Why Are You Interested In This Position?- How To Answer With Sample Answers?

To make ends meet, to survive in this capitalist world, seeking a job is the first and foremost task every person wishes to do. With a huge population of job seekers and limited seats offered in the job market, the unemployment rate sure is huge. Let’s learn about ‘Why Are You Interested In This Position?’.

Why Are You Interested In This Position?- How To Answer With Sample Answers?

Why Are You Interested In This Position?- How To Answer With Sample Answers?

With the coming of the pandemic, shutting of jobs, the decline of the economy, the number of the unemployed population just skyrocketed. According to a CNBC report of 2021, nearly 8.6 million people are unemployed in the United States alone.  

With so much competition in the job market, only the best of the best gets their ideal job. The rest just make a compromise for their livelihood and financial stability. However, once in a blue moon, we do get a chance of entering our fantasy world, of doing a job in a position where you feel you are being rewarded every day. A job that you feel connected to. 

When given such a chance, the last thing on our minds is to mess it up. With every word we speak in the interview, every action that presents our behavior, we got to be very careful. Or things may take a turn for the worse. 

In continuation, in an interview or an application form, we are often asked “why you?”. Answering this question carefully becomes very important as it holds the key to your future, in a way.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Such tricky questions are asked to test you, to see if you are compatible with the job/position or not. To see if you could manage the duties and responsibilities or not. Such questions are framed in many ways. Let’s read more about Why Are You Interested In This Position?- How To Answer With Sample Answers?.

One such question is “why are you interested in this position?” 

Highlighting Your Skills: Why Are You Interested In This Position?- How To Answer With Sample Answers?

When asked a question about why you have applied for a position or why are you interested in it, remember, it is about you and not the company. The company can do just fine with, or without you. So keep it about yourself and how your presence could make a difference. 

No company wishes to hire anybody just for the sake of filling a position, hence, expressing your eagerness to join the company, and the team, and showing your interests can put you in a favorable spot. Because a person who is interested in their work is far more potential and worthwhile than somebody who is not. Hence, the first preference of any company would be the person who has their interests aligned towards the company. 

Hence, try to keep the answers only about yourselves, and even if the company is to be involved, mention how it goes along the lines of your interests. 

Below we have mentioned some points around which you could revolve your answers. 

1. Ambitiousness

Present yourself as an ambitious person, and not just another job seeker. It is important to show that you have future ideas in interests of the position that you are seeking. This presents you as a person who can help in the overall enhancement of the company.

You can do some research about the position and the requirements about the same, and present your ideas to the company employees when interviewed. This could present you as a person who is looking forward to the future beyond the selection process and makes you stand apart from the crowd. 

2. Focus

Show that you are interested and determined for the position for good. By presenting your research works and ideas, you could show that you are not only ambitious but also focused. This could put a highlight on you as many companies prefer people with focused dedication, working hard to make the ends meet.

Such skills are preferred by many since, in chaotic surroundings, you could be relied upon and protect yourself, and the team with you from any sort of diversion. 

3. Interests

More than anything, highlight your own interests in the position. Mention how the position for you is something you have not only worked hard for but also looked forward to as an ideal position for yourself. This could also be presented in the ideas you give in your research, in suggestions where you see the company and the team doing much better than what it is doing right now. 

Showing that you have interests in the applied position could separate you from the crowd that may be there just for the sake of their livelihood. 

4. Skills

Skills for any position are very important. Highlight that you possess the skills that are required for the position. This could put you in a favorable position. 

You could highlight your skills by mentioning any work that you may have done in the related field in the past, maybe a previous job or internship. Having a background in a similar field, having the skills can also make you more reliable and trustable. 

5. Qualifications

Along the lines of the above factor, mention how you qualify for the position you are acquiring for. You can draw your answers from previous experiences and such. 

Highlight in your work folio all that you have done with respect to the particular field. This would make you look a little more mature and experienced than the amateur job seekers. 

In case, you have no history or work in the related field, your beforehand prepared research could make you look more hardworking and present you as somebody yearning to learn more about the world of the position that you are applying for. 

6. Leadership

Having leadership qualities could act as a bonus for you. Presenting yourself as a confident person, who is willing to work with people and cooperate with them to meet the end goals shows your leadership qualities. 

You can also highlight your leadership qualities by mentioning any position that you may have had held in the past, or your previous works, how you helped in managing the work, and getting them done along with your team. 

7. Team Spirit

And lastly, do not make it sound like an individual task. Most of the time you will be required to work with people, your colleagues, juniors, or even seniors, so make sure you highlight your team spirit. 

In continuation from the leadership qualities, you can highlight the role of your team members in achieving the goals, or how each member is important and responsible for different tasks before working on finalizing one end product.

Sample Answers:

Keeping in mind the above points we have presented some sample answers that could be useful for you in answering the question that we mentioned above, i.e. “why are you interested in this position?”. Let’s check Why Are You Interested In This Position?- How To Answer With Sample Answers?.

Sample Answers 1:

“I have always had a soft corner for the fashion world, and I loved designing clothes and experimenting with colors. I have a degree in the same field and past experiences. I believe I am suitable for this position. I believe I can add up to the success and achievements of the team and, overall the company, with the help of my skills, experiences, and qualifications. If given a chance, I would love to prove myself worthy of the position and work at enhancing my skills even more.”

In the example above, the candidate efficiently highlighted their interests and presented themselves as an experienced person. They also appear to be team-friendly and eager to work with the company.

If the candidate has more room open for discussion, they could also add their experiences within the same. This could be proved helpful since companies would prefer candidates with experience, who can be dependable at varying conditions. 

