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There are certain phrases and words, which we use often, but we are not aware of the actual meaning and usage of the phrase or the word. Thank you likewise is one such phrase. While you might be knowing the meaning of the phrase thank you, you might not be knowing the meaning of the word ‘likewise’. This article will acquaint you with the correct meaning and usage of this phrase. Thank you likewise meaning- accepting the gratitude and giving it back to the person. This phrase is used in a formal context, instead of ‘thank you, you too’. Continue reading if you want to know more about the usage of this phrase.

Meaning of thank you likewise

We can understand the meaning of the phrase by bifurcating it into two different words. First, we will understand the meaning separately, and then we will combine the two. We all know the meaning of thank you. It is a phrase to thank someone or to be precise, show your gratitude. 

The word likewise is synonymous with also or in a similar manner. 

If we combine the meaning of the two words, it would mean accepting the gratitude of someone and giving it back to him, or intending to wish them the same.

This word is mostly put into formal use. We can say that it is a formal way to say me too or to show that you feel the same.

To get the meaning better, consider this example. For instance, someone compliments you for the dress you are wearing, and you notice that she is also wearing a beautiful dress, you can answer her by saying thank you, likewise. This elucidates that you are showing gratitude and at the same time complementing the other person as well.

Usage of thank you likewise

The phrase, thank you likewise is used professionally. It is a formal term for me too or the same for you. People use it to express their gratitude and wish the same for others. It is used to indicate some type of similarity, agreement, or a parallel situation.

The word likewise is also used with thank you to emphasize or give stress on something, like answering the compliment with another compliment.

Let us have a closer look at some of the examples, which will make the usage clearer.

  • While on duty, he said, You are doing a great job. I replied, Thank you and likewise.

In this sentence, you can observe that the receiver of the complement is expressing his gratitude. Another thing that we see is the usage of the word likewise, which indicates that the one giving the compliment might have done something equally good. The receiver answers back with another compliment.

  •  We crossed paths on the street, and he wished Merry Christmas, have a great day ahead. I replied, Thank you, likewise.

In this sentence, the person tends to wish well to someone. The receiver replies with a thank you and wishing him the same. Here, likewise is used synonymously to the phrase same to you, which indicates that this might be a formal greeting.

These were a few examples that intended to give clarity of usage of the phrase thank you likewise.

Different ways to use likewise

The word likewise can be used in a variety of ways, some of them being as follows:

  • The word likewise can be used while comparing two things or two ways. It is often used to indicate that two methods are similar or are of the same manner.
  • The word is also used when you want to convey the same to someone, or that you felt the same way.
  • When combined with the phrase thank you, the word is used in the context of giving back the compliment to someone.

These were some ways in which the word likewise is used in sentences.

Using likewise in the phrase thank you, likewise: Rude?

Using the word likewise with the phrase thank you is not considered rude. It is a formal or professional way to say the same to you as explained in the above examples. So, if you think that thank you likewise might sound rude, you are mistaken.

Whenever you converse with your colleagues, it is advised to use this phrase as it sounds more professional. The phrase ‘same to you, or ‘me too, might sound naive in official or professional work or when it comes to communicating with your office colleagues. Thank you likewise should be used whenever you want to answer a compliment with a compliment.

Likewise or the same to you: which one’s better?

Both the words have similar meanings yet the context that they are used in differs:

  • While the word likewise is used formally, the phrase same to you is mostly used in informal settings.

The phrase same to you may not be perceived well by everyone as it is sometimes used sarcastically. In this situation, you can use the word likewise. It is formal and sounds sophisticated, nobody will misinterpret it.

Thus, it is better to use the word likewise instead of using the phrase ‘same to you, if you are not sure about how the receiver will interpret your response. Use likewise to be on a safer side.


In the article, we looked into the meaning and correct usage of the phrase thank you likewise. The thing to keep in mind is that this phrase is prominently used to show your gratitude towards someone and answer the compliment with a compliment. Likewise equates to the phrases same to you, me too, in a similar manner. This is used when one needs to be professional. 

Thank you likewise is used to show your agreement with something or to answer a compliment with a compliment.

So, the next time you want to show your gratitude towards someone and give them the same compliment as you got, you can use the phrase Thank you likewise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the situations in which I can use the phrase thank you likewise?

The phrase thank you likewise is generally used when you are in a formal setting. The word likewise means the same to you. So when someone tells you that you look pretty, you can answer by saying thank you and likewise.

Can you give an example of using thank you likewise in a sentence?

Here is one example for you:

My colleague complimented me, you did a great job with the ppt and I replied, Thank you, and likewise.

This indicates that the colleague also did a great job in his presentation, thus the receiver is answering the compliment with a compliment.

What are some of the synonyms of the word likewise?

The word likewise has several synonyms. Some of them being- same to you, similar, agreeing to something and me too.

Which phrase should I use when someone wishes me a good day?

To answer this, you can use ‘thank you and likewise’. People often use this to be on the safer side. However, you can also go ahead with ‘thank you and the same to you if it’s in an informal context. Using ‘thank you likewise’ means you intend to wish the same for the person saying this.

Thank you Likewise Meaning and Professional Usage

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