Best Drafting Chairs for Work From Home

Best Drafting Chairs for Work From Home (With Amazon USA Products)

Working from home is inevitable and a necessity due to Covid-19. But, is it really simple and straightforward to work from home? Finding a comfortable position to work as you move from bed to couch makes you less productive and hampers your professional growth. Therefore, you need to create your own space where you can dedicate your finest, most productive hours comfortably and peacefully.  So what’s the solution to that? Well, it’s simple. Get yourself drafting Chairs. Here, we’ll let you know some of the Best Drafting Chairs.

Drafting chairs are made with comfortable and breathable fabric, which allows you to work for longer hours without backache. They come with a sturdy base, footrest, and armrest, etc. As a consumer, one must always look for some of the must-have qualities in drafting chairs, like adjustable height and good lumbar support. Usually, anyone with long working hours will be benefitted by drafting chairs. It is highly recommended for people working in architecture or artistic fields. As a consumer, you don’t need to travel outside in the pandemic to find your perfect drafting chair. You can do that from the comfort of your home by searching online on 

Amazon has some of the best drafting chairs, which you can purchase with a single click. To make your work from home experience more comfortable, productive, and healthy, amazon offers a wide variety of chairs like Flash Furniture Mid-Back, Office Star Deluxe Mesh Back, Boss Office Products Caressoft Plus, and so on. These drafting chairs blend all the essential qualities that one chair must possess to be the consumer’s top choice. The price ranges from 84$ to as high as 400$. In that range, one can get extra functionality and a comfortable experience for an extended period. In addition, these chairs are sturdy and durable and would prove to be a good investment.     

However, investing in furniture can be quite hectic if you are unsure what you are looking for. For first-time drafting chair buyers, here is everything you need to know before purchasing one. Then, let us help you make your first purchase worth it. 

Best Drafting Chairs for Work From Home

With plenty of fish to choose from, we want you to pick the best one. But, on the other hand, don’t let your money go down the drain by purchasing something which isn’t worth it. So how do you know which one is suitable for you? Well, particular qualities of each product can’t be compromised, and the same thumb rule applies to drafting chairs.

So here are the essential qualities of a drafting chair.


Functions such as good footrest, allowing consumers to adjust the height, 360-degree rotation, and of course, high durability are some of the factors which make drafting chairs consumer-friendly. Drafting chairs allow you to sit straight and comfortably for longer working hours which we don’t find in traditional chairs. Other than that, drafting chairs come with good adjustable lumbar support. It means one can easily raise and lower the height accordingly. If your goal is to find a multifunctional drafting chair, then we recommend: 

  • Flash Furniture Ergonomic Drafting Chair

It is a black drafting chair constructed with engineered Wood, Foam, Mesh, Plastic, and Metal which allows consumers to sit and work in a relaxed environment without back or neck strain for an extended time. It comes with a foot ring, 360-degree rotation, good lumbar support, and of course, you can enjoy it as an arm or armless chair. And the best thing is it is Amazon’s choice product. 

Price: $144.88

  • Harwick Evolve Drafting Chair

The price range is a bit high, but the amazon product doesn’t disappoint. It comes with a weight capacity of  325 lbs, followed by lumbar support for the back and flip-up armrest for comfortable working hours. In addition, it comes in gunmetal color with a mesh built. 

Price: $334.45

  • Ergonomic Office Chairs

The Ergonomic Office Chair is suitable not only for office work but at home as well. This unisex large chair is comfortable to sit in as it is made with highly durable materials. Speaking of the features it has, then you won’t be disappointed. It comes with 360-degree rotation, a good lumbar support headrest, seat height and depth, and 4D adjustable armrests so that you can work comfortably from home. So what makes this chair worth your time? Apart from all the essential features, it comes with a 5-year warranty and a replacement offer on Amazon.

Price: $224.39

Adjustable Height and Tilt

Apart from other features, effortless tilt, adjustable arms, and sturdy base are common qualities that every drafting chair should have, which are available in the market or online. This is one of the central reasons why so many people are opting for drafting chairs.

If that’s what you are looking for, then we recommend:

  • SAMOFU Ergonomic High Back Desk Chair

You must wonder why we recommend this one. Well, the reason for it is because this one comes with an excellent tilt lock which lets you relax after a long day of work. People having neck and back issues should put this on their cart right away.

Price: $299.99

  • Modway Veer Drafting Chair 

For everyone, who is particular about colors, this red finish will surely win your heart. No compromise has been made with this one. It comes with Nylon and Metal built with adjustable height and ergonomic support. Not only that, you will get good lumbar support with a padded back and waterfall mesh seat to maintain the correct posture while working. The advisable weight capacity is 331 pounds.

