JC Penney -Know More About It

J.C Penny co. Is a holding company, which is engaging in selling goods and services to its consumers, through stores and website. Products include, bags, shoes, electronics, jewellery, clothes etc. They sell products of good quality and also give warranty for their goods. Slogan of JC Penney is “shopping is back”. JC Penney is a very rich company. Let us read more about “JC Penney”

JC Penney

Positions available in JC penny

Customer services, home department sales, loss prevention associates, stock associate, sale associate, saloon stylist. 

JC Penny Employment Opportunities 

Product knowledge and personalities

JC Penny usually hire those who can interact with the public and have a good knowledge of products that they are going to sell, and help others in their work. Knowledge of each product is necessary for doing this job. 

Available opportunities

Each store try to hire new workers to help customers and manage employees. Locations include, coffee shops, saloon etc. 

Getting started

Usually employees start their job at entry level sales staff. JC Penny associates work day and night even on holidays sometimes. They also hire seasonally or yearly. 

JC Penny hiring age

Minimum age required to work in JC Penny is 16, no one should be hired who is below 16, JC Penny give best opportunities to the teens those who want to work at JC Penny. This offers the best hiring age as compared to other companies, most of the companies start hiring from age 18 with a degree from well recognised university. Hiring is done by HR and also involve interviews and other procedure, those who pass all the steps, only then they can work in JC Penny. Most of the teens do part-time job in JC Penny as they find good environment and salary as a student. Candidates must be licensed and enjoy working with the general public. 

Benefits of working

  •  Health insurance benefit is given with salary. 
  • Sick leaves are also given with other leaves. 
  • Those who are working at JC Penny also get discount on products. 
  • Stock of a company are given to their employees. 
  • It also includes Employee assistance programs for the employees. 
  • If any employee suffers from any disability, then, JC Penney take care of him by providing help. 

JC Penny positions and salary

Sales Associate

  • They are also know as product experts, their duty is to help the customers, explain about products and take care of the store. 
  • Applicants should be expert in problem solving and work well with their team. 
  • They provide both part time and full-time job opportunities, they usually pay minimum wages in the starting. 
  • Senior employees usually get $ 13 per hour. 

Loss preventive associate

  •  It the duty of an employee to safeguard a product and protect from thieves. 
  • They usually handle stress full situations. 
  • They usually have to do full time job. 
  • They usually get $14 per day. 
  • They should have critical thinking skills to deal with the situation. 

 Stock Associate

  • Their duty is to solve problems creatively and critically. 
  • Their main work is to arrange shelves and organizing back storage rooms. 
  • Their wage starts from $ 10 per day. 

JC Penney is an American retail company founded in 1902.They usually sell products and services through their department stores. Hiring age is 16 and cannot hire below 16, many students grab this opportunity and work in as part-time job and earned a good amount to fulfil their needs. This company also give various benefits and treat their employees as family member. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do you have to be JC Penney? 

Ans. Minimum age should be 16 to work in JC Penny, they can do both part time and full time depending on their suitability. 

  1. Is JC Penney a good first job? 

Ans. Yes, JC Penney is a good place to start a fresh career, because you learn lot of things with experience. 

  1. Does JC Penney do pre-employment drug test? 

Ans. Yes for some positions it is necessary to do drug test as they considered it as a requirement. 

  1. How long does orientation take at JC Penney? 

Ans. Usually orientation is a 3-4 days seminar that take place before the joining of new employees. 

  1. Is it hard to get hired at JC Penney? 

Ans. No, it is not hard to get selected in JC Penney, and it is consistently hiring for positions they required seasonally. 

  1. What is JC Penney dress code? 

Ans. Employees usually have to wear business casuals, a shirt and matching bottoms, and their clothes should be clean and ironed.

  1. How much do JC Penney pay per day to their employees? 

Ans. JC Penney usually give good salary to their employees, salary starts from $10 to $15 per day. 

  1. What do JC Penney ask in interview? 

Ans. JC Penney usually ask simple questions related to previous work and experience and some general questions about a candidate. 

JC Penney -Know More About It

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