises / monthly salary credit to all the faculties
  • Solving issues or any queries of the parents ,teachers, staff. 
  • Focusing on the weekly lesson plans prepared by teachers are in the direction with the curriculum followed ,and making sure that the teaching style is per the protocols. 
  • Hiring the right candidate , not approving based on any emotional connection.
  • Creating a friendly atmosphere for the new faculty, empathizing their situation of the newbee in the school and over-burdening them with the tasks. 
  • Approval of the benefits for the staff and teachers deciding with the other board members.
  • To be as a principal , when the school’s principal is not available at the premises.
  • Approving the school supplies and not ordering materials unnecessarily.
  • Checking on a weekly/monthly basis that – the admissions are properly handled as per the protocols by the administration team.
  • The quick response to mails received from the parents, teachers ,vendors or  from any business  entity by the admin assistant. 
  • Making sure that the admin assistant/ front office manager have clearly understood the policies and their role. 

To be a pillar of support, during any conflicts between the staff with other departments.

Ensuring that each faculty should take up the responsibility only for their tasks assigned. Sharing the other teacher’s duties of admin. assistant doing the job of teachers is strictly prohibited. 

So, these responsibilities are done by one assistant principal?- Most of the schools in the USA have assistant principals who will be categorized as Elementary assistant principals/Primary year assistant principals/ middle/ high school assistant principals.

Who you are? 

Holding a Master’s degree in the respective subject, mostly education-oriented or 

Pursuing a doctorate’s degree

  • Experience as a teacher for several years as 7 – 10 years. An interesting fact by a survey in the US is that assistant principals have 10 years as the average experience in teaching. 

-Completion of state-required testing and certification for teaching certification

  • Bachelor’s degree in a teaching subject 
  • Certification in master’s in the administration 
  •  administrative testing and requirements for school administrative license or certification because most of the public school expects the assistant principal to be licensed as school administrator.

Your bank account will be credited with – 

New york$113,290 /yr
Los Angeles, CA$112,557
Newark, NJ$106,206
Chicago, IL$89,457
Baltimore, MD$86,050
Milwaukee, WI$85,554
Houston, TX$71,116
San Antonio, TX$69,937

The figures are sourced from indeed- https://www.indeed.com/career/assistant-principal/salaries.

On the whole, one has to have everything it takes to be an assistant principal, starting with the inspection of the facility to the admission of the students they have to be the leader of the school.  

What does It take to be the Assistant Principal?

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