Walmart Point System – Know More

Walmart Point System: Walmart is America’s third-largest retail chain of stores. The store got founded by Sam Waltons in Roger, Arkansas in the United States. Sams Club, Walmart International, Walmart U.S, and Global eCommerce are the four distinctive industries of Walmart. It has 10000+ stores worldwide. The current headquarters is in Bentonville, Arkansans.

Walmart Point System - Know More

Vacating for genuine leaves such as sickness is authorized by Walmart. But, for impermissible leaves, employees gain a point under the point system of Walmart. This system is used to keep a record of the worker’s unauthorized leave of absence at work.

Point System At Walmart

In general, if an employee is leaving early by 2 hours or is late, it will fetch half a point. Employees will be penalized with 2 to 3 points if the reason for absence is not reported. All the used points are reinstated after six months and the occurrences will be rattled down from the record.

There are no points if employees take a meal break early or late. However, it is a meal violation and might take a year to roll off the record. An employee can also have Protected Paid Time Off in which they will not use a point and the payment will be paid as per the scheduled time that the employee might have missed. A PPTO is also used for 48 hours right after your absenteeism, to cover up the missed day.

The employees will attain one point for taking unexpected leave on non-holiday shifts. A maximum of five to six points are accepted. With more than 5 points, the firm has the right to take strict actions & terminate the employee.

Non-Attendance Days Permitted At Walmart

Employees will be charged with 3 points for unexpected leaves during the holiday shifts. On Non-holiday shifts, they will obtain 1 point for the absence. According to Walmart, absenteeism means working on 50 percent of the programmed shift. The points rely on the type of absenteeism. Before the termination, an employee is permitted five points.

An employee cannot have more than five occurrences in a six-month time. Employees will get terminated if there is non-attendance on two-holiday shifts. Absence on one-holiday shift and two standard shifts get granted by the company.

Are Points Gained For Leaving Early At Walmart?

An employee will attain half a point for leaving early. According to Walmart, beyond 10 minutes of the scheduled work time is examined as late. 0 points get attained for working at the scheduled time. An employee will get a point for being 2 hours late of the scheduled time. A point gets obtained for being absent on non-permissible leave.

After attaining 3 points, the company will send a write as a warning. An employee may get fired for gaining 6 points. The points are restored after every 6 months. If an employee is arriving late or leaving early, they must inform their manager. The firm also pays for sick leave. If leave is taken by an employee then it is essential to inform the firm within the two days of your absenteeism. 

The company cannot terminate the employee for taking leave such as pregnancy, medical associated, etc. Absence is allowed in sickness, injury, illness of a family member, etc. 

Observing The Leaves Taken At Walmart

The report is checked at the Walmart store Associate account. Each six month-report will be displayed in detail about your Leave of Absence. Contacting at Leave Service center of Walmart can explain your leaves and points of the employees. 

What To Do If I Got Fired From Walmart?

If an employee culminates their work on positive terms then they can re-apply. The workers may need to wait for 90 days to re-apply at Walmart. Rationale reasons like sickness, Family problems, anything unrelated to your work, such employees are likely to get rehired by their past Walmart store or even a new one.

Does Walmart Reward Its Employees For Good Attendance?

The company has changed its paid time off policies. The company will pay bonuses to their employees who restraints the absence of leaves. This system was revised to provide incentives for the workers who are regular and are present every day. According to them, 9 days of leaves every six months was permitted. However, in the revised policy only five days are permitted every six months. 

The vacation day policy is the same as the previous ones. Perfect attendance will have an extra 25% bonus in their regular quarterly bonus. Employees with one or two points are also eligible for this bonus.  

General Benefits Received By The Employee At Walmart

Benefits like Health insurance, Dental insurance, Vision Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Occupational Accident Insurance, Supplement Life Insurance, and Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance are usually received by the employees. 


Walmart is a prominent retail chain of stores in the United States. They provide their services internationally. The Walmart point system is a system to keep a track of the employee’s unrequired absences. Employees will retain one point for non-justified leaves. With more than five points, the firm has the right to terminate the worker. the employee must inform the manager before or after taking the leave. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does Walmart provide a raise to their employees?

Yes, raises are provided per annum. 

However, the raise is discarded if the employee is at 4 points. 

2. How many hours shall an employee work full-time at Walmart?

According to Walmart, full-time work comprises 34+ hours. 

An employee will be entitled to medical insurance if they work for 30 hours. 

3. Are the prices the same as Walmart plus for non-employees and employees at Walmart?

No, the Walmart plus membership fees service is free of cost for the employees at Walmart. In the United States, the company offers Walmart plus to part-time and full-time workers. 

4. Does Walmart provides uniforms to their employees?

Workers can wear clothes that are following their dress code. However, the firm does provide uniforms and it consists of a vest with a name tag. The color will differ based on your position. 

Walmart Point System – Know More

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