PI Symbol using ALT Code & Shortcut on Keyboard


With the changing lifetime, everything is becoming shorter, crisper, and always to the crux. Technology has mostly acted as a boon for the human race and graced them with lots of amazing things to see, use, explore and invent. Life without technology (especially in today’s times) would be so difficult and unimaginable so technology has paved its way so deep into our lives, that now we can’t imagine our lives without it. here is the blog that explains- PI Symbol using ALT Code.

There have been so many technological inventions from earlier times that people now can get anything with the swipe of a finger and in the blink of an eye. Out of the many inventions man did, the computer certainly is at the top of the list (somewhere at the top). Computers, laptops, palmtops, etc have eased out our lives along with making us increase our efficiency and reducing manual labor. From making videos to editing songs, reading stories to playing, ordering online to solving questions, the computer can help us with anything and everything.

Solving long equations and mathematical questions was what the initial work of the computer was. A computer was believed to be an up-gradation of a calculator but slowly it grew on its knowledge and now it does a lot more work. Solving really big questions and equations within minutes and seconds is what makes the computer a machine of high use. Basic arithmetic questions could easily be solved like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. But the actual problem is when you have to solve big questions with a lot more mathematical symbols. 

While inserting equations in MS Word, there are a lot of symbols that aren’t just present on the keyboard, which is less common, and you have to insert them using some shortcut key. Shortcut keys are used a lot to speed up the process and help in saving time and energy. Shortcut keys enable you to quickly insert the symbol and not wander off for just one symbol.  There is a shortcut key for most of the features like Alt + F4 for exiting a page or Ctrl + C for copy, Ctrl + V for paste, etc. These commands are used to make our life easier and help when you have lots of typing to do (especially a computer engineer typing long codes easily). 

Like these shortcuts, there is another shortcut for the ‘PI’ symbol which is used in mathematics equations. This can be very easily done with the help of Alt codes. Alt codes are used for printing or making use of a lot of symbols that aren’t present on the keyboard itself. Though the symbol font is the place where the Pi symbol is contained and if that isn’t working, you can go on to the web page and copy, paste the pi symbol from there. But an even easier way to do this is by following the certain steps mentioned below and you can easily copy/use the symbol.


As mentioned above, Alt codes are used to help us make use of symbols that aren’t present on the keyboard. Wondering how you can type the pi symbol without taking the help of any web page or any other means and using it in the text editor of your choice? Follow the steps mentioned below –

  • The first and foremost thing to do is to On/Activate your ‘Num’ lock. To do this, all you have to do is press the Num Lock key which is at the top rightmost corner and the key turns on.
  • In the 2nd step, place the cursor on the place you want the symbol to appear, press the Alt key and along with it type ‘227’.
  • As soon as you release the Alt key, the symbol is inserted.
  • A key point to note is that you can’t use the ‘Alt’ key with the symbols present in the top row of the main keyboard.


If you are a MAC user, the steps to type pi are a little different for you. The steps are mentioned below –

  • Open a text editor and place your cursor on the exact location where you want to type the Pi symbol.
  • Press Option + P alongside each other. 
  • The pi symbol appears on the selected location.

These shortcuts come in handy when you have to type in a lot of numbers and words, in big word files or PowerPoint presentations. If you don’t remember these symbols, it might take you a whole lot of time before you can finish your work. Using technology to the fullest and making use of these things to make your life easy are the smarter things to do. 

PI Symbol using ALT Code & Shortcut on Keyboard

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