Is Qinetiq a Good Company To Work For?

If you are willing to work, then to what extent will you be going out of your comfort zone? Some may give more than enough and some prefer to work within certain limits. It is a subjective matter yet people want to work for a good job, a good company. Because there can be a lot of opportunities to choose from, creating a broad set of places one wants to work with. Why leave luxury if you get it right? And if you are seeking a job in the tech field, there is a great company that might turn out to be good for you. Let’s know is Qinetiq a good company to work for.

Is Qinetiq a Good Company To Work For?

Among thousands of companies offering exclusive packages, employee benefits, and a fun environment to work. The most important aspect to have in mind which pulls you into a good company is, by doing so, job satisfaction. The work ethics of a good company offers you increased morale, pride, and increased productivity. And thus, working in a good company provides you exposure and experience in advancing your career. One blooming company in the area of science and technology is QinetiQ. QinetiQ basically works in aerospace, defense, and research & development fields. So, what does QinetiQ hold to be a good company? Let’s see.   

What is Qinetiq?

A British multinational defense technology company QinetiQ (propounded as kinetic), started as a private company in April and is blooming ever since. Before this time, the company was a part of the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA). QinetiQ is headquartered in Farnborough, Hampshire, England.   

In 2011, QinetiQ was known to be the 52nd world’s largest defense contractor and regarded as the sixth-largest defense contractor based in the UK. The company works with a group of scientists and engineers who do the job according to the needs of customers. The build of the company is to provide necessary solutions to the challenging issues of the customers. Globally, the company operates primarily in defense, security, and national infrastructure.   

Currently, the company is working with about 6,000 employees who are knowledge-driven to provide expertise and products to concerned customers as per need.  

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The quality QinetiQ holds is

  • The company is wholly customer-specific and hence, works on the matters of customer demands.  
  • The day-to-day work schedule revolves around the management and operations on extensive testing and evaluation of the capabilities of air, land, sea, and target systems.  
  • The company collaborates with the defense departments, industry customers, and academia through safe and secure networks combining real-world and simulated events.   
  • QinetiQ can be seen as a futuristic company that is loved by tech savvies. What is exciting about the company is they work as a medium for executing projects, tasks, or missions at hand.  

The company can be best for engineers and scientific adventurers. Yet with huge tasks comes big responsibilities. Thus, to get into the company is difficult because they demand the best of the best as the company has to deal with the most advanced operations and systems in the world.  

Is Qinetiq good?

From the mere structure of QinetiQ, the purpose and work ethics to work as a company is a tough call. Anyone would invest a lot of thought before getting into it. QinetiQ has a long history of great reputation including being one of the largest UK employers of science and engineering. Well, today where we stand in the circumstances it is hard to say if QinetiQ is a good company. With the facts on the table, the company doesn’t seem to be the most reliable workplace. In the year 2005, Union accused the company that QinetiQ’s employees showed a higher level of stress-related depression than average working people. And then in march 2021, it was reported a worker was seriously injured at a QinetiQ-run Ministry of Defence facility in Pendine, Carmarthen.   

In the aspect of prosperity, the company has provided few services and products which have served the nation. And the key factors of employee benefits provided by the company are: 

  • The flexible benefit of a health cash plan allows you to get cashback for any healthcare matter that is far-reaching than other healthcare plans provided including dental or optical costs as well. 
  • Group Personal Pension Plan (GPP) 
  • Social gatherings under the company 
  • Free drinks & refreshments on-site at fieldwork.  


The QinetiQ group of the company is acquired with advanced equipment managing and operating technical and scientific for the needful matters. QinetiQ has a standard of qualifying candidates who are sharp, intellectual, and passionate about work. The employees are expected to be masters in their field, which builds up pressure to work in the company. Also, the company marks their employee’s potential of expertise and passion which dwells with a strong sense of responsibility. Therefore, QinetiQ can be a great place for strong achievers and quick learners. And if you get into it, one should surely take it, opportunities like this won’t come to all.   

There are plenty of significant career choices the company can provide to recruits in the field. But, to reach that may take years of preparation and experience. QinetiQ is a company that wants both learners and researchers, who can take care of their own while working for customers. The idea remains that one shouldn’t get bored in the field, once they start getting bored with doing what they feel passionate about, that will be the end.   


  1. What does the company QinetiQ do?  

The company’s main objective is to manage and operate on extensive testing and evaluate the potential of air, land, sea, and target systems. The company works according to the needs of their customers and finishes what they start. One can also output it like the company working as a medium to help others with their queries and issues in the tech field.   

  1. Who is the owner of QinetiQ?  

Currently, QinetiQ has been owned by the US private equity company the Carlyle Group since 2002. And then the company stayed how it stands now, old and rigid delivering the world’s most amusing products.   

Is Qinetiq a Good Company To Work For?

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