Tell Us About Something Meaningful To You And Why? How To Answer & Sample

There is this question in the back of everyone’s mind, what is the one thing that makes your heart dance with joy. Reflecting on things that make a person filled with exuberance and warmth is a tough job. One has to sit and listen to your heart. This question seems easy but it is not simple to answer without proper introspection. Though a simple question, it will take a long time of self-reflection and gathering memories of the moments of your life that made you take a step towards a growth process in your life’s journey. Let us know more about “Tell Us About Something Meaningful To You And Why?”.

Tell Us About Something Meaningful To You And Why?

To answer, it does not require you to talk about big changes or talk about fancy topics. Most of the time, this question is asking about the small things that matter to you. These little things may seem minuscule or unimportant but they can show them your real self, the true self. You may think these little things that you don’t matter to anyone but these things have a way to shine into your inner self. Most of the time, these things hold greater weight to be an accomplished person in every way. The things that you ignore like the small stuff may help you get to the next big thing of your life. Therefore, it is so important to hold onto the memories or life-altering decisions that you may have made on account of an incident, sharing your hobbies, or volunteering that you do. And all those things that may seem small but topics around those things will have a big impact on your selection.

Before you decide to answer this question, you have to keep in mind that choosing a topic on this question has to be a personal one. Sharing a real story that has impacted your outlook of life for the best.

  • Try to find topics that are not common. For instance, to sound intelligent and smart, one may end up writing about topics that have no meaning to them at all. Such a bogus mistake can be detrimental to your selection. Unless you have a meaningful story to share behind that topic.
  • Having said that, it is very important to remember that there is no right and wrong way to answer this question. Everyone has a unique thing to share and it may be meaningful to that person. Sharing it with passion and truth is what matters to the person listening to your story.
  • This question is a great opportunity to pen down your most significant moments of all time. It is best to add as much meaningful and personal touch to it. 
  • Choose a topic that is universally significant such as my fitness regime or daily habits etc. It is best to sound different and separate from the crowd if you desire to write an impressive one.
  • While answering, watch out for repetitive words and be specific about what you want them to learn about you. Write with proper spelling and good grammar.
  • This is a very broad question. And it needs a thorough introspection about your routine, activities that you haven’t mentioned before to them. Try to see yourself from every angle. Study your life’s experiences, memories, values, etc.
  • All this should speak to your struggles, challenges, character or goals, and ambition and how this has shaped and molded you into the person you are today.
  • You may choose topics that are common too but they should have a meaning to you. Topics such as,” choosing a particular career”because you want to do good for society. Needless to say, such answers are pretty common but if you can tell it as a story in a compelling and motivational way and state the reason why that will set this topic apart and will work in your favor.
  • Choose a topic that resonates with your heart. Anything related to career, a subject that you love, a book that changed your mindset, a relationship, friendships, advice that changed your life, about loss, a change of seasons, cultures, language, religion, traditions, about your love for animals and nature or something abstract, etc. You can choose anything but the only thing you have to take care of is not to lose its context on why it is meaningful to you.
  • If you have to choose big topics like world peace or gender equality, you need to say it in such a way that it doesn’t sound like it’s borrowed from somewhere. Your story has to be compelling and personal enough to make it stick with the reader.
  • These answers must show the real person, the person that is behind the achievements. Through this method, only you can bring your story alive. Be unique and be specific. 
  • The choice of words must be in your natural voice. A normal tone with the right grammar and language rules and conventions with the right amount of enthusiasm can never go wrong.

Here are the answer samples for the question, tell us something meaningful to you and why?

Sample Answer 1

This is about a memory when you found something new about yourself and that moment is remembered with fondness and gratitude.

When I was a 10-year-old child, I was often sent to India to my grandparents’ house for summers. It was there I enjoyed all those childhood fun. I always had my grandpa looking out for me as I would always climb his mulberry tree and he was afraid that I might fall and hurt myself. Of all the lovely memories, one thing played a significant role in my life. It is significant because I discovered the joy of writing at that age. I would often steal time for myself and would sit under the bottle brush tree, writing away poems and stories that my young mind could comprehend. The fragrance of the bottle brush flower adds more pleasure to my newfound hobby. I still can picture myself sitting under the bottle brush tree and writing away, lost in the world of words. That experience is the most meaningful to me because I found my passion for writing.

