Don’t want to go to work tomorrow, what to do?- Better Ways

Don’t want to go to work tomorrow, what to do?

Are you someone who is exhausted mentally or physically from your job? Well in this article we are going to provide you some solutions to get yourself back on track with full enthusiasm and zeal. In day-to-day life people often tend to get bored from their particular job and start developing negative thoughts about their work-life, this usually leads to problems in personal life too because there is not a stop button to a negative mindset. There is always dullness around you and even the things which you were once supposed to like didn’t excite you anymore. We are going to give you some little hacks which would help you from dealing with such a crisis. let’s get straight to the topic- Don’t want to go to work tomorrow, what to do?

Here Are Some Ways To break The Dull Cycle

  • Take A Break

There is a quote “what if you daily live the same life routine knowing you would never get out of it?” The answer to this is you will slowly become passive in every aspect of life. To tackle such a situation you should once in a while opt for vacations and go someplace where you always wished to.

  • Be More Friendly With Your Co-Workers

Some people have a habit of sticking with their business, they keep their workplace too formal that it starts hurting them mentally as if they are punished with the work. We don’t like to work like machines, we should always consider human interaction because no matter what your personality type is you will always feel cheered up in the presence of friends.

  • Leave Your Work At Your Workplace

You should never make your job a 24/7 thing because it will lead to negative effects on your relationship with your friends, family, and your soulmate. Always leave your work at your table and be yourself when you are home. Home is somewhere you chill and relax so try to keep it that way.

  • Spend Time With Your Family

 In the process of earning and living a better life, we usually forget to live our life. Do not let it happen to you, there is a famous dialogue in the Godfather movie,” a man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never really be a man.” Always make time for your friends and family. In a day or two, give a ring to your parents, it will ultimately help you because when you spend time with your family the conversations are different from your workplace so a change is all that a brain needs to recharge itself.

  • Give Time To Your Hobbies

 Every person has something or the other in his/her life which is a happy thing for them, they love to work on that like some people like writing, some like music, and some are interested in art. Make time for such things in your life, just a little rearrangement in your everyday schedule is all it will require. It will not only keep you motivated and happy but also help you to grow in those fields too then who knows you can get a chance to achieve something in those fields.

  • Always Keep Yourself Hungry

 Never get too comfortable, David Goggins mentioned in his book,” Can’t hurt me.” You should always look for more because your current job no matter how comfortable it is for you is not the best. In the world there is no such thing as best, once you achieve something it will look like a sweet spot but if you try to go beyond that you will always find that there is something better waiting for you. If you just started the job, try to improve your skillset and seek promotions. if you are in a position from where not much growth is visible then try to move on to some other place. These little internal races will always keep you motivated and dedicated to your work.

  • Keep Yourself Healthy

Try to regularly exercise or consider some kind of workout which suits you, because it will keep your mind as well as your body healthy. Meditation is also a very good method for mental fitness.

  • Work with a Positive Mindset

No matter how much workload you are facing, you must always have a positive mindset towards it, for example, if your work is just doubled for some reason take it as a challenge and remember all this work will be beneficial for you in aspects of time management, hard work, and even your dedication skills.

  • Prioritize Your Sleep

The one thing that could be the huge reason that you are not into your work or keep getting irritated from it could be your sleeping schedule, oversleeping and less sleeping both are dangerous factors. Sort your day in such a way so that you can provide adequate recovering time to your mind and your body.

  • Power Naps

Try practicing power naps, they are very beneficial if you require urgent rest. Arrange your body in such a way that in a quick 30 minutes you can sleep and again wake up without an irritating mood, this would take time but if you get hold of this then surely it would be a huge heads-up factor.

  • Practice Pomodoro

It is a technique which is mainly for students but you can apply it in work too. In this, you set an alarm for 30 minutes and then take a break for 5-7 minutes. In the break time, you should get up from your place and move your body parts, and don’t peek into your socials. The main intention of this technique is to work with a deep focus for 30 minutes without any interaction and you will never realize when these 30-30 minutes will convert into hours of dedicated working.

  • Rearrange Your Workplace

Arranging your working environment with photos of your loved ones and maybe some collectibles, showpieces and even action figures boost your mood and you stay connected for a long period.

  • Caffeine Intake

Caffeine drinks also play a huge factor in exhaustion, avoid having coffee and other caffeine drinks in the noon to stay energetic throughout the day.

  • Read Books

No matter how far technology has reached, there are some things which remain as it is. There are many self-help books out there that are effective. They can retain your life balance. Moreover, reading will ultimately become a healthy habit for you and there is a lot about the life you can learn just by reading. 

