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Serving the jury is a metro obligation, yet it isn’t generally achievable. Work, childcare, disease, and different errands can hamper administration. Courts can meet it, however, comprehend that individuals have occupied lives. They can generally go to court and serve endlessly in case they are chosen. A letter of excuse can now and again assist you with escaping this obligation lawfully on the off chance that you have an authentic justification for not joining in. let’s get to know more about Jury Duty Excuse Letters

Jury Duty Excuse Letters

Read Your Jury Notice

Your jury notice or request will contain data on when you were called upon to fill in as a jury just as the means to follow to demand an exclusion. 

A few exclusions for the most part viewed as adequate might be recorded on the request, alongside the reports the court needs to demonstrate that the exception concerns you.

Cautiously record every one of the dates of your summon, including the dates you were called to fill in as a member of the jury. You should remember these dates for your letter of conciliatory sentiment from the jury, and you might have to give them to any other person you wanted to compose a letter for your sake for documentation. For instance, if you can’t show up for business-related reasons, you may require a letter from your manager explaining to the court why you can’t be saved working nowadays.

Take A Look At Your State And Government Exceptions 

Just not having any desire to be on a jury is a lawful reason to evade obligation. You should have an explanation that the court will acknowledge. 

Check which court sent your request. It may very well be the government, state, or province. Then, at that point, look at the material laws for a rundown of authentic reasons from the jury. For instance, you could be pardoned from government court jury obligation in case you are a well-trained military member or utilized as a cop, fireman, or public authority. Exclusions for state courts change, however, the absolute most normal incorporate clinical, monetary, and family issues. 

Discover Rules For Adequate Explanations Behind Not Joining In 

You can guarantee monetary difficulty as a justification for not joining if you and others are the main laborers in your family and lost work would loot your compensation. If you care for wiped-out kids or relatives at home, you can let the court know that you have no alternate way of really focusing on these individuals. On the off chance that you have a psychological or actual inability that keeps you from playing out any piece of a hearer’s obligation, or on the other hand if you don’t live in the ward of the court and the resistance, you can compose a letter of excuse. A few courts will essentially permit you to defer jury obligation on the off chance that you have a pre-planned outing out of the space, yet this simply puts the issue off indefinitely. 

Call the number on your reference for the most dependable and definite data on acknowledged court reasons and bets. The court representative could save you some time by telling you if your reason is substantial and where to send your letter. 

Clarify Your Reason 

Rundown your explanations behind mentioning a reason from the jury. Incorporate motivations behind why it very well may be useful. In case it is your working environment strategy that your boss procured and pays for quite a long time lost because of jury obligation, you can state this and clarify that serving will cause you monetary difficulty. Back up your reason with documentation, like an assertion from your manager or a duplicated portion from your worker handbook. 

Make certain to propose another date that is more useful for you on the off chance that you and others demand that your jury administration be deferred. 

Stay As Optimistic As Possible 

Audit your letter and duplicate your records. Mail or fax it to your court. Hold back to hear from the court about their choice to formally let you out of the jury. Circle back to a call if the jury manager doesn’t react within a sensible measure of time. 

No answer is a clever response in certain states – the agent of the court will possibly react if your solicitation has been denied. Yet, wear and amp; t simply accept that you and amp; they are free on the off chance that they don’t hear anything.

Role Of The Juror At The Court

During a trial taking place at the Court, the popular jurors represent the French people and exercise the function of a judge according to their intimate conviction alongside professional magistrates.

Thus, as provided for in Article 255 et seq. Of the Code of Criminal Procedure, any citizen over 23 years of age who benefits from his civic rights, and is registered on an electoral list is likely to be drawn by a lot to do so. part of the annual list of jurors of the Court, except if he is incapacitated (guardianship, guardianship) or exercises functions incompatible with the missions of a juror (magistrates, elected officials of the Republic, member of the government, law enforcement).

To establish the list of eligible jurors, the first drawing of lots is carried out by the mayors of the municipalities concerned from the electoral lists from which persons under 23 years of age will be withdrawn. From this preliminary list, the second drawing of lots will take place, this time by the special commission of the Court after having excluded people who do not meet the conditions to be jurors, having already been juror during the last 5 years. and those that have been dispensed. In the end, 35 people will be selected who will form the list of sessions and 10 substitute jurors for the special list.

Can We Be Exempted From Being Jury Jurors?

It is only possible to be excused from being a juror in the rare cases provided for by Article 258 and Article 258-1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

This is the case, for example, for people over 70 and citizens whose state of health or disability is incompatible with the duties of a juror. It is also possible to obtain an exemption when his main residence is not within the jurisdiction of the court (after a move) or when his presence is required with a sick child. It is the President of the Commission of the Court who will verify the seriousness and the reality of the facts invoked.

How To Ask For A Dispensation In Order Not To Be A Juror?

To obtain an exemption from being a juror, you must submit your request by mail to the registry of the Court before September 1 or by appearing at the assize session before each case. It is with this in mind that we suggest this model letter request an exemption for a reason recognized as serious by the commission. You will adapt it to your situation and send your registered letter with all the necessary supporting documents (medical certificate, residence certificate, etc.).

