Largest AI Companies- Topmost companies that use Artificial Intelligence


“Computers will overtake humans with AI within the next 100 years. When that happens we need to make sure the computers have goals aligned with ours” – STEPHEN HAWKING

Today the world is moving at a fast pace towards science and technology. People are coming forward with various innovations in terms of technological advancements. Here, we’ll know some largest AI companies.

From building up robots to automatic machines humans have done quite well since the past two decades. 

So what kind of technology is Artificial intelligence

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if what you thought of gets done by robots and machines! Yes, this is possible in today’s technical era.

Humans have brought a technological revolution throughout the world, in terms of innovations, creations, learning, planning, and thinking skills in technology. 


Artificial intelligence is one of those innovations, involving technology. An invention of intelligence that is demonstrated by computers and machines to think logically and follow the instructions given by humans. 

The actions are mimicked by these machines which are programmed in such a way that the human logic is followed by these machines and computer systems.

Artificial intelligence is something that is associated with human intelligence or is related to their minds similar to problem-solving and learning. 

This is an invention by humans for their betterment of lifestyle and exposure. 

Let us discover more about this technological world involving artificial intelligence.

Who came up with this idea of automation, its execution, and machine learning? 

Let us have an insight into artificial intelligence.

During earlier times ancient Greeks had a myth about the existence of robots and machines. Who would have thought in earlier times that objects could levitate around the 2000s! 

But Egyptians and Chinese engineers made it possible for robots and machines to exist. They explored the technology to its full potential. 

  • Artificial intelligence in simple terms means a level of natural intelligence that is symbolic to human thinking and logical abilities. 

In the historical period, there were mathematicians, philosophers, and scientists who believed in a possibility that indulged in natural intelligence. 

  • In 1956 the term “Artificial Intelligence” was coined by John McCarthyThe Father of modern Artificial Intelligence.  He always had an obsession with machine intelligence and technology. He organized a conference called the mythic Dartmouth conference, where the term AI was introduced. 
  • The scientist Marvin Minsky and other scientists presented at the conference were interested, quite confident, and optimistic about the purpose and vision of A.I. in 1956.

Since 1956 AI has seen various ups and downs in its funding by the government. Although Japan was always ahead and in competition with the Britishers during 1993.

  • Around 1997 the research again began and IBM’s computer named Deep Blue defeated Russians Garry Kasparov in a chess championship. 
  • In 2011 there were headlines all over the world about a talking computer named “Chatbot” who shocked the judges by tricking them into thinking that the computer or robot was a human with true skin and blood. It was a competition named the Turing test that was used to check the level of intelligence of computer systems and machines.                   

As of now, the field of machine learning, robotic systems and artificial intelligence has become much broader since those times. It has expanded its features, tools, and technologies that tests like the Turing Test alone aren’t capable and sufficient enough to test the intelligence level of A.I. 

John McCarthy was a dedicated and innovative individual who had provided an evident development of Artificial Intelligence for half of the century to the people of the world.

The father of artificial intelligence had an objective in his life that he followed throughout his work and career: 

“This research will proceed on the basis that every aspect of learning or feature of intelligence can, in principle, be described so accurately that you can create a machine that simulates them.”

  • Machine Learning is a method that is used to filter out several things. It is also used in searching things on the internet, making customized choices, recommending advertisements or products, detecting fraud transactions, voice recognition, etc. 
  • Therefore, Machine learning is a type of method used to analyze data and automate model building. 
  • Machine Learning is a branch or a subset of Artificial Intelligence that follows a pattern or is based on decision making.
  • It’s only goal is to bring positive modifications in our technologies through Artificial Intelligence and use minimum human intervention. 
  • It helps in the computational process, automation, risk management, and in many other examples that we are going to see ahead in this article. 

We can go on and on about what Artificial Intelligence is, what it comprises, how to learn, what to learn, and many more. 

Artificial Intelligence has helped regions, and even countries getting developed through various technologies, resources, and inventions. Let us have a look at a few topmost companies that use Artificial Intelligence at its best.

Amazon Might be Developing Custom AI Chips to Speed Up Alexa, Bring Machine  Learning to AWS
  • Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce multinational companies that has its goals oriented towards its customers by all means. Amazon has used Artificial Intelligence very efficiently and it is also one of the earliest companies that decided to adopt AI and use its application to enhance its efficiency in e-commerce. It was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994.
  • Amazon uses AWS that stands for Amazon Web Services. Amazon has used Artificial Intelligence to predict what number of customers search queries exist related to buying products. It also helps in a personalized recommendation of new products to its customers which has helped the recommendation engine provide amazon with around 35% of total sales.

