Career Opportunities at Justice Jobs, Salary,& Application Process

There are thousands of great career opportunities waiting for you at the Justice Department, the USA. To apply for the job through the official website of the US Justice Department. There are several benefits that a Justice Department employee gets along with a good salary and job security. Sounds like a dream right?. Currently, there are thousands of job openings posted on the website.  Let us know Career Opportunities at Justice Jobs, Salary, Benefits, and Application Process.

Career Opportunities’ at Justice Jobs, Salary, Benefits And Application Process

Read below to know more about the job application process, salary, benefits, and more.

What Is The Justice Department USA?

The Justice Department of the USA is also known as The United States Department Of Justice. It is abbreviated as DOJ. It is a department of the federal executive of the USA government. The US government has been given the task of implementing the federal law and working on overseeing justice and its implementation in the USA. The agency was created on July 1, 1870. The agency was formed very long ago. Currently, it is 151 years old. The DOJ agency is classified under the executive department of the US government. The agency rules jurisdiction under the US federal government. The DOJ is headquartered in the RF. Kennedy Department of Justice building situated at 950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC, United States Of America.

 Currently, the agency is headed by Merric Garland, The Attorney General. The agency currently employees more than 113,114 under them. The annual budget of the big agency of DOJ is $29.9 Billion as of the information of 2019. The estimated turnover is calculated as $1 million per year. The agency has a strong motto of The Lady Justice. officially this agency was just a single-person job, that too part-time. But soon it grew bigger and bigger to this day as a bureaucracy. Amos T Akerman was the very first Attorney General of the DOJ. Earlier the power of the Attorney General was quite less and he was only asked for advice. But soon after the Act of DOJ, the responsibilities of the Attorney was increased to what it is now.

Career Opportunities At Department Of Justice/Justice Jobs

The agency currently supports more than 113,114 people financially by providing them with jobs under them. DOJ offers more than 500 job opportunities at their company. What’s better than working for your government? According to the online reviews, the job is a very good opportunity to boost your career or settle it. People say that it has a very good working environment. The co-workers, employees, and head are extremely friendly and good-natured. Not just this but also the salary and benefits are just amazing. A person is likely to learn and get to know lots of different and new things related to working and career. The DOJ also provides a training session of a few weeks for the new employees so that they could understand their working and responsibilities. They make their employees attend several orientations to learn about other good opportunities and plans for them. 

Working at DOJ is a very good option for those who are planning to settle on a job permanently. There are several jobs for permanent posts offered by the Justice department that have a good salary and status. Although you may undergo some work stress/load while working for such a big agency, that’s just normal with office employees all around the world. There is little scope for advancement at the job post if you perform nicely and stand up to the expectations set by your head. The agency provides flexibility to its employees along with several parts and full-time jobs. Work From Home is also offered to employees. The agency has a total rating of 4.1 stars, which is wonderful. 

Steps To Easily Apply For a Job At Department Of Justice

The only way to apply for jobs at the Department of Justice is through an online medium. Through the official website or any other safe and trusted website you can look up any job of your preference and apply for them easily. Given below are the order wise steps to easily apply for the jobs at the Department of USA:

  • On a search engine, open the official website of the Justice Department of the USA.
  • When the page opens you will find different options at the center, Home, Carrers, and Help Centre at the center of the page.
  • Click on the sixth option “Career “.
  • After clicking on “Career” a new separate tab of the company will open.
  • The new tab will open that is completely related to Career opportunities and open jobs. 
  • On the new page, you will find a list of open job opportunity all around the USA. 
  • Other than job opening, you will also find volunteering and internship oppurtunitis.
  • At the very right corner, you will find an option “Search Jobs” Click on it.
  • After clicking on Search Jobs, lots of jobs of your preference will show up on the screen It will show all the job openings of your choice and in yor countery.
  • Now click on any job opening you like and a whole page containing a list of responsibilities and information related to that specific job will open.
  • Read about all the information and details related to salary, location, job type, timed details, and responsibility.
  • After reading about it click on Apply button on the extreme left.
  • Now fill in all the necessary details like personal information, education qualification and upload all the documents required.
  • Now you just have to wait patiently for any response from their side. Most probably you will receive a mail or a call from the employer.
  • You may have to sit for a few interviews before finally getting shortlisted for the job.
  • There is quite a lot of competition for jobs at the Justice Department as it is a government job and thousands of people apply for a single post.

Follow all the steps given above carefully. Fill in all the documents and details carefully as they are very necessary. Make sure that you check the location of the job before applying for it. 