Sample Answers 2:

“I looked at the project at hand and my mind was flooded with various ideas that I have enclosed with my resume. I am fluent and comfortable in using the two platforms mentioned in the job description, and along with that, I am also fluent in the other three applications/platforms. I have a history of attending workshops and working as an intern at reputed firms. I have experience working with a team. I believe, if given a chance, I will bring forth my experiences, skills to the team, and make the most out of them for the good of all.”

In the example above, the person has presented themselves as skillful, qualified, and also ambitious, and full of team spirit. By giving examples of how they’ve past experiences with good and reputed firms radiate the energy of somebody who can be trusted and looked up to in times of chaos or emergencies. 

Hence, such short and crisp answers could be helpful, along with the attachment of the candidate’s resume/cv. This could higher the chances of selection of the candidate. 

Sample Answers 3:

“I have always loved writing, and having an academic background where I was supposed to research a lot, I ended up writing content for many firms from time to time. I do not have much professional experience, but I could definitely gather the skills and knowledge that I have learned during my graduation years and boost the performance of our team and the company. I have a history of working with a team, preparing an endless amount of content to be posted/published within a short span of time. I wish to prove my worth and capabilities without disappointing if provided with a chance.”

The above example showcases how you can sound assuring and confident even if you lack professional experience. Everybody starts somewhere, and to highlight that you at least have worked in a stressful environment and with coordinated teamwork is assuring enough. 

The person also sounds ambitious since they wish to prove themselves whenever given a chance, which could mean that they are prepared for the conditions that could come if they get selected. 

Sample Answers 4:

“I started pursuing illustrations, sketching, drawing only as a habit, but now, I have a degree in the same profession. While pursuing this degree I received plenty of experience working in a professional atmosphere, under extreme stress, and within a limited time. I look forward to joining the team here and making use of my experiences and skills and enhancing them even more.”

In the example given above, we see a person who has high skills and qualifications. From habit to profession highlights the interests of the candidate. 

In addition, one can also present their previous work as a demonstration. Sharing demo works can also work in favor of the candidate since it gives more assurance to the interviewer about the skills and qualifications of the candidate. 

Sample Answers 5:

“I have worked as a human resource intern in the past where I was responsible for analyzing the data of the interested candidates and arranging interviews of the selected candidates with the senior employees. Part of my job was also to instruct them about their duties and responsibilities. I have learned a lot of things from the previous experiences, and I am confident about my communication and management skills too. I hope to work with your company as the human resource manager and learn from other colleagues and seniors, and keep on excelling in this field.”

In the example above, we see a confident candidate who has previous experience in the same field. They have also mentioned the tasks they can manage and highlighted their skills.

Such a brief, yet up to the point, the answer can be proved beneficial for the candidate as they not only highlighted their past experience and skills but also their strengths they may have gained during the past wok-period. 

Sample Answers 6:

“I have worked in this field as it goes along the lines of my interests. I have earlier worked as the editor of a few magazines at different firms. I have plenty of experience where I had to overwork, meet advanced deadlines, and deal with many other chaotic events. Nevertheless, I and my team always came out more prepared, and strong. Based on these experiences, I am confident I can make the best of my knowledge in this position at your company. Looking forward!” 

In the example above, the candidate has come out as an experienced, and positive person. Not only have they shared their experiences, and highlighted their ability to meet ends, they have also praised their team, which shows a great team spirit. 

Sample Answers 7:

“Having a background in the field of writing, I believe I can do justice to this position. I have past experiences of working as a content writer, solo, and in a team with as many as 10 members. I have also occupied positions of great responsibility and helped my juniors with their share of work. I believe to go out of the box, however within the boundaries, and bringing out more success for the team. I believe I can make the most out of my experiences and skills, and continue to excel in the same.”

In the sample answer given above, the candidate has outlined their previous experiences very briefly where they not only presented their interests but also their team spirit, leadership qualities, and ambitiousness.

All these combined presents the candidate as a strong and responsible candidate. 

Sample Answers 8:

“Following my immense interests in coding, I have been on the journey of excelling my skills. I believe the coming project can give me a big boost up. I have been following the recent developments of the teams very closely, and couldn’t help but get many ideas to overcome the flaws. If given a chance, I would prove myself to be worthy of this position.”

In the sample answer given above, the candidate has not only shown their interests but also provided a way out of the company’s project’s flaws. This could act as a magnet for the candidates as the company would definitely love to hear how to get out of their troubles. 

Nonetheless, only this much introduction may not suffice for a selection, so maybe the candidate may add up some demonstrations and present their ideas to the team. This could also present them as being alert and cautious as they have done their background check, and research and learned about it. 

Sample Answers 9:

“Having the required training and the real-world experiences of the position of a manager makes me believe that I am suitable for this position. I have dealt with many sorts of events, and situations, good and bad, and overcame all of the troubles. I have always guided my team and supervised them, and lastly believe in them, which ultimately helped my team to do much better. I have had the position of great responsibilities before too, and I succeeded in meeting the expectations of my superiors. If given a chance, I would love to work for your company and make the most out of my experiences for the success of the same.”

In the given example, the candidate mentioned their position of responsibilities in the past, and while doing so, they also presented themselves as the “team” guy, which is a huge plus. 

Such a subtle way of presenting past experiences puts the candidates in a preferable position and higher the chances of their selection.


To sum up for you, based on the above sample answers, all you need to keep in mind is the points we mentioned above while answering “why are you interested in this position?”. As long as you confidently present your answer, you are good to go.

Anyway, we wish you very good luck on your journey to getting a job.

Why Are You Interested In This Position?- How To Answer With Sample Answers?

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