Amazon has been successful in enhancing its customers’ experience. 

  • Amazon uses AI and Machine Learning technologies, like Amazon’s Alexa device that has a voice-activation feature.

Be it logistic support, or customer-related queries, amazon has used AI and ML (Machine Learning) techs to their best use. It also provides an optimized delivery service to its customers.

To know more about AWS and its FAQs refer to this link:

Google claims its AI can design computer chips in under 6 hours |  VentureBeat
  • Google is one of the largest companies that use a separate division called Google AI (Artificial Intelligence). We all must have used Google Assistant, which is a virtual assistant developed by Google and powered by Artificial Intelligence. Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998.
  • Goggle assistance helps its users to easily use its services. It can be used in home automation google devices, as well as on phones. The users can choose to interact with the google assistant by using its natural voice feature. 
  • Google assistant also used AI techniques to enhance its technology. We can use it to mark important or scheduling events, set alarms on our device, show information of the user in its Google account, and search for plenty of things on the internet, customized search preferences for its customers, and many more.
  • Google launched its voice-activated speaker called Google Home. It uses AI technology. There are more features that the users can explore on their devices.
  • Google also encourages developers to enhance its Artificial Intelligence tools to support its users to enjoy using AI technologies built and introduced by Google. Another feature is AI-enhanced speech recognition, which helps you with your speeches, by correcting grammar and spelling when needed.
  • Google has AI tools and a Google cloud platform that helps not only its customers/users but also data scientists, and data geeks, who want to find datasets across the web. It enables them to explore the field of their research through various resources available in the datasets.

There is more to AI and Google here at this link. To know more click:

  1. IBM 
IBM Announces Breakthrough Hybrid Cloud and AI Capabilities to Accelerate  Digital Transformation at 2021 Think Conference | Financial IT
  • IBM is one of the oldest and largest multinational technology companies that used Artificial Intelligence. IBM has been using Artificial Intelligence in its services since the 1950s. It is to date dedicated and strongly committed to AI. IBM was founded by Charles Ranlett Flint in 1911.
  • IBM is leading in its technologies. IBM Cloud is a very strong AI cloud platform. 

IBM uses its Artificial Intelligence technologies in the HR function as well. It helps the Human Resources team all over the world to search for the best candidate they are looking for. 

  • IBM has introduced Artificial Intelligence in managing talent around the world. It aims to enhance its services in the best way by performing certain tasks. 

It has AI involved in resume building that not only helps HR to shortlist the best but also motivates the applicants or candidates to build their resumes. 

  • IBM has constantly been encouraging people around the world to purchase startups involving Artificial Intelligence and believes in the vision of Artificial Intelligence being the successful future in technology.
  1. INTEL 
What's been going wrong for Intel? | PC Gamer
  • Intel is an American multinational technology company that has innovation in technology and it is still one of the emerging and leading technologies in the world that is digitally centered and technical oriented. People in Intel define Artificial Intelligence as “making sense of the data”. Intel was founded by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce in 1968.
  • Intel adopted Artificial Intelligence in order to enable companies to indulge in the development of machine learning and deep learning software. One such acquisition was done by Intel when it involved Nirvana in 2016 but was dumped in 2020 due to some reasons.
  • Intel works on processors, one of which Intel designed is Neural Network Processor that aims to accelerate workloads of Artificial Intelligence. 

Intel focuses on increasing the performance of its devices to enhance the technology through Artificial Intelligence.

Microsoft Readies Cloud Version of Windows for Remote Workers | Data Center  Knowledge
  • Microsoft Corporation is a leading software multinational technology company. Microsoft also uses Artificial Intelligence like Amazon to have its goal-oriented towards business and its users/customers. It was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. 
  • Microsoft uses AI platforms, tools, and technology believing the vision and purpose of AI in the future. It works to enhance customer-centric queries and assists its users. 
  • Similar to Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri, Microsoft has its digital AI assistant called “Cortana”. Microsoft treats AI as an enhancing tool essential in developing software technologies. 

It is used in Cloud systems, Microsoft Office and Windows. The Microsoft assistant – Cortana, has a feature that assists in all terms and provides the expected results, further recommendations, and customized search results to the end-users as well. 

  • Microsoft works with the companies that are startups having the idea to use AI in a productive way for the development of its business and the betterment of its users. 
  • There are several research teams working on further production of software, computer devices, processors, and related computing technologies at Microsoft. It’s only aim is to use AI tools, and platforms for the growth of technology globally. 

