Objective For Resume For Freshers

Resumes hold crucial value for any candidate. They are the first means of impression in an interview, giving the interviewer a glimpse of the skills. A fun fact, interviewers spend less than 6 seconds looking at the resume, and what catches most of their attention- Objective. Know the objective for resume for freshers.

Objective For Resume For Freshers

The objective is the first section of the resume. It works as an elevator pitch for the candidates, helping the interviewers to discover the skills, experience, quality, and much more in a single glimpse. A more fair way to describe the objective is – a synopsis of the resume. The objective section involves all the necessary details that you need the interviewer to know in the first few seconds. 

The great objective will thus motivate any interviewer to read through other sections of the resume and call you in for an interview. Writing an objective can be tricky, especially if you are a fresher.  An objective is filled with several parts, and there are different things one must keep in mind while writing the objective. 

To understand the tricks behind acing the objective on your resume, let us see all the necessary details regarding objectives. To make the process easier, we also have a few example objectives that can be readily referred to by the candidates. 

Let us get started!

What is the objective section in the resume?

The objective section is the icing to your cake, in a resume. It consists of two to three lines that convey skills, experiences, achievements, qualities, and other details of the candidate. The objective is a section that will tell the interviewer why you are fit for the position, and what motivated you to apply for a certain position. 

Objectives for freshers are a tad bit different than professionals. A professional or a person who is highly experienced in a certain field uses a professional summary to be a part of the objective. Being fresher, candidates might lack the experience to include in the section. To make up for the loss of experience they can include different sections like skills, motivation, qualities, and projects. They can also include their motivation to work and desire to grow professionally. 

An objective can be useful for freshers in two conditions.

  • For the first job application

When a candidate is applying for their first job, objectives can help them outline the skills, as well as, mention the motivation of work for different candidates. 

  • Career change 

Objectives can also be a right fit when a candidate is looking for a career change. In such a situation, objectives can help them convey their motivation to change their career, along with the skills that they possess for the new career of choice. 

Many candidates fail to draft a good objective because they do not understand what goes inside the objective and makes it a perfect set of information. To make the entire writing process easier let us understand how to write the objective. 

How to write an objective?

Objectives are the elevator pitch that will hold the attention of the interviewer and motivate them to go through the entire span of the resume. Here are a few tips you can use to ensure that the objectives you write make the most for your career. 

  • Start strong with understanding yourself first. The most essential part of writing a resume is to understand your strengths and align them with the strengths mentioned in the job description. It will help you bring out the best traits that can be used as hit points on the career objective. 
  • Know how your educational qualification will add value to the position, and ensure to mention it on the objective if it is relevant to the job description.
  • Use precise sentences to format your objective. Do not beat around the bush and go on and on about your ambitions, motives, or future goals. Keep it simple and ensure to include a minimum of 50 words to the objective.  
  • Invest in action verbs. Action verbs help in giving volume to your objectives, look for different action words on the internet, and choose what best suits your job description. A few action verbs you can use are:
    • Modified
    • Standardized
    • Formulated
    • Directed
    • And many more.
  • Avoid using personal statements in the objectives or adding emotions to the objective. They do not play any role, and will not hook the interviewer enough.

Things to include in the objective 

Every objective is different, but what necessarily dies not to change is the format in which you can include things in your objective. Following are the things that you need to include in the objective to make it stand out amongst the pile of other resumes. 

  • Start with a strong trait

The first word if the objective needs to be striking. It must showcase your best skill that resonates with the job. Add similar two to three skills that will help you set the time of the resume, and convince the interviewer you are perfect for the job.

You can mention several strong traits like:

  • Inquisitive
  • Hardworking
  • Efficient
  • Organized
  • Great communication
  • And many more.
  • Include professional goals

The second sentence or the following words that should latch onto your best skills are professional goals. A professional goal will help the interviewer understand what motivates the candidate to work effectively towards the position. It also tells them a candidate’s attitude towards work and values. 

The professional goal often includes the following points:

  • How you will contribute to the work.
  • Skills that will push you forward in the work.
  • Motivation to work
  • State the position you are applying for

The next sentence after the professional goal should include the direct position name you are applying for. Adding a position name will emphasize the objective. It acts as a mounting that will hold the position in the center, and all the skills mentioned would be directly related to the position. 

The professional goals should be latched with the position name to convey how you associate and add value to the position if hired. 

  • End with projects

Every fresher might have completed a few projects, research papers, or other similar achievements in college or school. So, end the objective with a project that resonates with the position you are applying for. While mentioning the project ensure to mention, what you did in the project, and the project outcomes. 

Things to include to end the objective well:

  • Project description
  • Skills used for the project.
  • Constructive numbers to define the output of the project.

How will the objective shape your resume?