Sample Answer 2

I am filled with gratitude thinking about my intercultural background. I can speak three languages perfectly. It gives me immense joy to be able to speak three different languages because I believe that language opens many doors of opportunity, thus broadening our world. It makes us see things from a new perspective. Learning so many languages gives me a sense of empowerment. It is a weapon of unity as it connects us to different cultures as some cultures may seem different to us if we don’t speak their languages. I think I can proudly say that learning different languages is the most meaningful thing for me because of the reasons I have stated.

Sample Answer 3

I am the happiest person when I can unwind by dancing away my stress and tensions. Dance has a therapeutic effect on me. If you ask me this question, “Can you think of something that makes you light up with an extra surge of energy to face another day full of challenges? It would be a dance for me. I can dance when I am filled with sorrow and frustration, that is why this art form is special to me. It has a two-fold effect on me. Firstly, it relieves my stress, secondly, it lets me have a good workout. I think nothing can go wrong after that. The third reason why this art form is dear to me is that dance helps me stay connected to a community of dancers. I love to connect with like-minded people and dance helps me stay connected to such a community. Fourthly, it helps me to express my artistic abilities.

Sample Answer 4

I am a spiritual person and someone who loves to spend time with the Lord in the morning. I love to meditate and give the first dawn of the day to the creator. It has always been like this for me since growing up. This practice helps me stay grounded and acts as a reminder that time is of the essence and it is passing away every minute and every second. When I think of life, I see it as vapor. I have lost many loved ones, they are gone like the dust carried away by the wind. Their life journey is like a split second. I know I am no different. Everyone has to taste it one day or the other. Therefore, I always have a reminder to live each day as if it’s my last. To make that happen, I need some tools like love, patience, kindness, and humility to serve the people around me. I need all the strength required to accomplish all that is required for the day. That is where my daily practice of meditation with God in the dawn comes in handy. Although I cannot do everything perfectly and I do make mistakes, this practice helps me to stay self-aware to make minimal damage to relationships. This is why this daily practice is so meaningful for me and I would never trade it for anything else in this world.

Sample Answer 5

What makes the human mind so fascinating, has always been an interesting search of mine. I love psychology and I can spend hours reading articles upon articles without getting bored. This subject is so important for me as the mind is an interesting thing that one cannot fully discover or comprehend. Even though so many researchers have written about it, it still doesn’t fail to astonish us. 

Human beings are complicated beings. Everything cannot be seen in black and white. There are so many gray areas and those are the ones that are interesting to study. I love this subject because it helps me understand people’s emotions better and I take pleasure in growing and learning more about relationships and with all the complications that come with it. I love to study it from every angle and psychology helps me do that. 

Sample Answer 6

When you excel in something, you naturally feel good and that feel-good factor helps you to excel more in that thing. I excel in the planning and execution of anything. My friends and former classmates always look up to me to plan an event whenever an occasion comes up. It just comes naturally to me. It doesn’t feel like a chore and I enjoy making things come together and making something out of a scratch. The other thing I love doing is it because I feel elated to see the joy in people’s eyes. This makes me satisfied and accomplished. 

Sample Answer 7

When you look at food as just a way to satisfy your hunger, it remains that way. But for me, food is not for nourishing the body but it has much more meaning to me. For me, food brings relationships closer. One of our family traditions is dining together. We will wait for one another even though some are hungry to death, we wait for each other to have the family dinner together. These things are so meaningful to us as it is at the dinner table, we share our day’s accomplishments and setbacks. I believe that due to this tradition, our family ties are closer. A family that dines together always stays together.

