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Board members are responsible to sustained the future of an organization by adopting legal governance and other financial policies, also board member have to maintain enough resources to execute their mission. Let us read more about “Non Profit Board Member”

Non Profit Board Member

Board Members

Board member is elected by the stake holders. The board member makes decisions on various issues like dividends, hire senior managers etc.

Education for board members

Not everyone know the roles and responsibilities of a non profit and educational programs for board members. Many non profit association offer many programs for the members of board members, through webinars or seminars or by conducting meeting regularly or weekly, on various topics like government, issue of the country etc. Board members are also curious sometimes about their policies that include their services and ensure that the non profit is covered with protection. Experience is more important as compared to the qualification in this field for the board members of the non profit organization. 

Roles and responsibilities of a board member in a non profit organization depends on organization they are working for, it’s different in every industry, but there are some comment works also, which every board member working in a non profit organization have to do. Board member is the good job and very nice position to work in any organization. 

Responsibilities of a non-profit board member

Hire and set compensation for the CEO:

Most important duty of a board member is to hire a CEO for the organization and set goals for the positions. The duty is very important because CEO perform important work as the primary communicator between management of the non profit organization and the board. CEO must be trustworthy and have willingness to work with the organizations and specially with the staff and the board chair. 

Board members have legal duties:

Board members must know how to read and write financial statements for the organizations. This include manage and approve the funds and set budgets to run the organization. It’s the duty of the board member to consult with the management and other stakeholders about their plans and budget. 

Government is an important part of a board members duties:

Board members need to monitor and talk those trends to the membership and management. Board member need to see the day-to-day operations and have to make programs and operations. 

Board development is an ongoing process:

It is necessary for the board members of non profit organization to become expert with Roberts rules of order. The new members have good b night of orientation to provide for continuity. 

Board members serve as advocate for the organizations mission:

Board members are important people who publically advocate for  the non profit missions in the organization where they are employed. This includes public relations and interacting with the media. It helps the organization to grow and flourish. 

Fundraising is a duty of every board member:

It’s important for the members of the NGO to learn how to tell the stories that pushes the organization towards success. Board members should involve in the fundraising projects for the organization. Board members make efforts  to attend public fundraisers, some of the board members it self contribute in the NGO from their own salaries. It’s necessary for the board members to tell the speech to convince for the funds from the people’s for the non profit organisation. 

Board members should serve on at least one committee

Verseeing the documentation of agendas and minutes

It’s the duty of the secretary for prepare the meeting and agendas, they play the major role. And the entire board have to reported accurately. Accurate documentation protect the non profit organization from legal actions. 

Board members should plan for their successors

It’s very important for the board members of the non profit organization to plan their replacement as soon as they work in office. Long planning and requirement are important to ensure the continuity of the members. Every board member helps other for their success and help them to ease into the position. 

Salary of board member of Non profit organization

Most of the non profit organizations don’t pay to their employees, because they work by their own choice, because they want contribute for by working for the noble cause. Those non profit organizations who pay to their employees are very large and have a very good budget.

Members of non profit organization also get deduction on their income tax and also get various benefits like Provident fund, vouchers, medical insurance etc. The average salary of a board member is around $35000 per year and it can increase up to $50000 per year, some of the organizations give other things instead of salary like stocks of a particular company, board members cannot sell the stocks before deadline, some organizations also give the meeting fees to the board members to meet their expenses occurred for the organizations like travels, bills, paper work etc. 


Board members of non profit organizations are the one who push the organisation towards a good future and sustaining growth, and ensure that the organization have adequate resources that are required to run the organization to complete their mission and help them to expand their non profit organizations. There are four title of board members, board secretary, board treasurer, board chair and board vice chair, everyone plan important role in their fields.Board members can access the documents of non profit organization and have the authority to take actions on the spot for the organization. Board meetings are run by the chairperson and other directors. 

Frequently asked questions
  1. What is the duty of the board members? 

Ans. Board members work was to work with the team and use the resource to work and execute the plan. It’s the duty of a board member to pushes the organization towards success and do things with honesty. 

  1. What are the different members of a board? 

Ans. Outside directors-they work as individual and don’t serve to the company and work own their own. 

Inside directors- he plays an important role in an organization and do things himself and involve in every big and small meeting. Chair of the board

  1. How many positions are there on a board? 

Ans. Normally there are three members  required  to be an non profit board. But in some big organizations they may have four. Common position on a non profit board are board secretary. 

Non Profit Board Member -Read More

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