Want to know more about the various ways Microsoft uses AI? Check out the link below:

  1. APPLE
The Evolution of the Apple Logo Through the Ages | Versus By CompareRaja
  • Apple Inc. is an emerging and developing multinational technology company that develops computer software, builds electronic devices, and is involved in online services. It was founded by  Steve JobsSteve WozniakRonald Wayne in 1976.
  • Apple believes Artificial Intelligence to play a critical and important role in the development of technologies in the future.
  • Similar to other leading companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc., Apple also is involved in Artificial Intelligence and promotes its usage in all of its devices. One of its developed Artificial Intelligence devices is SIRI, similar to Google’s google assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana. 
  • Siri is a voice assistant device or a speaker that involves Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It is developed using ML and AI algorithms. Such devices and tools help users around the world to use a convenient lifestyle. 
  • The innovative developments that use Artificial Intelligence to enhance its quality and efficiency are widely encouraged and adopted by Apple Inc. 
75 Super-Useful Facebook Statistics for 2018 | WordStream
  • Facebook is an American multinational technology company, founded by Mark Zuckerberg (now the CEO of the company) along with other college mates in 2004. Facebook is a social media networking company that is also investing in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Having no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is going to rule the technologies in the future, Facebook too believes in it like the other technological companies. FAIR, which is termed Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Research, is a group that is committed to learning and machine intelligence. 
  • Facebook has its vision to add advancement in the machine learning and Artificial Intelligence Platform, to help its users all over the world, where people can have a better way to communicate in the future. 
  • Facebook uses Artificial Intelligence as one of its tools in the platform that helps people identify and tag people from the pictures they post. The system that is responsible for the identification of people and recognition of their faces is “Deep Face AI”. 
  • There are more features added through the AI algorithms that help people to write texts as well in the picture along with the identification. One can control what they want to see, and what content is to be blocked or marked spam. Scrolling through the feed and responding to your reactions, and recommending the type of posts according to your preferences, all are AI advancements. 
  • These advancements are proof that AI is helping build a better future with many techniques and learning left to be explored. This field has expanded in all technological fields to provide betterment to its users and enhance their business as well.
Twitter tests new e-commerce features for tweets; here's how it will work -  OrissaPOST
  • Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service where the users can interact with messages called “Tweets”. It was founded by Jack Dorsey in 2015.
  • Twitter is also getting into Artificial Intelligence like other social media companies. Here the users who are unregistered with Twitter or those who do not have the account are not able to react or share the tweets. They are only capable of reading those tweets.
  • Twitter recently started using Artificial Intelligence tools that are about to bring changes to the timeline of users. Therefore the tools of machine learning algorithms and other efforts will enhance the quality of twitter and would also interest its users to invest in it. 
  1. DJI (Da-Jiang Innovations)
DJI PRO app and IOS 9 – Gimbal / Camera Issue « Big Squid RC – RC Car and  Truck News, Reviews, Videos, and More!
  • DJI (Da-Jiang Innovations) is a Chinese company based on technology and is a manufacturing facility, founded by Frank Wang in 2006. It has a value of around 15 billion dollars.
  • DJI basically is involved in drone manufacturing. It uses Artificial Intelligence in enhancing the quality of drones using its tool and computational algorithms. They are working on advancements in the technology of drones.
  • The latest innovations that are included in Drones can calculate distance, avoid objects coming in their way, and adapt to several conditions that humans are not capable of. 
  • They are manufactured using Artificial Intelligence and are expected to enter into robotics and vehicles as well.

▷ Nvidia: How to fix Graphics Card Not Showing in Device Manager

  • Nvidia Corporation is an American-based multinational technology company that is incorporated in Delaware and founded by Jensen Huang in 1993. It is a software and hardware manufacturing company. 
  • NVidia is using Artificial Intelligence to build supercomputers that are developed using AI Tools. It focuses on deep learning, machine learning algorithms, and making software that uses AI platforms for its devices.
  • It is a company that has invested in Artificial Intelligence for the longest time playing an important role in the technological development taking place in today’s world. 
  • NVidia is a Delaware-based company that has sponsors from Amazon, SpaceX, and Microsoft. It is an active developer that is involved in various sectors including healthcare, robotics, education, etc. Its current events have stated that it plans to enhance its skills using Artificial Intelligence in vehicles, driving, and manufacturing as well.


Digital advancements and transformations have been a part of Artificial Intelligence as it has contributed to the evolution of technology all over the world.