Sample Answer 8

The most meaningful thing to me is my friendship with a girl of a different nationality. We met on one of my foreign trips. Ever since then we have been contacting one another through letters and social media. I treasure our friendship because she taught me new ways of living. She opened my eyes to the way I viewed poverty. She is from a poor background compared to my world but what helped me understand when I went closer to her world was that she has everything that a person needs. She has a roof above her head and food on her table and lots of love from her family and friends. She has the best diet as she grows her food. She may be poor by my standards but she taught me that the best things in life are free and you don’t need much to live a satisfying life. Since I met her, my growth journey of living a minimalist lifestyle started. I owe all to her and this has made a significant change in my life.

Sample Answer 9

The river has a way to calm you down and has a soothing effect on your soul. The most meaningful moment for me is spending time in the river whenever I feel the need to relax and reflect on some things that need some deeper thinking. Listening to the sound of the gushing river is so soothing and relaxing that it just rejuvenates my soul and helps me find solutions to the most difficult problem during those soul-searching moments in the river. Nature has a way to make me live a more balanced lifestyle. It brings peace and harmony to my being. I am a kinder and understanding person when I take my alone time out with nature. This is just my way of giving my better version to the relationships around me. I treasure people a lot and I know that I cannot give my best if I don’t work on myself first. Therefore, I take help from nature from time to time and it helps me to be a fuller person. 

Sample Answer 10

I still remember that Tuesday at 10 Am when my grandmother left this world. I know I was ready to let her go as she had been sick for so many months due to her old frail body. But when she died, something happened to me. It was a moment of discovery and realization. The death of my grandmother taught me that it is no use holding onto anything temporary on this earth. She was a strong and successful woman during her time. But when she died, all her belongings and even her body did not go with her. I saw my grandmother’s casket with her body lifeless and without any treasures that she so loved dearly. Her belongings were distributed to everyone, her favorite pieces of jewelry that she loved so dearly given away. I realize at that moment that we come empty and die empty. From the loss of my dear grandmother, my life took a u-turn for the better. Grandma’s death led me to live a more meaningful life by giving more importance to people rather than stuff. I am a simpler person now and I practice empathy deliberately at all times as I am on a journey to love and forgive people always, no matter how hard it is, my grandma’s loss taught me to hold onto things that are lasting and pure.

Sample Answer 11

I love to go on family trips. Every trip that we go to as a family adds to the memories and helps us achieve closeness and understanding among the siblings and our parents. My dad is a family man today as he swore to give us a memorable childhood. Growing up, he never had the childhood he wanted, so he is out there doing everything for us to make us enjoy a childhood that he never had. These family trips are meaningful to me because of the story behind why my dad takes us on trips. I love my pops to death. He is my inspiration. These family trips have built a treasure trove of memories that we will never forget. It has shaped me into the person that I am today. I am a kind, loving and empathic person all because of my dad. I also love the way our family sings in the car together for hours till we reach our destination. It is just so fun to travel doing that.

Sample Answer 12

Every season brings a different atmosphere. For instance, spring has a way of capturing your heart with all the beautiful colorful displays of flowers, it brings a feeling of newness, summer brings a freshness to the air and it brings a hopeful feeling, autumn brings a feeling of shedding away old things to make way for the new, winter brings glad tidings of rest and peace. It is a time for people to wine and dine and make merry. I am fascinated with the changing seasons and It holds a meaningful place in my heart. I don’t just see this as a seasonal change that occurs every year but I see this as an opportunity to change and adjust my ways to fit for the newer things in my life. Season changing reminds me of the different seasons I went through in life. It helps me to take the lesson out of it and helps me not to make any mistakes twice. 


The more you are comfortable showing your true self in your answer, the more successful you will be in writing your answer. This answer is like a torch shedding some light on what is truly valuable to you. Your values and aspirations or life lessons and wisdom that you write in your answer, let the person reading it get a little insight into the real genuine person that you are and this makes them understand what kind of substance and values you hold and will bring to the table. You need to let them know that you are more than your achievements, goals, and dreams. There is a real person underneath that whole makeup. A little vulnerability will not hurt and being open in this way is not bad at all. This can lead you to your next destination which is your selection for whatever you are applying to. So, take it as a challenge and have fun writing it. It is the best question for those who have done all the work to prepare a great answer.

Tell Us About Something Meaningful To You And Why? How To Answer & Sample

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