Is GEICO A Good Company To Work For?

Government Employees Insurance Company, abbreviated as GEICO, is one of the most popular American insurance companies. Additionally, it is also the second-largest company after State Farm when it comes to auto insurance. The headquarters are located at Chevy Chase, Maryland in the United States and the parent company is Berkshire Hathaway. Is GEICO A Good Company To Work For? Let’s find out

Is GEICO A Good Company To Work For?

The main purpose of GEICO is to cover private passenger automobile insurance in all 50 states of the United States along with the District of Columbia. It has covered more than 24 million motor vehicles as of 2017. Apart from auto insurance it also sells property insurance along with umbrella coverage. However, the risks of policies are taken care of by third-party companies. This particular insurance provider sells insurance through local agents as well as via phones and websites. The fun fact about GEICO is despite having the word Government in its name, it has no involvement of Government. The company has always been a private corporation with no affiliation with the U.S Government. 

So, that was the brief introduction about the second-largest auto insurance company GEICO. However, we are here to discuss if GEICO is a good company to work for. Before moving on to that part let’s have a quick peek at the work profiles offered by GEICO.

Careers Offered By GEICO

Like any other insurance company, GEICO also offers a wide range of opportunities to work.

Here is the list of opportunities to explore if you want a career in GEICO:

Auto Damage Claims:

If you are someone with no experience in insurance, then this is one of the profiles you can go for. The main objective of the GEICO auto damage adjuster is to make sure that the customers face zero hurdles with the vehicle repairing process. The customer can have their queries answered related to vehicle repair along with the estimation of costs incurred in repairing through these adjusters. It is an entry-level job and the company also provides paid training to enhance your performance. However, this particular work role is not for those who are looking for a desk job.


Claims Service Representatives are the ones a GEICO customer would like to talk to just after an accident. They handle calls to extract information, provide reassurance and advise customers. They help and guide customers to get back on the road. On the other hand, Liability Claims Representatives help the customer by investigating all the complex accidents. They dig out the facts and make sure that the truth is in front of everyone. After that, they work to negotiate with those involved in the accident and settle the claim. If you are someone with excellent management skills, you can go for the Claims.


The corporate sector covers experienced and entry-level career opportunities listed below:

  • Actuary
  • Data analytics
  • Finance and accounting
  • General and Legislative Counsel
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Underwriting and Product Management
  • Staff Development
  • Talent Acquisition and Onboarding

Customer Service:

Customer Service agents take all kinds of calls to help the customers when it comes to advice related to insurance. They answer all queries related to billing, changes in policies, and recommending the needs of policyholders.

Data Analytics and Information Technology:

A data Analyst will analyze sales and profit with the help of various programming languages. Additionally, analysts will also work on strategic business proposals to maintain GEICOs position among other competitive companies. This is one of the most important positions as you will be directly contributing to GEICO’s overall growth and profitability.

GEICO’s IT organization helps the company to make it high-tech with the help of automated phone attendants, mobile apps, and web pages.


The legal team helps GEICO by handling the cases against the insureds. Additionally, they also take care of the business of providing insurance. The team mainly comprises of:

  • Managing attorneys
  • Attorneys
  • Home office Attorneys
  • General Counsel Attorneys
  • Legislative Counsel
  • Clerks


The Sales agent helps in explaining the benefits of policies offered by GEICO and helps the customer choose the best one according to their needs.


This career opportunity offered by GEICO leads to all the management positions. GEICO offers multiple leadership programs to enhance leadership potential. After completing the program, positions of team leads, technical supervisors, and scrum masters are provided.

Pros And Cons Of Working In GEICO Based On Reviews By Employees

Pros of Working in GEICO

  • GEICO pays generously to its employees.
  • The benefits offered by GEICO have been praised by their employees.
  • The employees get promoted every three months based on the metric.
  • GEICO provides timely training to the employees to enhance their skills and productivity.
  • The co-works are fun to work with.
  • The employees get paid sick and vacation time along with various other health benefits.
  • Workers of GEICO enjoy profit sharing.
  • Employees get unlimited overtime.
  • The work environment is friendly.
  • Work from home is also available as preferred by most of the employees given the current situation.
  • Working in GEICO increases your value in the industry with all the experience gained.

Cons of Working in GEICO

  • The work/life balance is hard to maintain while working in GEICO with all the workload.
  • Some of the workers of GEICO have stated that the performance goals are unrealistic.
  •  GEICO micro-manages its employees which have its advantages and disadvantages.
  • The lunch breaks are short.
  • The interviewing process is time-consuming.


Every company has its pros and cons. Like any other insurance company, GEICO also has its cons, however, the pros are the reason it is the second-largest auto insurance company. The employees are the ones that made this happen. The customers are also satisfied with the service of GEICO. Additionally, GEICO provides a platform for career growth. Everyone is aware of the training it offers to the employees, mentioning GEICO in your resume elevates your chances of selection in other companies as well. In the end, it is appropriate to say that GEICO is a good company to work for as it provides job security as well as appealing pay and benefits.

Is GEICO A Good Company To Work For?

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