Salaries For Travelling Occupational Therapist

The need for healthcare professionals is growing along with the number of illnesses and diseases as well as the aging population. Among all medical specialties, occupational therapy is quite important. They are the ones who offer the care required to recover from the physical or mental problems brought on by an illness or injury. Let’s learn about ‘Salaries For Travelling Occupational Therapist’.

Salaries For Travelling Occupational Therapist

Salaries For Travelling Occupational Therapist

The income of an occupational therapist is influenced by factors such as specialty, industry, and employer in addition to geography and education. Child care services ($106,070), management of businesses and enterprises ($99,850), continuing care retirement communities and assisted living facilities for the elderly ($94,360), home health care services ($94,270), and nursing care facilities ($91,810) are the highest-paying industries in this career. 

To accommodate patients’ schedules, some occupational therapists work nights and weekends in addition to their typical full-time hours.

Traveling Occupational Therapist: Salaries For Travelling Occupational Therapist

There are many work chances in this industry, as well as many advantages. It is a wonderful career that gives you the chance to travel, discover new things, build your network, learn about all elements of occupational therapy, and earn money while doing it. But a job seeker’s thoughts immediately turn to things like how to apply for the position of travel occupational therapist, what the pay scale is, etc. Let’s look at what this field has to offer and the advantages and disadvantages you should consider before beginning your career.

Requirements Needed To Become A Traveling Occupational Therapist

  1. When appropriate, a current driver’s license may be needed. Obtaining and then maintaining the necessary department-specific certifications and abilities. Health care professionals must complete Basic Life Support (BLS) training before or within the first 60 days of work. 
  2. Obtains a doctoral or master’s degree in occupational therapy training. In compliance with state licensing requirements, the required education level. Must hold an occupational therapy license in the state(s) where they practice.

Duties Of A Traveling Occupational Therapist

  1. You may also be required to communicate with people outside the department, such as providers, case managers, family members, and others. 
  2. Teaches patients how to perform numerous lifestyle duties, such as dressing and walking, despite their unique medical circumstances
  3. Keeps track of and submits reports outlining the patient’s therapeutic development
  4. Examines the patient’s residence and workplace to find any prospective dangers and makes suggestions for improvement, like creating a walking ramp or putting accessibility features in the shower
  5. Makes a treatment plan for the patient that includes practical exercises the patient can do at home to relieve pain

Excellent Perks and Benefits

Benefits and Perks Along with a high compensation is an additional advantage. Traveling OT workers are entitled to numerous allowances and gratuities. The placement firms typically offer paid lodging, bonuses for finishing tasks, reimbursement for transportation, a non-taxable living stipend, referral bonuses, a 401(k), etc. You have the opportunity to discover new locations across the nation in addition to this.

  1. insurance for health, dental, life, and professional liability
  2. Reimbursement for licenses acquired to accept a job offer from an MT
  3. Housing provided in advance; furnished and ready to move in
  4. Housing stipend if you’d prefer to live on your own
  5. Plan 401(k)/retirement savings; annual contribution cap of $17,500.
  6. Travel expenses for your job assignment

Salaries For Traveling Occupational Therapists

The average annual salary for a traveling occupational therapist in the United States as of August 3, 2022, is $90,647. This amounts to $7,554 a month or $1,743 per week.

The wide variation in the typical compensation for a traveling occupational therapist—up to $45,000—indicates that there may be numerous potential for income increases and development based on experience, location, and skill level. According to recent job posting activity, there aren’t many openings for traveling occupational therapists in Lagos, Nigeria, or in the state as a whole. In your region, the average yearly wage for a traveling occupational therapist is $90,879, which is $232 (0%) more than the $90,647 national average. 

Cities With Highest Salaries For Occupational Therapists

We’ve identified cities where the normal occupational therapist traveler income is higher than the national average. The ranking is headed by Green River, Wyoming, with Santa Clara, California, and San Francisco, California closely following in second and third, respectively. San Francisco, CA exceeds the national average by $15,462 (17.1%), and Green River, WY continues this trend by exceeding the $90,647 norm by an additional $24,504 (27.0%).

The average pay in these cities differs only 13% between Green River, Wyoming, and Bronx, New York, supporting the limited possibilities for significant wage advancement. The ideal aspect to employ when weighing location and pay for a Traveling Occupational Therapist role may be the potential for a cheaper cost of living. 

States With The Highest Wages For Occupational Therapists

Nevada ($111,270), California ($101,080), Arizona ($99,950), New Jersey ($98,750), and the District of Columbia ($96,330) are the states and districts that pay occupational therapists the highest mean salaries.

 The average salary in these ten places is higher than the national average, thus moving for work as a traveling occupational therapist seems to offer a lot of opportunities for financial progress.

What Are The Top 5 Traveling Occupational Therapist Jobs With The Best Pay In The United States?

The Traveling Occupational Therapist job category has at least five occupations that pay more annually than the average Traveling Occupational Therapist salary. Occupational Therapist Contract, Occupational Therapist Travel, and Locum Occupational Therapist are three prominent examples of these roles.

It’s important to note that all of these positions pay between $22,112 (24.4%) and $37,867 (41.8%) more than the $90,647 median annual compensation for traveling occupational therapists. If you are qualified, you might be able to earn more money than the typical Traveling Occupational Therapist employment by being hired for one of these related positions.

In Conclusion

Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Travelling Occupational Therapist’, Working as a travelling occupational therapist is a good decision but their income are usually affected by certain factors and some cities pay better when compared to some other cities. If you need to earn more money as Traveling Occupational Therapist, you can try and choose out of highest paying positions that are related to that field.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Question 1 Where do occupational therapist make the most money?

Most occupational therapist earn high wages in Nevada 

  • Question 2 Which category Of occupational therapist has the highest Wages?

Occupational Therapist involved in child care earn more than other categories.

Salaries For Travelling Occupational Therapist

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