What Is The Mail Template For?

Any citizen over the age of 23, able to read and write French and enjoying their civil, civic, and political rights, may be drawn to participate in an assize jury. An annual list of jurors is thus drawn up by a special commission sitting within each assize court.

Theoretically, an individual appointed as a juror cannot refuse to play this role on the pain of a fine of € 3,750. Nevertheless, the law provides grounds for exemption. Indeed, the Code of Criminal Procedure, in article 258, provides that:

  • persons over the age of 70 or who do not have their main residence in the department where the Court is located are exempt from jury duty;
  • Persons who invoke a serious reason recognized as valid by the commission may be exempted from these functions.

Notice: Request for exemption from being a juror

The citizen drawn by lot and assigned to an assize jury list is notified by the mayor of his municipality of residence.

From this information notice, the individual can address a request for exemption to the president of the commission of the Assize Court in which he was appointed juror.

The request is materialized by a letter, if necessary with acknowledgment of receipt. This letter must be based on one of the grounds provided for in article 258 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. In addition, it must be accompanied by any supporting document (copy of an identity document, proof of address, medical certificate, any supporting documents allowing a serious reason to be invoked).

Example 1 Of Jury Duty Excuse Letter

Subject: Request for exemption.

Mr. Chairman of the committee,

By registered letter of [date], I was informed of my invitation to a session to appoint a popular jury for the Court of Assizes of [department] which will take place on [date].

It is aware of my duties as a citizen that I am hereby informing you that I could not attend for a serious reason.

[Case 1: medical reason] Indeed, as the attached medical certificate attests, I must undergo very restrictive medical treatment which would prevent me from fulfilling this function.

[Case 2: secondary residence] Indeed, as the attached document attests, I recently moved and my main residence is no longer established in the (department of secondary residence), but in (department of the main residence) since last year.

By application of Article 258 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, I, therefore, ask to be excused from my jury duty.

[Case 3: over 70 years old] Aged 71, I ask to be excused from my jury duty by application of article 258 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

I beg you to believe, Mr. Chairman of the Committee, in my most perfect consideration.

Thank You!

Example 2 Of Jury Duty Excuse Letter

[DATE, ex. Wednesday, June 11, 1998]


John Smith

1234 First Street

Suite 567

Dear [NAME, ex. John Smith],

We are the employer of [NAME, ex. Joe Williams] who has recently been requested by your office to serve as a juror.

[STATE REASONS WHY YOU REQUIRE EMPLOYEE TO WORK DURING THAT TIME, ex. As our administrative assistant, Mr. Williams is a key employee of our firm.  He is currently working with our bank to facilitate our borrowings for our in-progress condominium project on First and Second streets.  Due to his specific knowledge of our bank relations and projects, we simply cannot find a qualified individual to replace Mr. Williams without incurring significant costs which would cripple our current financial position.  Furthermore, as we are a small firm, we will be unable to offer pay to Mr. Williams during his leave.  Mr. Williams has also stated to us that the loss in wages would result in financial hardship to him and his family as well.]

I trust you understand that [NAME, ex. Mr. William]’s absence would impose significant negative consequences upon both [NAME, ex. Mr. Williams] and our firm.  We respectfully request, thus, that he be excused from jury duty.

Please call me at XXX-XXXX if you have any concerns.


[YOUR NAME, ex. Jill Jones]

FAQ On Jury Duty

  • Can I refuse the summons?

No, the person summoned is obliged to appear at the hearing.

  • Can I be excused or excused?

The law provides for very restrictive cases of exemptions or excuses which must be justified by the person drawn by lot in a letter to the registry of the Assize Court.

  – if the person drawn is over 70 years old

  – if the person drawn does not have their main residence fixed in the department.

  – if the person drawn invokes a serious reason (serious illness, deafness, seriously ill child or dependent with a severe handicap, etc.)

Depending on the nature of the impediment, the participation of the juror drawn by lot may be limited to certain hearings.

  • How many days will I have to sit?

It depends on the organization decided by the president of the assizes who fixes the number of days of hearing for each case of the session. You will be aware of these elements with your summons or you can contact the registry of the Assize Court to obtain this information. If a business is scheduled to end on a Friday, it can continue over the weekend in case of unforeseen circumstances.

  • What hours for the hearings?

It will depend on the organization decided by the president of the meeting but the hearings last all day, from morning until evening with a break for lunch. You can tell the clerk of any difficulty, but it is advisable to ensure that you have a means of transport, even late, in particular on the day of the deliberation.


A few states incorporate reason structures with their jury summons. Start here if yours has such a structure or a connection for an internet-based rendition. There is for the most part no excuse to send an extra letter when you complete this structure, however, you ought to compose a letter yourself if you don’t live in an express that gives these structures. 

Every jury demand for a reason is considered on a singular premise, yet some common rules apply. Start by including the date, your return mail address, and your jury number. Your letter might be casual, yet it should start with an assertion of your powerlessness to fill in as a member of the jury. 

Jury Duty Excuse Letters -Know More

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