Many times it is observed that candidates skip the section of the objectives, and save the space to add different sections of the resume like experiences, and skills. Well, this might not work great for freshers, as you will be left unnoticed in the pile of resumes that include the same information. A career objective is the most important part, and hence it is placed at the top section. A career objective will help you in the following ways:

  • Get noticed

The objective gives the candidate a chance to get noticed among the pile. Amongst hundreds of resumes, interviewers might often filter candidates on a first glimpse, and human eyes are prone to skip details that are mixed with a myriad of words. So the best way to do it is, keep all the strong traits, and a quick summary of your resume in the career objective. Not only it highlights your skills, but it also adds value and an impression to your profile. 

  • Beat the AWS

Companies are getting smarter, they often use automated systems to filter through resumes on initial screenings. However, systems can be hacked, and you can’t do so by adding the right skills, or keywords to your resume. The objective is the best place to mention the keywords that the job description is looking for. It adds credibility to the objective, as well as, will help you to beat the automated system.

  • Highlight strengths

The objective will help you highlight strengths in the top section of your resume. It will thus draw the attention of the interviewer to the strengths and will help them to make quick decisions. 

  • They make the work of the interviewer easier 

As we keep mentioning, there are hundreds of resumes that interviewers would need to go through. Anything that makes their work easier is great for the resume. An objective helps the interviewer receive a quick glimpse of the candidate’s strengths thus, saving a lot of time. 

Sample objectives for freshers

Sample 1

Hardworking and result-driven individual, with excellent communication skills and marketing knowledge. Looking forward to improving the lead generation and customer retention for a junior marketing position for XYZ company. Worked on lead generation for local NGO websites, and contributed toward marketing management through freelancing platforms, having completed 10+ projects. 

Sample 2

An inquisitive learner with excellent networking and communication skills looking forward to the role of sales development intern for XYZ company. Excellent business skills, and top certification in lead generations, leading to contribution of high-end management systems, contributing toward the growth of the organization. 

Sample 3

Highly motivated, self-learner looking for a position in your esteemed organization for a junior developer. Looking forward to applying problem-solving, analytical, and knowledge about android development to efficiently contribute towards the growth of the organization. 

Sample 4

Career-driven individual looking forward to working as a research intern for XYZ company, to polish my skills and further improve the quality of education. Highly skilled in research skills, mentioned as the top junior researcher for an international science journal. Looking forward to a position to advance my knowledge and contribute to research work. 

Sample 5

Seeking content writing opportunities with your esteemed organization, contributing towards advanced research and technical development. Qualified for journalism, through affiliated university. A keen eye for details and expressive personality, adding value to every work at hand as well as the organization.

Sample 6

Seeking a challenging career in the electronics and communication industry. Motivated to work for MNC, and contribute extensive knowledge towards embedded systems, microcontrollers, and power electronics in esteemed organizations. Keen in experiencing a high-level working and professional environment. 

Sample 7

Ambitious and hardworking individual looking forward to kick start my career in web development. Skilled in PHP, Java, .Net, completed six freelancing projects, and added value to different organizational units. Contributing towards website building for NGOs and maintaining leads for individual blogging sites. 

Sample 8

Ambitious, confident, and a leader looking forward to sharing my knowledge in a highly professional environment. Skilled in using management tools, and CRM systems for managing projects. Looking forward to contributing towards customer retention of the organization, and improving lead generation. Worked with management projects as an intern for XYZ company, and looking forward to working with your esteemed organization. 

Sample 9

Dedicated, perseverance candidate looking forward to seeking a position as a junior developer in XYZ company. Effective communication and skills towards problem-solving and critical thinking help me to complete a task with sincerity. Formulated several projects and brought about 75% success rates for more than 4 freelancing projects. 

Sample 10

A motivated employee with excellent analytical skills, having a knack for technology as well as writing. Looking forward to seeking the position of junior content writer for XYZ firm, making effective contributions in research-based articles, as well as, technical journals. Previous experience with different firms, and also certified writer for journals and magazines. 

Sample 11

Highly motivated, hardworking candidate having expertise in front-end developments along with basic knowledge of back-end development. Looking forward to seeking the position of junior web developer bringing about positive changes in website analysis, and management. Worked with different web development projects in high school, and won awards as the best interactive website under XYZ affiliation. 

Sample 12

Energetic, and career-oriented engineer having a mechanical degree from XYZ University, with a final year GPA of 3.5. Having extensive knowledge about mechanical subjects, as well as, electronic equipment. Fluent with mechatronics, and seeking a position that could help me extend by presenting knowledge for the benefit of the organization. Quick learner, self-motivator, and excellent presentation skills work as strengths to contribute my best towards the organization. 