  • Sytas Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair

Done with black furniture? Don’t worry. We have found you a piece of white furniture which will match your house color and won’t disappoint. Sytas Office Chair is an elegant work that suits every household due to its neutral white color. Speaking of features, it comes with 90-degree adjustable armrests, which you can flip up and down anytime. Other than that, you will find a 120-degree rocking style, Pneumatic height adjustable to a maximum of 21.06 inches. It can hold weight up to 250 lbs, making it sturdy and durable. Whether you are planning to keep it in your study or living room, it will look like part of the home anywhere.

Sturdy and Pocket Friendly 

Who Doesn’t want to save some money, right? So if you can’t afford an expensive piece of furniture, then worry not we have a few suggestions to make.

  • Office Star Sculptured Drafting Chair 

This black 29 lbs drafting chair is the perfect companion for people not wanting to spend a lot of money. Without compromising the quality and features of the chair, this pocket-friendly drafting chair is your good-to-go product. It comes with an adjustable height and footrest with a weight capacity of 250 lb. One can adjust the height as well. And, because it is made of a heavy-duty nylon base with dual wheel carpet casters, it is guaranteed to stay good as new for ages.

Price: $80.88

  • Boss Office Products B16245-BK Drafting Stool with Back

Another pocket-friendly edition amazon has to offer is this one. With an Ergonomic design, an attractive chrome finish makes it a classy yet inexpensive purchase. Also, with a design to hold the spine’s natural shape, consumers can say goodbye to their constant back pain. 

Price: $97.25

  • Office Star Deluxe Mesh Back Drafting Chair 

Another Amazon choice is Office Star Deluxe Mesh Back Drafting Chair. Not only is it made of Stainless-Steel but it has a breathable screen back and meshes seat. In addition, it has been made with Heavy Duty Nylon Base with Dual Wheel Carpet Casters to make the chair more sturdy and durable. With an adjustable footrest and backrest, this one deserves a chance. 

Price: $94.99 

Does Drafting chairs cure back and neck pain?

Most people have back, and neck aches just by not sitting in a correct posture. Did you know that drafting chairs can reduce back and neck strain after sitting for long hours? So how are they capable of doing that? Drafting chairs helps you sit in a correct posture as they are designed by human natural spine shape. Because they come with adjustable levers, one can easily adjust the height, tilt the back and relax the back muscles. With little investment, you can save thousands of dollars and doctor appointments.

Are drafting chairs different from traditional office chairs?

Indeed. Drafting chairs differ from the traditional office chairs we have all seen because of the built structure and material. While traditional office chairs are made up of cushions and plastic with metal, drafting chairs are designed with Wood, Foam, Mesh, Plastic, and Metal. Because of that, they have a higher weight capacity than traditional office chairs. 

Another major difference is the features available in drafting chairs which we have elaborated on above. They are designed specifically to keep the consumers in mind and fulfill their requirements. 

Are all drafting chairs the same?

The answer is no. There are plenty of varieties available in rafting chairs, and all of them fulfill different consumer requirements. E.g., you have The Artist’s Ideal Chair suitable for people looking for various heights and styles. Then there are Leather Drafting Chairs which look classy with a leather finish to give the office space a more luxurious look. And, of course, armrest drafting chairs with a Padded Back.

Why are drafting chairs expensive?

They can seem a little expensive because we compare them to our traditional office chair, which doesn’t cost much. However, the built-up design of a drafting chair is made to make long hours of sitting work effortless. With many designs and curves, back and neck adjustment, 360 rotation, and much more, you can see it is designed specifically keeping consumers in mind. So whether you are a software developer working from home or an artist, it suits everyone.


Manufacturers are experimenting with the design of the chairs and coming up with new ones every year. Investing in furniture can be a tedious job if you are not sure about what to purchase. If you keep in mind the following points mentioned above, as a consumer, then we can guarantee you that you’ll be able to choose the right product. Whether you need drafting chairs for office decoration or personal work, in any case, they are the perfect investment to make. Because they are suitable with any office tables, one need not worry about buying matching or supporting furniture. Manufacturers are experimenting with the design of the chairs and coming up with new ones every year. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are drafting chairs expensive?
    It depends upon your requirement. Amazon has drafting chairs in different ranges with various features. 

  2. Are our drafting chairs suitable for elderly people?
    As drafting chairs have good lumbar support and height adjustment features with a shape designed to keep the spine in correct posture, they seem to be a good option for elderly people as well. 

  3. What are the top four features to look for in a drafting chair?
    As a consumer, always look for height adjustment, built-up material, tilt, and arm adjournment, and price before making your big purchase.

  4. Does Amazon drafting chairs have a warranty and return policy with them?
    It solely depends upon the seller. Amazon is just a selling platform. Do look for a warranty and return policy before making the purchase.

  5. Are drafting chairs vegan? Most of the available drafting chairs are not made of metal, wood, plastic, or stainless steel. However, specifically designed drafting chairs like leather ones have animal skin used in it. Always look for the built-up material to avoid buying non-vegan products.
Best Drafting Chairs for Work From Home

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