Largest Cruise Companies

We all have dreamt of sailing on a huge cruise ship. A cruise ship can be the dream of so many people who have always dreamt of sailing on a luxury cruise ship. It is good to invest in such a large cruise company that will help you to gain some profit. Let’s learn about ‘Largest Cruise Companies’.

Largest Cruise Companies

Largest Cruise Companies

In this article, we are going to tell you about the world’s largest cruise companies. these companies a brand name for cruises around the world those who desire to go on a cruise then the article will help you to know more about these largest cruise companies in the world

  • Royal Caribbean Group
  • Carnival Corporation
  • NCL Norweigan
  • Mediterranean Shipping Company
  • Genting Hong Kong
  • Virgin Cruises
  • Lindblad Expeditions Holdings

1. Royal Caribbean International 

At Royal Caribbean cruise company you can find the best-ever adventure and experience. Royal Caribbean Group is well known for cruising among more than 300 destinations. Including 7000 islands, Europe, Alaska, North America and Asia, there are a number of the trip for coast-to-coast adventure. Well, one will experience the best adventurous trip on this cruise as it offers Ripcord by ifly, seaplex, Zipline, Rock climbing, Flowrider, Ice skating, fitness classes, a boxing ring and the list is endless. 

Net revenue  in 2021 – 5.26 billion US$

2. Marella Cruises

Marella Cruises is a leading cruise company in the united kingdom. There are a number of deals for friends and family with more than 200 different destinations. Not only the destinations but Marella Cruises offers flights and hotel booking for their guests for ease of your travelling. It is tough to find a route that Marella doesn’t cover. One can take a trip around the world with Marella Cruises. A luxury experience with the vastness of the ocean will make you fall in love with this. Countries like Malaysia, Singapore or India Asian countries are part of this royal voyage. 

Net revenue – 20M pound 

3. NCL Norweigan cruise 

NCL is known as the best cruise company in the world for offering the best ever experience in cruising and health. Even they take good care of their guest on the ship through public health programs, safety, medical services and many more. It maintains a healthy relationship with its investors and ensures a good experience for all its customers. NCL offers a first class 

Cruise ships, classy and elegant ambience for a luxurious voyage with more than 584 Cruises holidays. 

Net revenue till September 2022 – 3. 360 Billion $

4. Mediterranean Shipping Company 

Mediterranean Shipping Company was founded in the year 1970 in Italy. It is renowned for serving a vast number of the customer since last 52 years. In 2008 Mediterranean Shipping Company was awarded 6 golden pearls for its work in environmental protection, health and protection. This company has popularity because of its good communication with its clients. Mediterranean Shipping Company also goes where their clients want them to go. Around 150 nations and including 315 ports it offers a classy and standard experience to its clients all around the world.

Net revenue – $6.16 billion

5. Genting Hong Kong

Genting hong kong was founded in the year 1993 the parent organisation of Genting hong kong is Genting group. Genting hong kong is renowned as one of the best corporate socially responsible companies in Asia. Not only in hospitality Genting hong kong offers entertaining voyages in the vastness of the ocean. Genting hong kong is famous for operating cruises around the world and for resort business as well. There are four main brands which are operated by Genting hong kong that are dream cruises, crystal cruises, Star cruises and resort world mania. Genting hong kong has put its name on the list of most preferable cruise companies in the world. 

Net revenue- 1.6 billion US$

6. Virgin Cruises

Virgin voyage was founded in the year 2014, and Tom McAlpin is the CEO and president of this glorious cruise company. The main goal of this company is to become the most irresistible brand in the cruise voyage. Virgin voyage is considered the other name of class and luxurious travel in the world. The first ship virgin voyage, Scarlet lady is the greatest example of the best ever interior and ambience in the world’s most popular ships. This ship has the capacity of caring for approximately 2700 passengers. 

Net revenue- 274.3M$ per year

7. Lindblad Expeditions Holdings

One of the largest cruise companies in the world Lindblad was founded in the year 1979 by Sven Olof Lindblad. With a board of 15 ships, Lindblad offers the expedition cruise to all seven continents. It works with the national geography to support the animals and environment by aware people of it. From the arctic to Antarctica Lindblad expedition cruises is well known among adventure lovers all over the world. The cruises of Lindblad expeditions are accompanied by a national geographic photographer, naturalists and environmental scientists as well.

Net revenue- 144.8million $

Largest Cruise Companies

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