What Are The Typical Requirements To Be A Rockette?

The Rockettes are famous worldwide for their envious high kicks and gorgeous legs. Countless small girls want to be Rockettes when they grow up, and hundreds of adult dancers audition each year. They use stocking feet for measurements. let us know about that the What Are The Typical Requirements To Be A Rockette?

What Are The Typical Requirements To Be A Rockette?

Rocketeers need to be taller than 5 feet, 6 inches but less than 5 feet, 10 inches and a half. They are one of the most famous precision jazz lines in the world. Thus all of the dancers must be proficient in jazz and tap. If a dancer isn’t tall enough, it’s out of their hands. However, the technical and aesthetic criteria are entirely under the dancer’s control, and according to Malkin, they are the only ones worth thinking about.

Who are the Rockettes?

Originally from the United States, the Rockettes are a precision dance group. They started in St. Louis in 1925, and by 1932 they were regulars at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. They also had a traveling company till 2015.

Rockette Requirements

Age and Other Requirements

Any prospective Rockette must be at least 18 years old. Girls under 17 may try out for the role (with parental consent), but they will be cast. It would help if you were a legal resident of the United States or a citizen to join the Rockette association.

The dates of the contracts range from the beginning of the winter season in late December to early January. Thus actors must be there throughout these times.

The Selection Process

Jazz performers learn routines in bigger groups and complete them in smaller ones. As the complexity of the dancing routines increases, they make cuts along the way. The choreographer and show director put a high value on precision and performance. 


The Rockettes are a model of consistency and accuracy. The famed high boost line necessitates dancers and legs that seem cookie-cutter to an audience. In reality, there are just a few inches of height differences.

Rocketeers need to be taller than 5 feet, 6 inches, but shorter than 5 feet, 10. Not a single person will be an exception. Everyone who comes to an audition in stocking feet, ballet tights, or bare feet is measured. If you fail the height test, you must return and return home.

The tallest dancers are in the middle of the line to provide the illusion of one perfect line during the performance. Gradually tapering to the most petite dancers at the ends.


They organize Rockettes as symbols and ambassadors. They are a “type” who perform in all mediums and worldwide. Their portrayed demeanor is cheerful, energized, energetic, enthusiastic about becoming Rockettes, and all-around wholesome and lovely. 

They practice the routines until they are perfect. Public presentations are rigorously planned and practiced. Costumes, appearance, grooming, health, and stamina must all be perfect. 

Being a Rockette is more than just a dancing profession; it is membership in a renowned chorus line that has delighted Christmas audiences for over 75 years.

Advantages for Rockettes and Salary

A Rockette’s estimated pay varies from $1400 to $1500, depending on the length of the contract, and they may make between $36,000 and $40,000.

To keep their wages coming in the year, they usually take on other jobs in the summer, like teaching dancing courses, coordinating practices for other dancers, or participating in analogous performances. They do not pay Rockettes for their hotel or travel costs.


To get through that one batch that will begin their career, every Rockette must face several hurdles and ups and downs in their life. As a beginner, enroll in programs, shape your body, master multiple dance forms, and clasp the essence of the style. It will surely get you one step closer to achieving your goals.

Being a Rockette may seem all about glittery costumes and live performances, but the title comes with a lot of hard work. It requires devotion, hard work, passion, discipline, and concentration. Still, it also delivers a pleasant and unique experience for those prosperous ladies who have the chance to represent one of the most beloved associations on stages all over the world.


1. Is There a Time Limitation for Becoming a Rockette?

Although there are no legal restrictions on how old a Rockette may be, most Rockettes aspire to remain on stage for at least ten years before retiring. Retired Rockettes work backstage as dressers or teach dancing courses at the Radio City Summer Intensive program.

2. How do the Rockettes Spend their Off-Season?

Another way the Rockettes keep active during the off-season is by giving fitness classes or taking more dance lessons to develop their skills. Also, to continue being in shape to perform 16 performances each week! Many ladies work as teachers at Body by Simone, a well-known dance cardio facility.

What Are The Typical Requirements To Be A Rockette?

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