Best Drafting Chairs for Work from Home

the best drafting chairs to work from home

With work from home becoming the future normal, your home becomes the new office. What do you need to make the home office more comfortable? Here are some of the best drafting chairs to work from home.

To make a home office comfortable, two things are major. The desk and the chair. Now a chair becomes the first thing you consider depending on the nature of your work. Where your working space is raised, then you need a drafting chair. The drafting chair is very adjustable so it can work well even when your working area is not raised.

Normally a drafting chair has a circular footrest and a tall design. While a drafting chair is known for being adjustable you still need to check how many adjustable points are available. The shape of the seat is also something you need to consider as it determines how comfortable you are when seated. Your back should be supported, fit legs and hips, and give you freedom of movement.

You are advised to confirm the maximum weight the chair can hold to avoid future malfunctions. While all drafting chairs are expected to swivel it would be advisable to double-check. Armrests should also be checked when purchasing a drafting chair. You can easily adjust the height, angle, and width of most modern drafting chairs. When your workspace is raised you also need to check the height that the chair can be adjusted to. The chair should have a simple lever to allow you to raise or lower the chair according to your desired height.

Now that you have known what to look for when choosing a drafting chair, and with so many chairs to choose from here are a few things you need to consider.

Most Important Considerations

To avoid disappointment make sure you consider your taste, materials, and style that best suit you.

1) Material

  •      Fabric

Chairs made from fabric are easy to maintain, simple, and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Unfortunately avoid anything that can easily spill on the chair, as it tends to lock in moisture and odors.

  •    Leather

For that classic look, this would be the best choice. Even though it is taunted as the most expensive to maintain, it is the most comfortable. However make sure it is clean and avoid keeping it in direct contact with the sun, to avoid wear and tear.

  •     Vinyl

It is the easiest material to clean, sturdy and durable. The material does not hold heat and is not as breathable as the mesh so you need to consider that.

  •    Plastic

The material is relatively easy to clean, too simple, and not as breathable as the mesh. There is a possibility that a plastic drafting chair will not come with as many features as earlier seen.

  • Mesh

Greatly preferred by someone who wants a material that is breathable and is known as the most comfortable. It allows free the flow of fresh air making it cool and very comfortable.

  • Wood

Can also be used, but needs to be combined with other materials to make it comfortable for use.

 2) Preferred Style and taste

When choosing a drafting chair consider the style you prefer. It would not be wise to choose a chair just for the sake of having one. Consider your personal preferences and what pleases you most. You can choose between a bare or a padded back cushion. 

Would you prefer an adjustable footrest or a chrome foot ring? To rest your arms would you prefer a flip-up armrest, fixed armrest, or no armrest? Some of the drafting chairs come with a headrest which can also be adjustable. The chair can also have a tilt lock mechanism. If you happen to spend a lot of time seated when working then a padded seat would be a good choice. The material also could be your taste. Remember most of the drafting chairs in the market will fit into your perfect style.

 3) Types of drafting chairs

With so much to choose from it can be quite a confusing affair. However, here are some of the best drafting chairs that Amazon U.S is offering.


           This is one of the best chairs as it comes with a breathable mesh back to allow air circulation. It has armrests that are easily adjusted for height. Can easily support up to 250 pounds and has been fitted with carpet casters.


This chair comes with a padded seat customed with a waterfall edge designed to relieve pressure from your body. It comes with a padded armrest and a sturdy base. When your attention is needed by the people around you, it can rotate at 360 degrees. Just under the seat, there is an adjustable lever and the chair is also fitted with a chrome ring.


This particular chair does not have armrests but comes with a comfortable seat and backrest. The seat is padded with a high-density soft sponge which is very comfortable. The height is adjustable with a hand lever just below the seat. The chair is very sturdy and durable. It comes fitted with caster wheels which make rolling on the floor easier.              


The chair is made up of breathable mesh and a mid-back lumbar to support your spine. It is fitted with smooth-rolling casters which are great when you want to move around the room without having to stand up. The chair has a swivel of 360 degrees.

Those are some of my best drafting chairs from Amazon U.S.

Frequently asked questions.

1)What is a drafting chair?

This is a chair that is specifically made for elevated working spaces, however, they are so adjustable that they can now fit with normal working spaces.

2) What are the benefits of a drafting chair?

  • Extra cushioning to prevent your muscles from getting sore.
  • Come with lumbar support for your spine.
  • The armrest supports your arms and avoids fatigue.
  •  Has footrests or chrome rings to rest your feet.
  •   Headrest to support your neck.

With work from home becoming the future norm, you will have to look for ways to create a comfortable working environment. The working surface and the chair are the most important. You now have an idea of what to look for when shopping for your chair.

Best Drafting Chairs for Work from Home

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