Professional Organization Examples

A professional organization is an organization that is formed of people of the same field or industry. It organizes events for the new members to learn more about their field and to increase networking. Joining a professional organization is beneficial for the members, especially for the students studying in college for their career growth. These organizations may take people who already have a degree and pay them regularly to be a part of the organization or take college students to give them an experience that will be useful for their resumes. let us know about that the Professional Organization Examples.

Professional Organization Examples

Examples of a professional organization-

There are many types of professional organizations related to finance, education, health, human resource, information technology, and many others. They all further include several organizations. Professional organizations related to-

Finance and Accounting-

a. American Bankers Association-

The ABA ( American Bankers Association ) led employees to participate in webinars, training, and conferences which helped them to get financial education.

b. American Finance Association-

The AFA ( American Finance Association ) can be joined by professionals as well as students. It also organizes meetings and conferences.

c. Insurance Accounting and Systems Association-

This organization gives education to the finance industry representatives and also provides a platform for professionals to network.

d. The Institute of Financial Operations-

This organization has around 70,000 professionals whose focus is to be a leader in their field and also educate people on finance. IFO also provides certifications like CAPP and CAPA.

e. Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers-

This organization allows individuals from brokerage firms. It provides educational courses, leadership training programs, conferences, and market insight and has also published a magazine. 

2. Education-

Association for Career and Technical Education Research-

It is a US-based organization that works in providing education to students. It also includes educators who are interested in delivering information to students.

b. Association for Continuing Higher Education-

This organization is for professionals to increase their network and leadership skills. This also provides a learning platform for students.

c. Childhood Education International-

This organization works towards the betterment of child education on an international level.

d. International Society for Technology in Education-

This organization gives affiliate membership to members which include webinars, professional courses, a newsletter, and live events.

e. National Association for the Education of Young Children-

This organization aims for the quality education of children. It has published many books, and two journals and offers online and offline professional courses. The organization has around 60,000 members.

3. Health care-

Healthcare Financial Management Association-

The members of the organization go under continuous training for the future and present healthcare patterns and certification courses.

b. International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety-

This organization promotes health security programs along with designing and implementing guidelines for the business industry.

c. Association for Healthcare Administrative Professionals-

This organization helps professionals to grow in the health industry. Individuals can participate in events and certification programs. Students, professionals, and retirees all can work in this organization.

d. American Academy of Dermatology-

In the USA, it is the largest and most influential organization for Dermatologists.

e. American Association of Immunologists-

It is the world’s largest organization of Immunologists having around 7700 members.

4. Human Resource-

Association for Talent Development-

It is the largest organization in the world to support and develop talent.

b. Professionals in Human Resource Association-

This is a California-based organization for human resource professionals. It provides online courses, newsletters, and other legal information.

c. Society for Human Resource Management-

It is the largest Human Resource organization in the world having around 28500 individuals. It provides online content, a newsletter, and webcasts.

d. National Human Resources Association-

The organization works on the encouragement of leadership of individuals. It offers training, partnerships, and help in career development.

5. Information Technology-

Information Systems Security Association-

This organization works to protect important information and helps in the advancement of information technology. It has a network of around 10,000 professional members.

b. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society-

This organization can be joined by electrical engineers, computer scientists, and educators. Members can get the benefit of networking, conferences, and events.

c. Software Development Forum- 

This organization works toward start-ups. It will let you put your ideas in front of known investors by connecting with international businesses. It provides information on architecture and software design.

d. World Information Technology and Services Alliances-

This organization works towards the advancement of information technology. It serves as an education committee that offers professional awards and discounts on education. 


These are some of the examples of different professional organizations. Some professional organizations are also related to marketing, hospitality, environment, journalism, and research. These all provide knowledge to its members of the specific field. Being a part of an organization is beneficial for self-knowledge and it also leads to a good career path for college students.

Professional Organization Examples

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