Don’t Ignore These Red Flags During The Job Interview Process

If you’re planning on attending an interview and aren’t sure of what red flags to watch for, here are six of them that would help your decision to stay or run. let us know more about that the Don’t Ignore These Red Flags During The Job Interview Process.

Don’t Ignore These Red Flags During The Job Interview Process

When Your Gut Just Doesn’t Feel Right

Some people call it a gut feeling and some call it intuition but its function is still the same: to tell you when something is just off.

Picture this: you’re sitting across from your to-be manager and he looks competent, compassionate, and result driven. The angelic picture of everything you need from a boss.

But all of a sudden, a jolting thought wiggles its way from the recesses of your mind and you mysteriously find yourself thinking, “I don’t like this guy”

Now is the time to listen and cross the company off your list. If you retort with a defense like “Nah, it’s probably nothing” or “I can cope, I guess”, your gut would surrender.

And your next working months, well… won’t be as great as you planned it would.

When It’s Obvious They’re Hiding Details From You

Sometimes your gut doesn’t even need to talk. You can sense the resistance your interviewer answers with when you ask certain questions.

Of course, confidential company information should stay confidential. But then, you have the right to ask questions that give you a sizeable chunk of information on what to expect from your new role.

If your interviewer is trying to dodge a question, (e.g. what exactly was expected from the person who preceded me?) then it’s a bad sign. Smile, thank them for their time once the interview is over, and never look back.

If they don’t know what to expect of you, they’ll expect everything from you.

Going-In-Circles Interview Processes

Now this one can be hard to identify. But you’re reading this article so you know how to see it and when exactly to run.

It all begins with headway. Or something that looks like it. Your values align with the vision of the company and the leader interviewing you is asking all the right questions.

That’s until it’s time for another leader to warm the seat. This, my friend, is what you are to watch out for. If he comes in looking frazzled and doesn’t bother listening to what you have to say, that’s half a red flag. 

If he apologized and explained why he got there late? Tell him it’s okay and watch for what he does next. If he isn’t focused on the interview process, probably texting or making calls in-between words, that’s another one off your list.

It only shows that they don’t value your time before you join the organization and they most likely won’t after you do. Run.

Buzzwords Approaching, Duck!

Or more like run. 

They may sound fancy but they’re just indications that the company doesn’t know what is expected of the occupant of that role. 

One useful way to identify these words is that they sound like compliments. However, they’re just honey-coated aloe Vera.

Words like “fast-paced” should set the alarm in your head wailing. 

They expect to dump you into the system with insufficient information on what your job entails and still demand top performance with the speed of light.

Another one is the art of “wearing many hats”. Now, ask yourself:

What did you write against the ‘position’ slot in your resume? If it was a single role, with clear-cut responsibilities, then ‘wearing many hats’ is just not it for you. 

Low Offers

I know you want to accept it. But deep down, you know that your expertise and skill are way too advanced for what they’re offering.

Take the chance to renegotiate for payment. Here’s a tip from Robert Cialdini’s Psychology of influence: start with a price one and a half times what your services are worth. 

Since it is not the price you desire, if the interviewer tries to convince you with a lower price, your salary may still fall within the desired range.

Badmouthing Other People

If your interviewer says a bad word about the person who occupied the position before you, it’s not a compliment.

What makes you so certain that someone won’t trash you in front of others if they feel comfortable insulting someone else behind their back?

Therefore, be careful to pay attention to how others talk to and about others in that environment if you don’t always want to be the target of cutting verbal abuse.

In Conclusion

In addition to the 6 points above, I encourage you to make your research on the company and show up as your best self for every interview.

Don’t settle for less. You’re worth more so act like it. 

Don’t Ignore These Red Flags During The Job Interview Process

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