Is Zendesk a Good Company to Work for?

When it comes to finding the right job, knowledge about the company you want to work for not only comes in handy during the job interview but also tells you about the work culture you’re going to be a part of. So let’s take a glimpse at Zendesk, an American company, and find out if Zendesk a good company to work for!

Is Zendesk a Good Company to Work for?

Its headquarters are in San Francisco, CA and Zendesk provides software as service products, relating to sales, customer communications, and other customer support. Before going public in the year 2014, Zendesk raised $86 million in venture capital investments. The company was started in the fall of 2007 by Morten Primdahl, Alexander Aghassipour, and Mikkel Svane in Copenhagen, Denmark. Mikkel Svane has been the chief executive officer of Zendesk since the company came into existence in 2007.

According to Glassdoor, the company has over 1001 to 5000 employees but the workforce is constantly growing over time. Finding yourself a job at Zendesk isn’t much of a hassle as you can browse in which you can navigate into different job vacancies in your search criteria. This is something that makes job hunting easier and you focus more on your requirements, skill set, and how those work with the job description of the job you’re interested in. Zendesk as a company has made this process as hassle-free as it could get. 

You can also find Zendesk openings in more popular job sites like Indeed, Upwork, LinkedIn, etc. 

Here’s a breakdown of reasons why Zendesk can be just the company for you:-

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

People First!

An organization such as Zendesk has a work culture where words like ‘diversity and ‘inclusion’ aren’t just buzzwords to attract clout. They have built a work culture where everyone belongs something much needed in the workforce where everyone gets an opportunity to grow, learn and work regardless of their color, gender identity, race, nationality, and age.

This information is sought past the aesthetic and curated from the statistics on the company’s website.

It also has several programs like Pride, Mosaic, Global Veterans Network, The Village, etc. to promote and foster diversity.

Culture-Based on Cause!

Zendesk is a corporation that strives to be empathetic, active, and responsible with the community. As a company that builds software to improve customer communications and relationships, its approach is service-first for its stakeholders, customers, partners, employees, and community and its Global Impact Report 2020 portrays how committed the corporation is towards the betterment of its employees.

Whether it’s their health and wellbeing or addressing complex social issues with the use of technology the company makes sure the needs and requirements of its employees are taken care of.

The organization believes in giving back so the employees usually volunteer in person as well as virtually.


Although all the salary information is not present on the internet the average salary (inclusive of the base and bonus) is $137018 and the median salary is $139554 which is usually earned by roles like Data Scientist, Senior developer, and engineer, etc. Apart from that, the employees enjoy a considerable amount of perks like health insurance, health and wellness insurance, life insurance,401 k plans, vacations, and paid(/unpaid) time off.

And free lunches and discounts, which makes working fun and worth a while. For the professional and personal development part, there’s professional support as well as diversity programs, etc.


Whenever it comes to working, the nightmare every professional is afraid of is being stuck in a dead-end job with no scope of self-development. Zendesk as a company understands it and values its employees, in fact, the company usually reimburses the full-time employees who attended conferences and takes courses that upskill their caliber to do better for the company.

Which not only encourages them to do better but also understands that loyalty, cooperation, and growth have to be mutual for both sides.

You can have a life outside work!

Sounds surprising right! But the company recognizes and respects the fact that an employee can have a life outside work. It understands that all full-time employees deserve the basic flexibility to live life.

This is why the salaries offered are competitive so that working doesn’t feel unrewarding and tedious. 

The company knows how to recognize and reward efforts, time, and talent through bonuses, incentives, and opportunities.

The Digital Workspace!

It would be ironic that a company based on software, won’t adapt to the digital age, the company has taken care of the situation with its home-office stipend tailored to cater for your needs by bringing office equipment to you so that even if you don’t work at the office, the office doesn’t feel far away.

Which doesn’t limit the workspace to the location of the office but expands it to wherever the employees are, doesn’t hesitate in providing them with the means of doing so. 

A Laid-back But Productive Work Environment!

Whenever we talk about the Zendesk work environment, one thing always pops up; it’s fun. Everyone who knows a thing or two about a work environment knows that it’s made by the people in it or what we call the workforce.

The company doesn’t promote or propagate any form of toxic competitiveness, this makes collaborations fun and productive. It has something to offer to everyone, who’s associated. If you’re an extrovert it’s your time to shine and if in case you’re an introvert don’t worry you won’t be forced out of your introversion but will be presented with all the opportunities you’ll need to outshine.


Overall, if you are looking to work for a company that dabbles in service, communication, and software and has a skill set which compliments your job profile then Zendesk is the ideal company for you to work for.

It has an inclusive and diverse work environment that aides and encourages everyone who has something to offer to engage. Svane’s company also respects, recognizes, and rewards talent that organically promotes growth, development, and a sense of belongingness towards the company.

Is Zendesk a Good Company to Work for?

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