Skills Required To Get A Job At Department Of Justice

There are no special skills as mentioned by the agency itself. For getting a job at DOJ one must have a good education qualification, good working history, experience, and skills. Skills and other requirements depend from job to job. Each job is different and has different working conditions, hence the set of skills required are different too. Although there are some basic skills for people looking at normal or technical jobs at the Department of Justice. These skills are as follows:

  • Excellent leadership quality.
  •  Influencing Skills.
  • Self Developing skills.
  • Keeping a quality service and work.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Team development and managing skills.
  • High and accurate planning skills.
  • Good decision-making skills.
  • Complete knowledge about the industry.
  • Organizing skills.
  • Good Problem-solving skills.

Average Salary Of An Employee Working At Department Of Justice

The average pay of employees working under the Department of Justice differs from post to post. The salary depends on what grade job you are doing. Although currently, the highest-paid post is of Attorney or Human Resources. Human resource officers are among the most paid jobs under the Department of Justice. According to a survey 65 percent of the employees are extremely happy with the job and the salary they are receiving. Among all the departments of the DOJ, the highest-paid in the administration department. While the management department has an adequate salary. Given below are the salaries of some of the most popular posts at the Department of Justice:

  • Human Resources Manager $93,740 per year
  • Attorney $142,349 per year
  • Clinical Psychologist $101,196 per year
  • Administrative Assistance $84,829 per year
  • Administrative Assistant $55,338 per year
  • Secretary $56,628 per year
  • Legal Assistant $49,525 per year
  • Paralegal $68,408 per year
  • Associate Attorney $106,550 per year
  • Air Conditioning Engineers Average salary $37.62per hour
  • Air Filter Technicians Average salary $31.38 per hour
  • Audio Visual Technicians Average salary $93,896 per year
  • Automotive Mechanics Average salary $55,149 per year.
  • Automotive Technician Average salary $87,490 per year

These were the average salary of some of the most common and most applied jobs at the Department of justice. To know about the rest of the job salaries you can check it on the official website or any other trusted website that has uploaded the salary of the DOJ. Make sure to check the reviews of the uploaded salary, as many websites post fake salaries without any official information. 

Benefits Of Working As A Department Of Justice Employee

Along with a good salary paid employees of the department of justice get some very excellent benefits. There is a very big difference between the benefits provided to part-time and full-time employees by the company. Although all the benefits are beneficial to employers. If you want to read about the benefits at the Department of Justice in detail you can read it on the official website of the DOJ. Just like all other companies, the DOJ also provides health insurance to its employees. But the insurance provided here is better than other private companies. With this, the DOJ also offers paid leave to its employees. Although the number of paid leaves is quite less per year, the payment covers it all up. Given below is the list of some of the basic and common benefits provided by the Department of Justice to its employees:

  • excellent full Health insurance.
  • Great eye vision checkup and insurance for free.
  • very affordable and beneficial life insurance.
  • Monthly leaves are given.
  • Sick leaves are given to employees when required.
  • Few Paid leaves are given per year.
  • Work flexibility is offered.
  • Great flexibility is given to working schedules.
  • Work from home option is also provided in various posts. 
  • Great retirement plans and ideas.
  • Retirement benefits are provided.
  • Employees are given regular employee mentoring orientation. 
  • Yearly Employee appreciation day is celebrated. 

These were some of the basic benefits provided to almost every job post. Other than this many exclusive benefits are given to full-timers, permanent employees, and higher posts. If you want to read about the benefits in detail you can look them up on the official website. 


Department Of Justice USA provides very great career opportunities to people of the USA. Not just career opportunities but a good and adequate salary also. The benefits provided to the employees are also amazing and worth it. According to the online review, working at DOJ is recommended by 87 percent of people. Given above was the simple procedure of applying for a job at DOJ, following it correctly will help you secure a good job successfully at DOJ. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What questions do they ask in an interview?

Basic questions related to your job and the industry are asked. Along with this, some situation-based questions are also asked like “How do you handle workload and stress?”

  • How is the working environment at the US department of justice?

Coordinate online reviews 87 percent of workers marked the environment at DOJ as friendly and comfortable to work in. The co-workers are extremely friendly and helpful.

  • Is the salary adequate at the Department of Justice USA?

Yes, absolutely. No other company other than DOJ provides such a good salary for almost all posts. Even the salary hikes occur very often, which is rare in other private companies.

  • What are the working hours at the USA department of justice?

Although you are always busy on the phone or laptop and calls from employers, the common working hours are every week Monday to Friday, from 8 am to around 5 or 6 pm. 

  • What is the oldest and youngest age of working at the Department Of Justice?

The youngest age for working at the DOJ of the USA is 21 years old, while the oldest age for working at the DOJ is 36 years old. There is no other job for people above 36. While the age of an employees retirement is 57 to 60 years, old 

Career Opportunities at Justice Jobs, Salary,& Application Process

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