The Viacom Mission Statement , Vision And Values Analysis

The American media joint collaboration, Viacom Inc., is supporting a wide range of media outlets. Viacom holds a marked character structure with a wide scope of various TV, movies, and advanced mediums. As the fifth most productive worldwide amusement organization, Viacom is associating with crowds, drawing in watchers, and has been supporting social issues. In this article we will know about the Viacom mission statement, Vision & Values Analysis.

The Viacom Mission Statement, Vision And Values Analysis- Know More 

Mission Statement

With roughly 160 organizations stretching around 700 million worldwide watchers, Viacom has become huge due to their numerous large numbers of media partners (VIA Press Earnings Release). Their corporate rankings and extended crowds are because of their mission goal. 

What is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement enlightens two things concerning an organization: what its identity is and what it does.

When holding onto 160 unique brands, the mission statement must be examined for its productivity. Viacom’s mission statement will be demonstrated as a success as the result of its progression among individual brands, its capability corresponding to Viacom’s social obligation, and the aggregate’s utilization of the right design of a mission statement. 

Viacom’s Mission Statement Analysis

Viacom’s mission statement as per on their site is: 

“…to be the world’s leading, branded entertainment company across television, motion pictures, and digital media platforms. We focus on our consumers, enhancing our existing brands, developing new

brands and executing on our multi platform strategy to reach this objective and sustain growth. By capitalizing on our creative strengths and deepening our relationships with audiences, advertisers, distribution affiliates, talent, and licensees, Viacom is positioned to achieve continued or greater global

Success (Viacom, 2011).”

Generally, Viacom presents a strong initiative to create and keep up with associations with partners, improving brands by using imagination, and accomplish development by supporting current brands and developing new ones.

Viacom will probably be the world’s driving, marked amusement organization across TV, films, and advanced media stages. We center around our shoppers, improving our current brands, growing new brands, and executing on our multiplatform technique to arrive at this goal and support development. By gaining our imaginative qualities and extending our associations with crowds, promoters, dissemination subsidiaries, ability, and licensees, Viacom is situated to accomplish or more noteworthy worldwide achievement. 

Viacom’s Vision Statement Analysis

Viacom’s vision is that altogether, their driving initiatives amount to their entire bundle: a culture of consideration and having a place that is implanted in organizational aspects and qualities. 

Viacom’s Values Analysis

Their organization’s values of Optimism and Determination, Inclusivity and Collaboration, and Agility and Adaptability are the directing columns for everything they do – from employing to local area sway. They’re committed to cultivating a culture of comprehensiveness and optimism. 

  • Bravery
  • Empathy
  • Honesty

About Viacom

Viacom Inc. is a worldwide media organization that works with videos and sound interchanges of media. Viacom consists of media organizations and film diversions. You may perceive a portion of the brands of Viacom in the rundown underneath. These brands give crowds all throughout the planet admittance to their #1 amusement by means of in excess of 160 privately modified and worked TV channels and in excess of 500 computerized media properties. 

Conglomeratization is clear in Viacom’s various brands growing to music, TV, and films. Globalization is additionally clear seeing that Viacom has a lot of items delivered abroad. Additionally, Viacom has brands that are worldwide for instance Game One, Paramount Comedy, and TMF. 

Viacom shows vertical incorporation and media cooperative energy. Vertical incorporation can be seen through Viacom having the option to film at Paramount Studios and convey what they film to any of their brands like MTV., Comedy Central, and so on Media Synergy is displayed through Viacom’s capacity to show home films on their TV station properties. 

Viacom’s Scope & Development

Viacom Inc is an American Company that engages with film and cable television. It is a worldwide diversion organization that interfaces with individuals by means of TV programs, short-structure video, motion pictures, games, web-based media, and amusement content. It conducts its procedure on two essential fragments, the media organizations, and filmed amusement (Kumar, 2012).

Media Networks provides entertainment items to the customers. Further, it has the mandate of gaining and conveying programming to crowds on multiple platforms. The organization, established by Sumner Redstone in the year 2005 has its base camp in New York (Tudor, &amp Meehan, 2013). 

The company has seen huge development from the hour of its formation. Through the activities led in more than 100 and sixty nations, it has had the option to associate with crowds through products they deal with the market (Gershon, &amp Suri, 2004). At the filmed Entertainment section, the association produces, acquires, finances, and disseminates the films under Paramount Classics, Paramount Vintage, Insurge Pictures, Nickelodeon, and MTV films (Steinbach, 2014). Vital Pictures produces and conveys recorded diversion shows and TV shows(Carr, Muthusamy, &amp Owens, 2012). 

The development of the organization in the ongoing years can be ascribed to a portion of the associations they have made with different associations. For instance, it dispatched a global partnership with Snapchat. 

Viacom’s Pioneers

The group of pioneers liable for the success of the association incorporates Philippe Pierre Dauman, who is the Executive Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer. Thomas Dooley is the Chief Operating Officer, Wade Davis, Chief Financial Officer, Michael Fricklas, is the General Counsel and Scott Mills is the Chief Administrative Officer and Executive Vice President. 

The organization has set up a good foundation for itself in the business through the securing of different firms, for example, British telecaster Channel5 in the year 2014. 


Viacom’s mission, vision, and values inspire 67% of its workers. An engaging mission statement and firm organizational esteems are essential to keeping up with the progress of the organization. 

Viacom works in a climate where it must have elaborate vital arrangements that empowers it to accomplish the objectives that they have set. The procedures utilized should be in line with the mission and vision as the association tries to accomplish them effectively. 

The Viacom Mission Statement , Vision And Values Analysis

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