Artificial intelligence is a broader field with its various applications around the world that we have been using for decades. Some of them have been here and are older than 50 years. 

Below are a few such examples and their uses. 

What A.I. products and applications do we use in our life on a daily basis?


Google map is one of the examples of Artificial Intelligence applications that we use in our life. Google maps is a navigation application that helps its users to navigate through directions, distances, and insights into places in the maps. Google maps use AI tools and help us in several ways. For example, providing its users’ information regarding traffic in routes, analyzing speed, time prediction, etc. 


Today everyone has an android phone or an iPhone. The most likely thing that everyone does is enjoy clicking pictures. Now clicking pictures has moved to an advanced stage that is by using filters on several applications like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.

Well, I wondered how these applications are capable of recognizing our faces and modifying the pictures accordingly. The answer to this is that all these applications use Artificial Intelligence. It has many interesting features and tags each other in its pictures. All these things have been possible due to the usage of Artificial Intelligence in our devices and applications.


As the advancements in technologies are increasing in our daily lives, so has the equipment that we use. From using smartphones to now being able to use smart assistance. This Assistance is nothing but the tools that are Artificial Intelligence-powered and made using machine learning algorithms.

For example, earlier we used Bluetooth speakers, now we have smart speakers that help us get the output we need. It could be commands like setting an alarm, switching on an AC, turning up the volume, playing a song, adding stuff to your list, and so on. 

The smart assistants are Siri that is built by Apple Inc., Google Assistant by Google, or Alexa by Amazon. All these smart devices contribute to be used in our daily lives and are built using Artificial Intelligence.


You all must have faced an unwanted email from advertising and marketing or insurance companies. These unwanted emails are sometimes automatically added to the spam folder instead of popping up as a new email in your inbox. Right?

Yes. All these spam messages when marked as spam are filtered according to your needs and recommendations and sent in the spam folder according to some set of rules that keeps your inbox out of risk. 

Once unsubscribed you do not receive such emails again. All this is possible due to Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms that Gmail is able to read and filter out most of the spam messages by itself.


As we move ahead in terms of development in technology, we have been exploring various benefits and features of it. Automobiles have also been technologically advanced. Now self-drive and self-park is a new trend that is seen in cars. 

How would it be possible? Well, it certainly is. 

The automobile technology company uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms to build a system that calculates and analyses the space around a vehicle and accordingly calculates a certain distance and movement that it has to use to self-park and self-drive. It uses sensors, cameras, GPS, and many other things to make this possible.


The automatic Vacuum cleaner comes under some household items that use Artificial Intelligence. Other than AI Tools being used in Software, Hardware, Automobile, Computing Devices, and Drones, AI has also shown its possible to work in Household items as well.

Vacuum Cleaner is one such example of it. The IRobot’s Roomba Vacuum Cleaner scans carefully all over the place and its size then senses the objects, identifies them, and chooses an efficient way to clean the room or the space.

  • All these examples that are mentioned above are the products and applications that we use in our daily life which are powered by Artificial Intelligence. 
  • These things have made our lifestyle luxurious as well as easy. Anyone can be used to these technological advancements and use them in their daily lives. There is no scope for impossible when we talk of Artificial Intelligence, as everything is possible once effort and creativity are put into it. 
  • There are a variety of advantages of using Artificial Intelligence in our lives: It saves our time, it can multitask most of the time, some computational work becomes easy as it is not possible for humans to instantly calculate, it enhances decision making and provides a faster result.

There are more examples of the products that we use in our daily lives that are using AI tools and machine learning. A few of them are:

  • Online Banking
  • Recommendation of Media (e.g., Amazon Prime, Hot star, Netflix, etc.)
  • 3D Photography
  • Rideshare Applications
  • Google Protective Searches
  • Product Recommendation
  • Google Algorithms

Therefore, if you have reached this part of the article, you must have understood how Artificial Intelligence has been contributing to technology. It not only develops the region, state, or country but internationally it has a large scope of advancement in its industry of technology. 

It has opened various employment offers to so many people looking forward to kicking start their career in the future of technology that is ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

It is a diverse field with various sectors indulged in it, be it a government sector or a private industry, anyone and everyone can learn and gain experience in this field contributing to the development we all are looking forward to.


To choose AI and ML as a career you need a few of the most important points:

  • Pursue Statistics (Probability) and Mathematics in your High School
  • You can go into Data Science
  • You may choose Computer Engineering
  • Basic Programming Languages
  • Take up a course in Machine Learning
  • Get into Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Importance of AI:

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Largest AI Companies- Topmost companies that use Artificial Intelligence

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