  • Wear a Smile

The one thing that you can wear without spending even a single penny is a smile, it makes a huge difference. There is a lot of research that proves that if you smile, there are more chances that you will be happy. On the contrary, if you frown there is a maximum possibility that you will not feel good. Another aspect of smiling is that people start liking you and will feel like interacting with you. Interaction is one of the major stress busters in life.

  • Live Your Cheat Days Once or Twice a Month

A regular gym person avoids eating junk to maintain his/her fitness but there are times when there is a strong urge to eat something good and that day is known as cheat days. We sometimes stick to a healthy lifestyle so strictly that some little not-so-good things that give us that adrenaline boost is cut off from our life.

For example, some people like to have booze for fun times, some like some other activities but are health concerning, once or twice a month would not harm that much as a regular drinker and you would get a change from a routine, but keep in mind that consumption affects the body no matter how small the quantity is so chosen accordingly.

  • Join a Group or Community

In today’s world, there are hundreds of groups present on online platforms. You can look for a group of like-minded people and join that. It will help you to address the same problems that you are facing and you will find that there are a lot of people out there who experience the same thing. Maybe you do not get help there but to know that you are not alone is a huge booster.

  • Keep Check of People Around You

Never surround yourself with negative people because they have that mindset without knowing this phenomenon will hurt you in the long run. It is not your responsibility to help them, so it is better to be distant from such beings.

  • Sort Out Your Future Options

Sometimes you get so done with your work because you are stuck in a loop and that is very dangerous for your career as well as your health. This does not mean you have to change your job but consider your position at your workplace whether you are satisfied or you should try to get a promotion or work on a different project. Many 9-4 jobs have opportunities to go abroad for work but you are not on that list. If you love to travel and it does matter to you then push yourself to get into that project so work becomes somewhat fun for you.

  • Figure Yourself Out

Sometimes there are scenarios when one has a dream job with all his requirements fulfilled but he/she just does not feel like working. They try to find a scapegoat for that but they are stuck with procrastination, all they want is to get paid with the least amount of work. There are times when people genuinely struggle with a job but this is not one of them. You have to work hard to accomplish something, nothing in life comes easy.

  • Depression

Sometimes there is a deep-rooted problem that is the reason for you not being able to focus on your work. It is very important to address these types of problems because they can strongly influence your future. 

  • Seek a Counselor

If you think that something is seriously wrong with your work or your mental health then you can always opt for outside help like seeing a therapist. This will not only help you overcome your bad phase but also will assist in deciding what field you like to work in. To completely address your problems you have to be true to your therapist and should tell everything transparently. There is a term known as a patient-doctor privilege which ensures that you can tell anything and everything to your counselor without the fear of being judged or someone knowing about it. 

  • Reconsider Your Job

There are some cases where you will find that you are not into the job which you have been doing for years. Maybe it’s time for you to look for something that you like to devote your energy to because if you love your work you would never feel like working. There are times that you are doing a job that is not at all related to your interest but you are doing it to earn money for a living. To get out of this you can first start by pursuing your interests as a side job while working on your current one so you are not devoid of the income source.

Keep in mind that it would take an extra effort to manage two works at the same time but if you sincerely devote your time to the work you like, you will be in a way better place in the coming years than you are right now. Maybe the initial salary will not be that impressive but there will be self-satisfaction and there is growth in every field once you go out there and nail every aspect of your work.


Following these tips, you can improve your productivity and could be more motivated towards your work. Remember no one has leverage over you for the job, that is no one is compelling you to stay, it is only you who can decide whether to stay or to leave. It is very difficult to get out of your comfort zone, but if you find the right place, work would never be tiring and if it does then you can always use the hacks which are given above, it is very important to keep your mental as well as physical health sound to be productive.


  • Can smoking a cigarette help to get back to work mood?
    In the short term, it can induce a mellow effect but in the long run, you are just developing a dependency on material and if not kept in check will cause harm to your health too.

  • What should I do If I am not motivated towards my work even after following all the methods mentioned above?
    Just be consistent and look for a breakthrough in your career no matter how small it is. Motivation works on a rewarding system so if you continue giving that small rewarding satisfaction to yourself then your hard work will make sense and you will never lose motivation.

  • What should I do If I am always irritated about my work?
    As mentioned in the bestsellers “Atomic Habits” take three deep breaths and smile. Now look for the solutions for your misery rather than dwelling on it and the irritation part will go away.
Don’t want to go to work tomorrow, what to do?- Better Ways

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