Sample 13

A dynamic, visionary, and competitive individual having a master’s degree in human resources. Looking forward to contributing my work for XYZ company as a lead HR manager, and developing extensive programs that can help to add value to the company. Highly analytical, and technical skills boost the productivity of my work, helping to bring logical changes to the working environment. 

Sample 14

Motivated and hardworking individual looking forward to seeking a position as an entry-level teacher for XYZ institution. Skilled in maths, English, and other primary subjects, with honors in drawing and painting. 

Sample 15

Passionate and dedicated candidate having excellent networking skills. Looking forward to contributing toward improving lead networking for external clients through excellent communication skills. Worked with several organizations, to bring about positive change in the management system. 

Things to include in objectives according to the profession 

All the objectives irrespective of the profession follow the same format. However, certain things need to be kept in mind when writing objectives for a specific profession. To make you more comfortable with the writing procedure we have created a list of some professions and what to include in the career objectives, to get the job. 

  • Engineering or Technical profession

The engineering or technical profession focuses on the candidate’s ability to be a consistent problem solver, analytical, troubleshooting, and knowledgeable about the field. When drafting an objective for such a position try to involve all the skills mentioned above. Apart from this include one project relevant to the job description along with constructive numbers to define the project output. 

For example:

A highly analytical individual with a degree in computer science from XYZ University with a 3.2 GPA. Looking forward to applying my skills of troubleshooting problem solving, and other computer-related knowledge to bring about constructive changes in the workspace. Worked on a customer billing project, and ensured to improve the statistical data by 28%, making the system automated by 98%. 

  • Human resource

Human resource jobs focus on providing staff with a seamless experience and managing different management tasks. So include things that focus on management duties, and staff retention policies. The objective for HR can include the following

  • Staffing 
  • Employee relations 
  • Project management
  • Communication skills 
  • And many more.

All the skills will combine to form a perfect caricature of the person required for the role.

For example:

Highly motivated, career-oriented individual excellent in communication skills seeking for an opportunity as HR for XYZ company. Looking forward to improving the employee relations, and the management system using different tools and technologies and contributing to the benefit of the organization. Worked as a networking manager, and sales executive, which helped me to further improve my human resource experience. 

  • Teachers

Teachers work towards ending students and monitoring and supervising them, hence the key skills associated with them include passion, motivation, development, problem-solving, and many more. These skills when added to the objective with the right goals can help all the aspiring candidates to land the job with ease. Apart from these, they can also add experience as home tutors or the subjects that they excel in. 

For example:

A passionate and hardworking individual seeking an organization to explore my passion and skills toward teaching. Looking forward to working as an assistant teacher at XYZ university, and providing guidance and motivation to students to excel in activities. Expert in sciences and English literature, having majored in both subjects. Worked as a tutor for a small local NGO, and provided them with night classes for 2 years. 

  • Managers

The main goal of a manager is to manage the staff or the people under their guidance. It can be carried out using different skills that include management skills, communication, leadership skills, planners, time management, and many more. For a managerial position, the objective must include all the above-mentioned skills, along with project outlines if any from the previous experience. For inexperienced candidates, the main focus should be skills and qualities. 

For example:

Leader, motivator, and ambitious individual with excellent networking and communication skills. Looking forward to contributing as Sales manager for XYZ company, and improving the overall management structures and internal networking of the organization. Working towards applying my skills in management, planning, budgeting, scheduling, and presentation toward the betterment of the organization and improving professional value. 

  • Others

Apart from the above-mentioned professions, the best trick to ace the objective section is to look through the requirements in the job description and draft the objective accordingly. To make this more clear let us look at an example:

Job description: 

BS in computer science, with experience in computer software development. Proficiency in OOPS, algorithms, and tree searches. Have extensive knowledge of C, C++, and Python programming languages. Fluent in communication, and presentation skills. 

The highlighted portion in the above section is the reference keywords that you will use in the objective. It can be carried out as follows.


A motivated individual is excellent in communication and presentation skills looking forward to the seeking position of a junior developer. Well-versed with OOPS, algorithms, and tree searches, with extensive knowledge of several programming languages like  C, C++, and Python. Worked with computer software development for the sentiment analysis project using machine learning delivering an output of 78% accuracy. 

All the skills that are required in the job description are effectively mentioned in the objective. It will help the candidate crack the automated screening, as well as add value to the objective. 


A career objective makes up the starting point of a resume, and it is quite important to ace the section to hook the interviewer and make them read through the entire resume. To ensure that objectives leave a lasting influence, you can use the tips and tricks mentioned in the guide. You can also go through the sample objectives and draft one for yourself by customizing them. 

In the end, keep in mind career objectives are different for different positions, and they are highly influenced by career objectives. What will help you to make the most out of it, is the proper format and details that are mentioned above. So, grab your own and paper, and draft your objective today. 

Objective For Resume For Freshers

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